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"I'm Me" is a song from "Vanessassary Roughness" performed by Vanessa and co-performed by Ferb. The number is highlighted by its demonstration of Vanessa's sharp attitude and accompanies her struggle to acquire a rare chemical for her father so as to prove herself responsible and earn a car of her own. This song was voted #8 on "Phineas and Ferb Musical Cliptastic Countdown Hosted by Kelly Osbourne".


Lines in blue are only heard on the album

I can do it, I can run, I can hunt you down.
You can try, but you can't stop me 'cause I'm gaining ground.
I'm light on my feet, and I'm quick to the punch.
I had a heavy breakfast, but a real light lunch.
I'm a raging bonfire, a cherry bomb; I'm me.

I'm rough-and-tumble, I'm the one to beat,
I'm a fresh coat of blacktop burnin' at your feet.
I've got a poisonous sting, when I rain I pour.
I'm the best of the best; I'm the soup du jour.

I'm smooth as glass and sharp as a tack, I'm me.
I'm the last and best stick of gum in the pack; I'm me.

I'm a strong woman, fast-talking, big-bad-dog walking,
High falutin', drum-beatin', foot stompin', corn-poppin',
Speeding locomotive that just won't stop!
I'm a hot apple pie with a cherry on top!

I'm a crowd pleasin', head spinnin',
Winnin' in the ninth inning,
Whip-lashing, record-smashin',
Black-tie party crashing!

Cyclone of fun, I'm an army of one!
I'm strawberry sprinkles on a hot cross bun!

I've got you beat by a nose at the finish line
I'm a semi truck trailer with a scent of pine
I'm the cold hard walls of a prison cell
I'm a winter trip to the Wisconsin Dells
I'm a blood-red rose with a string of thorns, I'm me!
I'm a heart-shaped locket on a cold steel chain, I'm me!

I'm a big haymaker in a title fight.
I'm a cute black kitten with a nasty bite.
I'm an action double-feature on a Friday night!

I'm me! (x5)


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Background Information

  • Vanessa's singing in the purple background resembles Candace and Vanessa singing in "Busted".
  • In a couple of verses, she has a pattern like "Truck Drivin' Girl".
  • Soup du jour means soup of the day in French.
  • On the album, there is an additional verse.


  • On the line "Winnin' in the ninth inning", her coat is buttoned on the wrong side.
  • When Vanessa is running to the escalator, the Pizzazium Infinionite is in her right hand. On the escalator, it is in her left hand.
  • When Vanessa is cheering after grabbing the pizzazium infinionite from the claw her hair disappears for a few nonconsecutive frames.


BMI Work #11312712

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