Googolplex Mall
Googolplex Mall
Stories: At least two, possibly seven as seen in The Magnificent Few
Color(s): Purple
Location Information
City: Downtown Danville
County: Jefferson County
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
"Flop Starz"

The Googolplex Mall is the local mall of Danville, consisting of many, many stores, including a Mr. Slushy Dawg, a Mr. Slushy Burger, a Lab Coat Emporium, and a Har D Har Toy Store. It's located in Downtown Danville.

The name Googolplex comes from the mathematical term meaning 1 followed by a googol (10100) of zeros (1010100). A googolplex is such a large number that it cannot be written in full because the number of zeroes following the 1 is vastly greater than the number of atoms in the universe. The use of the word in the mall's name is obviously hype, meant to indicate that the mall is very big place.



A pants store next to Sherwin's Hardware ("Toy to the World").

Boots & Pumps

This store is right next to Clothes ("Split Personality").


A food court (not to be confused with the food court with the Mr. Slushy Dawg seen in "Raging Bully") ("The Magnificent Few"), ("Out to Launch") (cameo)


A candy store located across Hail Britannia ("The Flying Fishmonger"). It is also seen in "Tip of the Day".



Linda tries out some rainbow-striped suspenders here. Busting Candace thinks she has Romantic Candace cornered here, but Romantic Candace is already on her way to Jay's Gifts. ("Split Personality").

Apparently, Norm buys all of his clothes at "Clothes". ("Flop Starz/Character Commentary")

Flowers Say Love

Flowers say
Romantic Candace stops at this kiosk to smell the flowers as her busting half looks for her ("Split Personality").

Hail Britannia

A British clothes store ("The Flying Fishmonger")

Har D Har Toy Store

Har d har
The Har D Har Toy Store is the toy store owned by the Har D Har Toy Company. It is located across from the Mr. Slushy Dawg there and is the local Danville place to go for the latest toys, like Perry the Inaction Figure, Brick and Shimmy Jimmy.

Known Employees

Jay's Gifts

Romantic Candace buys a picture frame to give to Jeremy before Busting Candace can catch her ("Split Personality").

Lab Coat Emporium

Lab coat emp
The Lab Coat Emporium is a shop often visited by Doofenshmirtz. Dr Doofenshmirtz comes here every week to get a new lab coat, as mentioned in "Finding Mary McGuffin".

Liquid Massage

Candace spends some time in a tank with her own thoughts while Danville culture is transformed. "(Ferb Latin)."

Mr. Slushy Burger

The Mr. Slushy Burger is located across from Taco Tepee. Seating is provided in the cafeteria.

Known Employees

Mr. Slushy Dawg

Mr Slushy Dawg Googolplex Mall
The Mr. Slushy Dawg here is a wall-in stand, located either across from the Har D Har Toy Store, or situated in a generic food court (not to be confused with the cafeteria that contains the Mr. Slushy Burger elsewhere in the mall). There may be two locations here. It has booth-seats sticking out for sitting and the Slushy Dawg signage overhead.

Known Employees

Retro Pharmacist, Limited

Retro pharm
Gaston LeMode's latest thing after the Summer-all-the-time fashion line ("Run Away Runway"). The two Candaces nearly come together here ("Split Personality").

Shermin's Hardware

Shermin's hardware
Phineas and Ferb go here look for ideas on toy designs. The OWCA has a lair behind one of the store walls. ("Toy to the World").


Linda tries to take advantage of the 50%-off sale at this kiosk and is completely blind to the fact that her daughter is cracking up ("Split Personality").

Super Duper Game Zone

Super Duper Game Zone is a video arcade. It is located across America's Jewelry of Love and next to Your World is Cell Phones

Known Employees

  • None known

Squat and Stitch

The Squat and Stitch is a sewing store, where you are allowed to, well, "squat and stitch". It has a stage, in which people go up and sing, most notably Linda Flynn's Free-Form Jazz Band.

Known Employees

Taco Tepee

Taco Tepee is located across Mr. Slushy Burger.

Wedgie's: The Gym for Bullies

Wedgie's: The Gym for Bullies is, as the name suggest, a professional gym for bullies. It has the standard equipment to prepare a bully for his attacks, such as a wedgie dummy and a book upheal standee. It appears to be a highly visited place by Buford.


Doof mocking Perry Look at you! You're just a bottom!

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