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Skiddley Whiffers
Baljeet objects to his game piece.
Type: Enhanced board game
Episode(s): "Skiddley Whiffers"

Skiddley Whiffers is a full-scale version of the renowned board game. It was designed and built by Phineas and Ferb. ("Skiddley Whiffers")


After winning another consecutive game against her brothers, Candace voiced to losing content with her current win streak and feeling the need for a "bigger challenge". Phineas and Ferb perceived this as a challenge and started working on a project intending to amplify the scale of the game.

Design and construction

The pieces were self-propelled and fitted with seats for the players to ride in. Danville itself served as the game board, with a playing area extending to the outskirts of the city and the surrounding countryside while the Flynn-Fletcher house served as the game "home".

Game play

An electronic die is passed between the players. The number of spaces to be moved would be shown on the face of the die before the game piece automatically covers the corresponding distance.

Rules from the original game were evidently modified and extended. This is seen several times during the game played between the participants. They included a "leg-iron" status in which a player is forced to be restrained by a leg iron and lose a turn, the requirement to wear a hard hat when traveling through a construction site, a "share a turn" condition involving two players joining each other on the game board, and an unusual "beard" status that requires for the player to wear an artificial beard until "shave" is rolled.

Candace initially struggled in the dilemma between using the game as evidence to bust her brothers, or simply to participate. For her love for the game, she eventually decided to participate with her brothers, along with Buford, Baljeet, and Isabella.


Candace was the winner. She celebrated her thirteenth victory in a row and second win of the day by jingling the bell in a gleeful manner. In her exuberance, she kicked the bell into the house.

She then proceeded to try and bust her brothers and tried to bring her mother out to the backyard, but tripped on the bell in the process. The electronic die which she had been holding at the time slipped from her hands and was sent hurtling through the air until it landed in the game piece modeled after a boot. It landed on "All move" and the pieces immediately darted away in a group, bounding over the fence before Linda and Candace arrived in the backyard. Though Candace failed to bust her brothers, she put the disappointment aside and admitted to having had fun.

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