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Released: August 2012

Inator Overload is a game that was on the Where's Perry? page at the Disney Channel website. It came out August 2012.


Carl has been turned evil by Doofenshmirtz's "Ultimate Evil-inator," and Perry is trying to get to the O.W.C.A. mainframe to prevent Carl from bringing chaos to the Tri-State Area. However, Carl zaps Perry with several -inators along the way, and Perry must avoid his evil Flynn-Fletcher robots while dodging other obstacles in order to reach the mainframe.


Perry runs continuously. You can jump (space bar) to get bonuses, and jump on top of enemies to defeat them. The height of Perry's jumps depends on how long the player presses the space bar. Bonuses include a shield that destroys any enemies in Perry's path and protects him from traps, a hang glider that automatically flies Perry towards the ceiling (space bar makes Perry descend), and a rocket that allows Perry to fly through the air (space bar to rise), a hat that gives Perry an extra life, a health bonus, and a decelerator.

When Perry has been hit with the Bounce-inator, pressing the space bar twice, instead of double-jumping, will cause Perry to slam towards the floor and bounce very high.

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