Gerb 2
Gender: Male
Age: Less than 15 (deceased)
Hometown: Tri Stone Area
Friends and Family
Da (father)
Mog (stepmother)
Phinabunk (step-brother)
Can-tok (step-sister)



Behind the Scenes
Debut Appearance:
  "Tri-Stone Area"
Final Appearance:
  "Tri-Stone Area"
Voiced by:
Thomas Sangster
Danny Jacob (song)

"I guess we should wait until tomorrow before we tell them our new language."
— Gerb telling Phinabunk that they should wait until tomorrow so they can speak English[src]

Gerb is the prehistoric version of Ferb Fletcher.


Like Ferb, Gerb is a man of action. He rarely speaks, but has all the work and fun at hand.

He invented the wheel with his stepbrother Phinabunk, and friends Isabelock, Boofgard and Baljug. After inventing a lot of wheels, they were put together to make a prehistoric cart that they can ride together. At the end of the day, Gerb decided that speaking cave-ish wasn't fun at all, so he told Phinabunk that tomorrow, they can speak the English language. Phinabunk, in English, agreed.

Physical Appearance

Gerb appears very similar to his modern-day counterpart, although his hair is larger and puffier, and his eyebrows are thicker. He wears a deep purple dinosaur skin that folds on the right side, with a light purple rope belt that ties at the waist on the left.

Background Information

  • Gerb was one of the only characters in his debut episode, along with his stepbrother Phinabunk, to speak a language other than cave-ish at some point during the episode.
  • Since he is Ferb's prehistoric ancestor, it is possible that he is of British origin.


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