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Phineas: "What do you think the scariest thing was, Ferb?"
Ferb: "Definitely the giant floating baby head."
Phineas: "Yeah.....yeah, where did that come from?"
-Phineas and Ferb on the baby head.[source]

The inexplicable Giant Floating Baby Head is a mysterious being that appears very randomly. While they tend to appear in some of Phineas and Ferb's or Dr. Doofenshmirtz's Big Ideas, they are clueless as to where they comes from.

Victorian times

In Victorian times, an identical baby head entered the Best Monster Contest. It is not known if the baby head has been around for hundreds of years, or that was just a lookalike ("The Monster of Phineas-n-Ferbenstein").

Present life

The giant floating baby head first showed up when Phineas and Ferb tried to help Isabella get rid of her hiccups by building a haunted house in the backyard. After Candace went through the haunted house to find her brothers, she complained about how outrageous the house was and asked why the giant floating baby head was even there. The baby head cried after Candace told him/her to be quiet. They were also in the haunted house's elevator when Candace was going to use it and was abruptly told to leave the elevator. At the end of the day, Phineas and Ferb relaxed in the tree and thought about what the scariest thing they did was, and Ferb stated that it was the Giant Floating Baby Head. They both suddenly wonder where it came from anyway ("One Good Scare Ought to Do It!").

The baby head showed up again as one of the supplies being delivered to the Flynn-Fletcher house when Phineas and Ferb build the monster truck arena in their backyard to help Candace learn how to parallel park although it was not in the arena or in/on the monster truck. ("It's a Mud, Mud, Mud, Mud World").

They reappeared on a handcart behind the boys and Candace when they built the PF 5000 Animatron. The baby head was shown being lifted upwards ("Out of Toon").

The baby head was also one of Chez Platypus's customers and was allowed by Buford into the restaurant ahead of Candace and Jeremy ("Chez Platypus").

They were also behind Candace's window as Candace was talking to Stacy about her text message to Jeremy. The baby was being carried by a lever for unknown purposes ("At the Car Wash").

The giant baby head's message on Doofenshmirtz's cast.

They visited Heinz Doofenshmirtz when his foot was broken, and somehow managed to sign his cast. They were accompanied by Dr. Bloodpudding at the time ("The Bully Code").

They were among the various people in Phineas and Ferb building. Before the building's completion, Phineas mentioned putting something next to a giant gorilla head, which is most likely a reference to this ("The Doof Side of the Moon").

They are briefly seen in "Funhouse", in the line "The bathtub is your bed and a floating baby head" ("Misperceived Monotreme").

The baby head was also seen during the song "Carpe Diem" ("Rollercoaster: The Musical!").

Numerous giant floating baby heads of various sizes appeared in the 4th Dimension during "Brand New Reality". (Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension)

Then, the baby head, appeared as an implement for constructing the tower. ("Escape from Phineas Tower")

Background Information

  • The giant baby head came, according to Dan Povenmire, "one board panel drawn by Mike Diederich and one of our directors, Rob Hughes thought it was hilarious and made a whole bit about it. Now it shows up all the time."[1]

A similar baby head.



