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"Giant Puppet Show"
Moving Hair
The giant marionette.
Song by Jen Hirsh[1]
Genre(s): Techno
Length: 1:09
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Phineas and Ferb - Giant Puppet

Phineas and Ferb - Giant Puppet

"Giant Puppet Show" is a song from the episode "The Return of the Rogue Rabbit". It is heard while Phineas and the gang and the Fireside Girls manipulate the giant Fireside Girl marionette.


(Giant marionette)
Walk, walk,
Giant puppet girl so sweet.
Shift and slowly blink,
Freak out the people on the street.
(They don't know what to think.)

Move your articulate accordion jaw,
Bow your head politely,
Drift through the crowd like a European ghost,
Now raise your hand just slightly.


Moving... (Marionette) slowly...
Shifting... (Giant) slightly

Just by moving slowly and shifting slightly,
The puppet Fireside Girl is telling us
To look into our souls and find the power
To embrace love...
(For all humanity.)

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BMI Work #18047726


"Evil Jingle" ("The Return of the Rogue Rabbit")
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