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This page will be used to list candidates for new policies or updates to existing policies and what their current status is.

Policy candidate Purpose Current status Ending date

Previous candidates Purpose Current status Date
Block policy To establish what actions are not allowed on this wiki and the duration the block should be enforced. Passed. April 3, 2010
User page policy To list what should not be placed on User pages. Passed. April 24, 2010
Voting policy To establish rules on how to conduct votes on official wiki business. Passed. April 24, 2010
Modification to the "no one may vote on behalf of another person" section. Passed. July 2, 2010
Modification made to the "Voting period extension" section to cover votes that get drawn out over a length of time. Added because so few people are participating that voting on an extension to a vote would itself drag out for weeks or months. Added by RRabbit42 August 29, 2010
What this Wiki is Not To establish how this wiki is to be different than other sites. Passed. April 24, 2010
Blogs To differentiate between blogs, chat, message boards, etc. Passed. April 29, 2010
Image policy To standardize how pictures should be named and other aspects like format, size and quality. Passed. August 29, 2010
Manual of Style Providing a standard for how to enter a song title since no real-world standard exists. Passed. September 25, 2010
Video policy Providing a standard for dealing with videos for episodes, songs, etc. Passed. February 6, 2011
Protection policy Defines reasons why a page might have to be protected and provides information on how to avoid being overly-restrictive in protecting a page. Passed. April 9, 2011
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