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"Improbably Knot" (otherwise Everything is Probable) is a song played by Baljeet in "Primal Perry", explaining to Phineas, Ferb, and Buford his inability to make decisions.


Baljeet: Don't know which choice to choose when people ask
Not sure which task to take, or take two tasks
I don't know which is best, or which is bad
I'm like a question mark, or hanging chad

Even doing nothing is still a choice like I must make
I'm paralyzed by fear that it will all become a big mistake

Robots: Everything is probable, nothing is impossible
Choices left to random chance are highly irresponsible

Baljeet: March, my little off-the-shelf 3-D package robots!
I do not know what to choose!
I do not want to lose!

Robots: Everything is probable, nothing is impossible

Background Information

  • Baljeet uses contractions in a song for the second time ("Gimme a Grade"), despite his fear of them ("Monster from the Id").
  • The song is styled after the music and music videos of Devo.
  • When Baljeet says "I don't know what to choose", he is standing in the same background as seen in "Deep Into Your Mind" when Candace is running out of the building.


BMI Work #15909791 (Listed as Everything is Propable)

"My Undead Mummy" (Instrumental 10)
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