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"Handcar" is a song from the episode "Sidetracked", sung by C.O.W.C.A. agent Lyla Lolliberry as she and Perry ride a handcar down a set of railroad tracks trying to catch up with the hijacked train.


Lyla: P, what are you doing? This is a handcar; there's a trick to it! 'Look, if we're going to catch the train, we're going to have to work together. 'We've gotta get in sync, develop a rhythm. 'Watch, I'll show you.

Yours goes up when mine goes down
And then we do it the other way around
Don't you give me that sigh, 'cause if we can't see eye to eye
Then our missions will be always filled with strife,
'Cause a handcar is a metaphor for life
For life...

(As the handcar starts to speed up, the music gradually gets faster)

Don't push up, just push down;
I'll push down on my side. That's it!
That's right. Here we go!!!!

(The music starts going even faster)

Ah, I see a little platy-smile there!
That's right! Now we're cookin' with gas!
See? It's better when we work together!

We're on a handcar (Handcar!)
Yeah, we're gettin' in the groove
We're on a handcar (Handcar!)
It's the only way to move

We're on a handcar (Handcar!)
We're like a well-oiled machine
We're on a handcar (Handcar!)
Yeah, we're workin' like a team

We're on a handcar (Handcar!)
We're a real double-header
It's a heavy-handed metaphor
For how we work together!

It's a handcar! (Handcar!)
Yeah, we're on a handcar! (Handcar!)
We're on a handcar (Handcar!)
Yeah, we're on a handcar!

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BMI Work #15975275

"My Undead Mummy" (Instrumental 9)
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