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The Haunted House is an attraction Phineas and Ferb built to scare Isabella's hiccups away in "One Good Scare Ought to Do It!".


Isabella walked into the Flynn-Fletcher backyard but was unable to ask "What'cha Doin?'" due to a bad case of hiccups. Phineas and Ferb decided to help her. Phineas told Isabella that the best idea to get rid of hiccups them is to scare them away. Isabella said there was a haunted house at the state fair which scared her a lot, which gave Phineas the idea to build the attraction.

Design and construction


The rooms are controlled by a giant organ by simply pressing the keys. There are monitors on the organ so the rooms can be viewed.



  • Entrance hallway
  • Graveyard with wolves
  • Attic with pop up ghosts
  • Spiral staircase with giant jack-in-the-box
  • Armory with possessed armor
  • Purple checkerbox room with Baljeet
  • Electric room with a robot and noid
  • Room with green-haired zombies
  • Hallway with light-up portraits
  • Abandoned bedroom with Buford
  • Giant square stairwell
  • Rollercoaster with mechanical monsters and fake monster heads
  • Power room with giant organ
  • Hallway with doors

Scary things

  • Bats
  • Giant alien (portrayed by Milly, Ginger and Gretchen)
  • Witches
  • Vampires
  • Werewolves
  • Snakes
  • Skeletons
  • Pop up ghosts
  • Giant jack-in-the-box
  • Possessed armor
  • Failed math exam (portrayed by Baljeet)
  • Robot
  • Zombies
  • Pictures that light up
  • Spiders
  • Suzy Johnson (portrayed by Buford)
  • Monster heads
  • Giant Floating Baby Head


Isabella's hiccups didn't manage to go away despite all the scary effects (and Candace). Eventually after Candace leaves, a string of Christmas lights clings to the top of the house and lifts it off the ground, and everyone leaves, except Phineas who gets trapped. He soon falls, but is saved by Isabella and the Fireside Girls. That scares Isabella's hiccups away.

The haunted house is soon released from the Christmas lights and lands back into the backyard, but with Doofenshmirtz's Disintivaporator still on it. When it winds down, the haunted house disappears.

Background Information

  • Every time Candace tries to point out the haunted house to Linda, it is gone and Baljeet is in its place. As a result, Linda thinks Candace is referring him to as an "ugly mess", which finds it very rude, and leaves her.
  • Ferb stated the scariest thing was the Giant Floating Baby Head.
  • When Phineas and Isabella go through the haunted house, they go through the rooms in order as explained above (except the door hallway), but when Candace went through the haunted house, she goes through the rooms in this order: Entrance, door hallway, back to entrance, graveyard, picture hallway, checkerboard room, attic, armory, spiral staircase, square staircase, and finally the rollercoaster.
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