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"I Wish I Was Cool" is a song sung in "Wizard of Odd" in which Baljeet explains that he wants to be cool.


Baljeet: I want to be cool, cool, cool
I feel like such a foo-oo-ool
'Cause everybody I see
Everybody but me
Knows a secret to cool, cool, cool
They don't teach it in schoo-oo-ool,
Ain't no pamphlet they wrote
No one passed me that note
Guess that I missed the boat
Down the --

Candace: Alright! That's enough!

Extended version

(Baljeet is cut off by Candace at this point in the song.) This is how the song would continue:

...river of cool
Feel that temperature rising
There's no escape from the sun
Now there's no where to run
Someplace where I can be cool
I wish I was cool

Alternate version

Baljeet: I've got two calculators
And I'm ready to go
I got a sylvian fissure
On my parietal lobe
I got everything
A nerd crow needs for school

Candace: What do you want
Baljeet: I wish that I was cool
I wish that I was cool

Candace: Rather than hanging by your underpants
Come on down and take a chance
There's a wizard in Bustopolis
Word is he's no fool
Maybe he can make you cool
Baljeet: That's good 'cause I wanna be cool

All: There'll be nothing ever stopping us
We're goin' to Bustopolis
Everyone will eat our dust
Our journey's pure our cause is just
Shoppolis hoppolis
Goin' to Bustopolis
I wish I was cool
Goin' to Bustopolis
I wish I was cool


BMI Work #12298146

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