Picture(s) Episode Notes
Giant Baby Head It's a Mud, Mud, Mud, Mud World.jpgGiant Baby Head Mud Mud World.jpg "It's a Mud, Mud, Mud, Mud World" Appeared as a thing for constructing the mud race and when Buck Buckerson took the mud track.
Giant Baby Head at the Monsters Ball.jpg "The Monster of Phineas-n-Ferbenstein" Appeared in the Best Monster Contest, possibly as a contestant.
Floating baby head.jpg "One Good Scare Ought to Do It!" Appeared in the Haunted House. Candace commented that it made no sense being there, and later shooed it at of an elevator. At the end, Phineas asked Ferb what he thought the scariest thing was. Ferb decided on the Giant Floating Baby Head, and Phineas realizes that he didn't know how it got in the Haunted House.
Giant Baby Head Out Of Toon.jpg "Out of Toon" Appeared, wheeled by on a dolly, when constructing the Phineas & Ferb Studios.
Giant Baby Head Chez Platypus.jpg "Chez Platypus" Appeared while floating to Chez Platypus, and Buford lets him in, to annoy Candace.
Giant Baby Head At The Car Wash.jpg "At the Car Wash" Appeared, while carried by a crane, in Candace's window while constructing the car wash.
Giant Baby Head The Bully Code.jpg "The Bully Code" When Major Monogram shows some security photos of Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated from early in the morning, the Giant Floating Baby Head appeared with Dr. Bloodpudding. Then Dr. D's cast has a message from him.
Baby head and a primes.jpg "Phineas and Ferb Hawaiian Vacation" Appeared running from door to door while Phineas and Ferb follow the Aqua Primates in the hotel.
Giant Baby Head Wizard Of Odd.jpg
Giant Baby Head Wizard Of Odd 2.jpg
"Wizard of Odd" Appeared three times. First while Candace was dreaming in the start. Second as a globe in Bustopolis. And third in Candace back to reality in the end.
Giant Baby Head The Doof Side Of The Moon.jpg "The Doof Side of the Moon" He was floating behind some rails while Phineas and Ferb finished Albert's tour of the Biggest Tower.
Giant Baby Head in WCIM.jpg "We Call it Maze" When Candace pulled the rope through two ways of the Maze, it floating through the two ways, somehow connected to the rope.
Giant Baby Head in Rollercoaster The Musical.jpgRTM ending.jpg "Rollercoaster: The Musical!" Appeared as part of the second rollercoaster and in the grand finale of "Carpe Diem".
And a floating baby head.JPG "Misperceived Monotreme" Appeared in the Funhouse in a checker-themed room where Ferb is using a bathtub as his bed.
Kick It Up a Notch - Giant Floating Baby Head Dimension.jpg Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension When the 1st Dimension Gang is traveling through dimensions to escape some Norm Bots and return to their dimension, in a lot of different sizes, in the 8th Dimension. This could explain where it comes from.
Isabella in a fairy costume.jpg "That's the Spirit" A kid trick-or-treating as the Giant Floating Baby Head walked by a while behind Isabella as she told Phineas about her costume.
Giant Baby Head Escape from Phineas Tower.jpg "Escape from Phineas Tower" A construction Worker pushed the Giant Floating Baby Head on a trolley past a sleeping Candace to the Un-escapable Tower.
Floating Baby Head.jpgBufordandCandaceMonster.jpg "Monster from the Id" Appears in the song "Deep Into Your Mind" looking at Candace, also at the end of the episode, where Buford stays in Candace's mind it is seen floating around.
Perry Floating Baby Head.JPG "Mom's in the House" The Perrytronic transformed into it during its test run.
326a - Fighting With Your Inner Self.jpg "Sleepwalk Surprise" Appears in Doofenshmirtz's dream.
Baby Head and Klimpaloon.jpg "Ferb TV" It appears along with Klimpaloon in a show called "The Klimpaloon and Giant Floating Baby Head Hour".
Candace as Gaint Baby Head.jpg "Fly On the Wall" Candace transforms into it.
Giant Baby Head Isabella's Birthday.png "Happy Birthday, Isabella" Phineas and Ferb carry it to Isabella's backyard.
Giant Baby Head - Mission Marvel.jpg "Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel" During "My Evil Buddies and Me", the baby head passes by M.O.D.O.K..
Baby head launches kid.png "Thanks But No Thanks" Appears in the song "Pyramid Sports".
Baby Head Troy Story.png "Troy Story" It appears on during Perry's use of the "Rabbit Hole Entrance".
GFBH.jpg "Terrifying Tri-State Trilogy of Terror" Has a central role in "Night of the Giant Floating Baby Head". In the segment, Doofenshmirtz mentions there is also a Giant Floating Rest of the Baby, but has yet to be seen.
Giant Floating Baby Head backstage at the Tristies.JPG "The Klimpaloon Ultimatum" Is seen floating backstage at the Tristies.
Giant Floating Baby Head in Star Wars.jpg "Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars" The Centennial Chihuahua briefly takes on this form before changing into a donut truck.
Giant Floating Baby Head in NOTLP.jpg
Giant Pharmacist Head.jpg
"Night of the Living Pharmacists" Appears in the panic crowd and later appear as a Giant Pharmacist Head.
Vlcsnap-2015-06-13-18h54m49s49.png "Last Day of Summer" Seen in the end song:

"But we're still baffled by the Giant Floating Baby Head."

CATU Facebook promo 1.jpg "Candace Against the Universe" Appears in the bottom right corner of a promotional picture above the Disney+ logo.


Picture(s) Episode Notes
Giant Baby Head Toy.jpg "Toy to You and Me" (Spot the Diff) Appeared replacing a Shimmy Jimmy toy for a few seconds.
Baby Head Video game.JPG Phineas and Ferb (video game) Appears in a bonus game.
Giant Flotaing Baby Head TTWP&F.jpg "Take Two with Phineas and Ferb: Neil Patrick Harris" Neil Patrick Harris uses his magic make Ferb disappear, and when he tries to make him reappear again a few times, one time he makes the Giant Floating Baby head appear, but he soon proceeds to make it disappear.
Baby head on DoofDirt.jpg Doofenshmirtz's Daily Dirt It appears on Doofenshmirtz's screen when he mentions he enjoys "pop music that slants towards infants".