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"Highly Unconventional Vehicle" is a song sung by Phineas in the episode "Where's Perry?", for explaining all the characteristics of their Highly Unconventional Vehicle.


Phineas: We need a cheetah's muscle so we can hustle
And a couple big gorilla hands.
Buford: For climbing!
Phineas: Hope your seatbelt's fastened, 'cause the motor's been fashioned
after baboon adrenal glands.

We got a rhino's horn in case we run into trouble,
A big giraffe neck so our reach can double,
The tail was gonna be a snake, I'm glad we used pencil
'Cause a monkey's tail will give us something more prehensile...

It's a highly unconventional vehicle,
It doesn't have wheels or a carburetor,
It doesn't have a windshield, it doesn't have wings,
It doesn't have a heater, but we're at the equator,
So I guess that's not so apropos
'Cause it wouldn't need a heater even if it wasn't such a...

Highly unconventional vehicle (highly unconventional vehicle),
It's a highly unconventional vehicle (highly unconventional vehicle),
It's a highly unconventional vehicle!


BMI Work #15017708

Background Information

  • For most of the song, Phineas does not sing onscreen.


  • Greek Mythology - The boys' "vehicle" is similar to that of a Chimera, an ancient creature whose body was composed of several animal parts, including a tail with a snake's head (which was almost put on the machine until they decided on the monkey tail).
  • 127 Hours - The rock walls the "vehicle" climbs up at the end of the song look similar to the canyon walls Aron Ralston was trapped in..

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