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Herman the Hedgehog is an agent. This article is Semi-Protected This article is Move-Protected.

This article is about the agent. You may be looking for the song.

Herman the Hedgehog is an agent, codenamed Agent H.

Background information

  • He's the first minor agent to be named. (Pinky doesn't count because he was named before being known as an agent).
  • He appears in the "Spot the Diff" Marathon, falling on Candace's head in the change-inated episode, "Lawn Gnome Beach Party of Error!".
  • His theme song is the same melody as Agent P's.
  • According to his secret file in "Where's My Perry?", he fits into small spaces easily, often goes unnoticed (especially when disguised as a coconut), is the perfect size and shape to toss like a football, and wide eyes which never seem to blink.