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"Go Candace" is a song sang in "Fireside Girl Jamboree" when Candace was attempting to earn her fifty patches from the Fireside Girls in one day.


Original (Montage)

Women singers: Go, Candace! Go, Go, Candace! (X4)
Candace: (Chased by bulls) (Screams)
Phineas: Running with the bulls patch, check.
Isabella: (Candace being chased by bullies) And running with the bullies patch, check.
Women singers: Go, Candace! Go, Go, Candace! (X2)
Phineas: Discovering something that doesn't exist patch, check.
Women singers: Go!

Reprise (Rollercoaster)

Phineas: Permanecer sentados, por favor. (Remain seated, please.)
Candace: Wait, are you speaking Span- (The rollercoaster starts going down the track.) -ishhhhhhhhhhh!!
Here are your cupcakes! AAAAAAAAH! (some bugs crash into her face, she spits some out)
Phineas: Bug Collecting Patch: check.
Candace: I'm going to hurl!
Phineas: Motion Sickness Patch: Check!
(The rollercoaster jumps over a tour bus of The Paisley Sideburn Brothers.)
Candace: The Paisley Sideburn Brothers! Let's hurry!
(She slingshots some logs.)
Women singers: Go, Candace! Go, Go, Candace! (x3)

Background Information

  • This song is sung to the same tune as "Go, Go, Phineas" ("The Fast and the Phineas").
  • The line "Discovering something that doesn't exist patch" may refer to the line in the theme song along with that being the same creature from the theme song. However, this one is more happy and sweet than the one in the theme, which is shown with a dull look on its face.
  • When Isabella said that Candace also earned the running with the bullies patch, Buford can be seen.
  • The name of the song is a parody of the Speed Racer theme song, "Go Speed Racer Go".
  • Balthazar Horowitz makes a cameo.
  • Phineas says "Permanecer sentados, por favor", which is Spanish for "Remain seated, please". He also sings this phrase in Spanish in the song Rollercoaster.
  • The Russian dub omits the lyrics, but retains Phineas' spoken lines.

Balthazar makes another appearance.


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