Inner Doofenshmirtz
326a - All to Plan
Inner Doof thinking.
Gender appearance: Male
Age: 47
Height: Much shorter than Doofenshmirtz- about Phineas' height
Nationality: Doofenshmirtz's Mind
Hometown: Doofenshmirtz's Mind
Born: When Doofenshmirtz was
Nemesis: Perry the Platypus (by association)
Professional Information
  Inner Doofenshmirtz
  Doofenshmirtz's Mind
Friends and Family
Doofenshmirtz (in a way)
Behind the Scenes
Debut Appearance:
  "Sleepwalk Surprise"
Final Appearance:
  "Sleepwalk Surprise"
Voiced by:
Dan Povenmire
326a - Doof's Inner Self
Inner Doof yelling.

"I should! I'm the inner you!"
— Inner Doofenshmirtz introducing himself.[src]

Inner Doofenshmirtz is a being that lives inside of Doofenshmirtz's mind. He appears in "Sleepwalk Surprise", where he helps Doofenshmirtz build three evil "-inators".

Personal life

Inner Doof lives inside of Doofenshmirtz, and is in charge of helping him from inside of his mind. He, like Doofenshmirtz, knows how to build complex inators.

Physical appearance

Inner Doof looks similar to Doofenshmirtz in body shape. However, he has green skin and looks like a devil, or Seuss's Grinch. He is also much shorter than Doofenshmirtz, and seems to be about Phineas' height.

Personality and traits

Inner Doof seems to be grumpy, like Doofenshmirtz, as seen when he claims that Doofenshmirtz's brain is over-tightened. He seems to be very similar to Doofenshmirtz in this case. He appears to be more inherently evil than Doof, having a genius evil plan that would have actually worked.

Skills and abilities

Like Doofenshmirtz, Inner Doof can build extremely difficult inators, though he directs Doofenshmirtz to do them, since he cannot leave the dream realm, and if he is caught outside of the dream realm, he vanishes.


Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz

"Careful, careful! Don't overtighten it! Like your brain..."
— Inner Doof yelling at real Doof.

Dr. Doofenshmirtz is the only character that Inner Doof interacts with. Inner Doof seems to think of Real Doof as slightly dumb, as seen in the quote above, however he still helps him build three extremely evil inators.

Background information

  • In the same episode, another "inner" is heard- Candace is heard arguing with her inner self. However, Inner Candace was never seen- it's possible that she looks like Inner Doof.
    • Also, in an earlier episode, the part of Candace's subconscious was shown as an Id. It's possible that Inner Doof is Doofenshmirtz's Id, though he is more likely to be Doof's super-ego.


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