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"Give Up" is a gospel/power pop musical number in the Season 3 episode "Last Train to Bustville", which is played as Candace finally lets go of her urge to bust her brothers after mishearing Glenda's speech about pushing forward and not giving up.


Danny Jacob: It's not bad to have goals, per se,
When your teacher, coach, and counselor ask
Cold hard reality can get in your way
When you're really not up to the task
Well you've been scheming and spying and screaming and crying,
but you know there's still something that you're still not trying

Danny Jacob and Laura Dickinson: Give up!
Danny Jacob: You've been trying to sell this so long
Even though there's no one out there buying
Danny Jacob and Laura Dickinson: Give up!
Danny Jacob: I know you're tired of the same old song,
Danny Jacob and Laura Dickinson: But it's not really failure if you're not even trying:
Give up!

Danny Jacob: Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doot-doo
Laura Dickinson: Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doot-doo

Danny Jacob: It's like you're banging your head against the same old wall,
Baby, all you got to show is a bruise
Laura Dickinson: All you got to show is a bruise
Danny Jacob: Well, it's a crazy thing to do to just keep on repeating
All these actions that will only lead to cranial bleeding

Danny Jacob and Laura Dickinson: Give up!
Danny Jacob: It's time for you to throw in the towel,
Capitulate and raise the white flag.
Danny Jacob and Laura Dickinson: Give up!
Danny Jacob: And don't be bitter just because you're a quitter,
Danny Jacob and Laura Dickinson: You can even hold up your head up and brag:
That's right, you gave up
Danny Jacob: She gave up! She gave up!

Candace/Chorus: I gave up!
Candace: That's right, I never even suited up, folks!
Candace/Chorus: I gave up!
Candace: I threw the baby out with the bathwater!
Candace/Chorus: I gave up!
Candace: I forgot the Alamo!
Candace/Chorus: I gave up!
Candace: I'm not even going for the bronze!
Candace/Chorus: I gave up!
Candace: I'm staying right here, man.
Candace/Chorus: I gave up!
Candace: In this hammock. I like it.
Aw, it's beautiful, man.


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Background Information

  • This is the longest song that features only Candace and none of the other major characters of the show.
  • The painter in the song is the same one that sang a line in "City of Love" from "Phineas and Ferb: Summer Belongs to You!".
  • This is the second song where more than one Candace appears. The other is "I'm Through with Me" from the Season 2 episode "Split Personality". At one point, 25 Candace's are seen on the screen.
  • Candace does not scream or run away from the squirrel on the hammock, despite her fear of squirrels ("Comet Kermillian"). Although this song may be sung before Candace became afraid of squirrels, or her relaxed state nullified her fear.


  • When the line passes by the army, Candace flashes by the motorcycle driver for a single frame.
  • At the end when Candace is in the hammock, there is a rock below her, but from the top view, the rock is gone.
  • The shadow of a rope is seen in the top down view of Candace in the hammock, but in the side view, no rope is seen. Also, a hammock does not have a rope in real life.
  • After the boxer is told to give up, his bruise on his right eye permanently disappears.   
  • When in the room with the artist, Candace goes off screen. However, her head seems to disappear when you watch in slow motion. If you can see that for a frame, her head comes back.
  • In another freeze frame, Candace appears on screen after having walked off. It lasts 2 frames and happens when they pass the army.
  • When the scene with everyone and (about) 15-30 Candaces, if you do more slow motion or freeze-frames, you can see that Candace's head appears on screen with no animation of it.
  • When on the hammock, Candace's head looks weird, as if her hair was pointy. Also, her drink disappears when its cuts to a birds-eye view.
  • Right before the 2 frames with Candace, the football player's arm is glitchy. His left arm a one point appears twice.
  • All of the army men threw there stuff, but only one of them followed Candace.
  • When we see Candace on the hill, her legs are in an almost-impossible position.
  • When Candace is on the hill with more Candaces in front of her, look closely at the hill. first, Candace simply has a glitchy arm. Then, her arm disappears. After that there is a break in Candace's arm, then it is just glitchy again. It also seems to fade in and out of existence. Her entire body does this at one point, bluring a lot. When that happens, she appears to be both blurry and facing away from the audience.
  • In the hammock scene, a side view has a rock, a drink, no flowers and no rope. But a top view shows flowers, a rope, no rock, and no drink.


BMI Work #13163615


"Run, Candace, Run"
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