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"Well there's no such things as a lot of things, and there's such a thing as many other things, is Nosey such a thing? Well you see, that's the thing isn't it. "
— The Lake Nose Monster

— Lawrence's catchphrase.

Bee Day-Phineas

Phineas Flynn, also known as Dinner Bell by Buford, is a boy in the Flynn-Fletcher family. He is the son of Linda Flynn and stepson of Lawrence Fletcher. His sister is Candace, and his stepbrother is Ferb. He is friends with Buford, Baljeet, and Isabella, who has a strong crush on him (if he returns it is so far unknown). He has a strong bond with Perry, their pet platypus, and he always wonders where he is.

An incurable optimist, Phineas constantly looks on the brighter side of things. He is as well extremely smart, creative, and persistent, causing him to build immensely large inventions and activities with the help of his stepbrother. His hospitality often affects his plans.

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"For Your Ice Only"

"Happy New Year!"

"My Sweet Ride"

"Primal Perry"

"Mind Share"

"Backyard Hodge Podge"

"Bee Day"

"Just Desserts"

"La Candace-Cabra"

"Happy Birthday, Isabella"

"Love at First Byte"

"One Good Turn"

"Thanks But No Thanks"

"Troy Story"


"Terrifying Tri-State Trilogy of Terror"

"Face Your Fear"

"Cheers for Fears"


"Just Our Luck"

"Return Policy"

"Live and Let Drive"

"Father's Day"

"Imperfect Storm"

"The Return of the Rogue Rabbit"

"It's No Picnic"

"The Klimpaloon Ultimatum"

"Operation Crumb Cake"


"Lost in Danville"

"The Inator Method"

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