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Meapless in Seattle title card

In this episode, Meap returns to save Phineas and Ferb from his nemesis Mitch, whose real mission is to take control of all of alien-kind, putting Meap's world in danger. The boys' "cute-tracker" leads the gang to Seattle and an adventure to save the universe. Meanwhile, Dr. Doofenshmirtz decides to revisit his former nemesis, Peter the Panda, but when Agent P shows up, Dr. Doofenshmirtz finds that he has some explaining to do.

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Candace's Mall Trip Cancelled

Giant Pillow Fight

Mission Briefing

Meap Arrives

Something Goes Wrong

In Meap's Ship

Meap's Cutonium Story

He's Mitch

Mitch Meets Doof


Doof and Mitch Saved

Meap's Friends Hear the News

To War

Finding Meap's Home

Extraction Chamber

Team Phineas Ready for Battle

Mitch Charges the Cutonium

Phineas Becomes Brainwashed

Doof Reunites with Balloony

The Battle Begins

Doof's Balloony Sacrifice

Healing Phineas

The Day is Saved

Back in the Backyard


Meep Me in St. Louis trailer

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