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Welcome Wikians! Ever wanted to vote for your favorite song from Phineas and Ferb and see it it featured on the Main Page? Well this is the place for you! Feel free to vote here.

To nominate a new Monthly Song, visit the Nominations page.

Once a poll has been created, please do not add any new voting choices or change the poll question. Doing so will reset all votes because it effectively becomes a new poll. If this occurs, Undo the change to restore the original poll and all votes up to that point.

Previous polls can be viewed in the archive.

for August 2015

What is your favorite song from the Last Day of Summer episode?

The poll was created at 15:50 on July 3, 2015, and so far 462 people voted.

Previous poll

What is your favorite song that was released in 2014? (part 1)

Dancing in the Sunshine was selected.

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