Har D Har Toy Company
Har D Har Toys logo
Chairman: J.B.
Distributional Information
Stores: Har D Har Toy Store
Factory(s): One known in Danville
Best sellers: Shimmy Jimmy
Perry the Inaction Figure
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
"Toy to the World"
"Ha ha HA ha!"
- Laughing hyena mascot

The Har D Har Toy Company is a popular toy company in the Tri-State Area. The CEO is known simply as J.B., a businessman with white hair, and has a store in the Googolplex Mall. It is famous for making Climby toys.


Board members who disagree with the chairman are dropped, together with their chairs, through a trapdoor into what sounds like a pit full of hungry wild animals and eaten alive. When this happens, another member of staff is instantly promoted to the board and dropped into the original member's place.


The company's factory workers labored on very drab production lines until Phineas and Ferb remodeled the plant. In the process it was discovered that several Ba-dink-a-dinks were trapped within the factory.


Sales staff are expected to wear full-size toy costumes representing the current best-selling line, and must always greet customers with the company laugh.




Googolplex Mall

At the Danville mall, Har D Har Toy Store rests across from the mall's Mr. Slushy Dawg. It is very popular there, and is the "go to" place for all Danville residents wanting the hottest new toy, like Shimmy Jimmy, Perry the Inaction Figure and Brick. ("Toy to the World")



In the Tri-State Area, the town of Danville is the only known factory location. It used to be a very dull and boring place (people there even fell asleep and moved onto the conveyor belt and had cobwebs), but when hotshots Phineas and Ferb come along, they transform it into a super-fun Willy Wonka-like place.

Years ago, when it was first built, an odd tribe of Ba-dink-a-dinks was trapped underneath the factory, where they lived making foam peanuts and snipping the tabs off plastic. Once the factory was redone by Phineas and Ferb, they were freed and said, in unison, that they "will now lay waste to the earthdwellers" .The employees there once wore simple factory-worker clothes, but with Phineas and Ferb's revamp, they then wore elfin clothes. ("Toy to the World")

Known Employees