"I Need My Letter Back"
I Need My Letter Back
Isabella and the Fireside Girls.
Song by Isabella and Laura Dickinson
Genre(s): Pop
Length: 1:18
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Phineas and Ferb - I Need My Letter Back

Phineas and Ferb - I Need My Letter Back

"I Need My Letter Back" is a song sung by Isabella in the episode "Operation Crumb Cake", as Isabella and the Fireside Girls try to get the love letter at the Danville Post Office.


Postmaster general, please help me out,
I wrote a boy a letter now I'm filled with doubt.
It was a sentimental notion
To spell out my emotion that way.
Before I have a heart attack
I need my letter back.

I need a retraction, a full-scale redaction,
At least if I could edit it and soften the tone.
Please just leave it, I have to retrieve it,
Don't say my opportunity has already flown.
(Already flown)

Oh, why did I ever sign my name?
I don't want to be forever stamped in shame.
I'd have to move to Belgium
And wear a really bad toupee.
So before I have a heart attack,
(She needs her letter back)
It could be in this very stack.
(She needs her letter back)
It's hard to overstate this fact:
I need my letter back!



BMI Work #18222328

Background Information

  • Only song that Isabella doesn't sing on-screen.
  • The background chorus are by Laura Dickinson, who often sings as the Fireside Girls.

Production Information


"Evil Jingle" ("Operation Crumb Cake")
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