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"This is the harsh, hybrid, hockey of your dark, dystopian destiny! Hockey Z-9!"
— Isabella Garcia-Sharpiro

Hockey Z-9 is an advanced version of ice hockey created by Phineas and Ferb.

Isabella's Speech on Hockey Z-9

Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare to be transported to a world where everything you know has changed into a Global Glacial Dystopia. If you are looking for something fluffy, forget it, pal. Because this is the future, where the only things left are hard, cold, and in most cases, pointy. It's a world where the only way to survive is to play hockey while things blow up around you. It's a world of skillful skating and incredible ice ramps, puck-pushing prowess and savage snow gladiators. This is the harsh hybrid hockey of your dark dystopian destiny. Hockey Z-9.


The name "Z-9" is derived from Football X-7 (X-7, Y-8, Z-9).

Design and Construction

Hockey Z-9 is described in its song as "the post-apocalyptic sport of the future". As such, the field is designed after the dystopian remains of a city. There are several different obstacles in the course, including live polar bears, explosions, maces, shooting flames, and several different traps. From what is seen, the players earn points by shooting the puck into the mouth of a polar bear or Walrus ice sculpture, which will shoot out flames soon after. Some aspects of curling have been seen as well, although the extent of it is unknown.

Known Players


A zamboni is hit by a rogue blast from Doofenshmirtz's Abominable-inator, causing it to grow massive and hairy. It enters the playing field and clears the entire Hockey Z-9 course away, leaving behind a normal ice rink.

Blackout Invention
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