"So by combining ultraviolet and infrared rays together with follicular simulation properties, not only does it style your hair, but it simulates and accelerates new hair growth. So that should take care of that little shaved area, what's that all about?"
— -Phineas

Hair Style Machines
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Hair Growth Machine
Type: Hair Styling
Episode(s): Bad Hair Day
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Hair Remover

A Hair Style Machine was built by Phineas and Ferb in order to fix Candace's hair.

Design and Construction

Hair growth machine

This is mainly made up of a two poles, connected by a single bolt. The vertical pole has a control box with two knobs in the middle, and splits in five different directions at the very bottom, with wheels at the end of each. The horizontal pole has a large hair dryer (like the ones they use at those fancy beauty parlors) that stretches over the entire head, with a glass visor on it. It also has a long, black wire wrapping around it from part where the pole splits, to the Hair Dryer. It has 20 settings, and if you do the math right you will see that the settings are:

  1. 38min
  2. 36min
  3. 34min
  4. 32min
  5. 30min (1800 sec.)
  6. 28min (1680.67 sec.)
  7. 26min (1561.33 sec.)
  8. 24min (1442 sec.)
  9. 22min (1322.67sec.)
  10. 20min (1203.34 sec.)
  11. 18min (1084 sec.)
  12. 16min (964.67 sec.)
  13. 14min (845.34 sec.)
  14. 12min (711 sec.)
  15. 10min (606.67 sec.)
  16. 8min (487.34 sec.)
  17. 6min (368 sec.)
  18. 4min (248.67 sec.)
  19. 2min (129.34 sec.)
  20. 0min (10 sec.)

*Note: The minutes are rounded.

Hair Remover

The hair remover was created by Phineas and Ferb when they discovered that their hair machine had failed making Candace being full of hair which make people mistake her with a rare tangerine orangutan, so Phineas and Ferb made a Hair Remover to fix everything.


Hair Growth Machine

After Candace messes up her hair, by trying to follow "simplishious" hair styling video's online (and FAILING). Stacy suggests she ask Phineas and Ferb for help, she refuses at first, until Stacy finds chopsticks in Candace's hair. Phineas and Ferb tell her to use it for 30 minutes on setting 5. They leave when Jeremy calls her and says he'll pick her up in a few minutes. She then tells Stacy to crank it up to 20, which would work in 10 seconds. The hairstyle works until a few hour's later when her whole body gets covered in fur.

Hair Remover

When Candace is being chased by Mrs. Johnson, who thought she was a rare Tangerine Orangutan and was trying to return her to the wild, she calls Phineas and tells him about her experience and asks for help. They then create this device that launches a powerful blow that knocks extra hair of your body. It blown it off Candace and right on to Doofenshmirtz, who covered in honey in his hovercraft not to far away. He then falls right to the spot where Candace had been, and Mrs. Johnson, thinking he was an Orangutan, tranquilized him.

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