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"Humiliating Stumblegimp Dance of Contrition" is a song from "One Good Turn". It is sung during a newsreel describing the 17th century war between Gimmelshtump and Stumblegimp.


If you ever insult a Stumblegimpian
By turning slightly to the side,
You can vin back zeir trust in ze end.

Now place six chickens on your head
Then you try to eat ze featherbed
Put a jelly donut into your pants.
Und dance!

Write a letter to a chimpanzee,
Paint a portrait underneath the sea,
Move to France and refuse to speak French.

You think I vill speak French?! I vill not speak French!

Juggle piglets with an angry cook,
Split an atom in a breakfast nook,
Zen he vill know you're a mensch.
Now go sit down on zis bench!
'Cause you're tired!

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BMI Work #16852464

"I am the Very Model of a Modern Major Monogram"
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