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Hi admins of this wiki, this is a topic that I and PFMuffinStrike455 told you before. Now we request to explain to you more thing and benefit of language links!

First, easy to request at Wikia central, just one click of Wikia Staff that makes one link, after that, we don't lose anything.

Second, now we already have 7 language wikis community, why don't we connect the pages together, visitor and reader will know us more closely.

Third, editors are more active, they will help us in the pages, and go to other wikis find the pages that need to add. Not need Ferbot to do this, if wait to the time that RRabbit42 and Topher208 make Ferbot completely, it is a very long time.

Fourth, easy to add and just take less than 1 minute, all editors can take care of it. Example in Perry the Platypus page, you can add those to the bottom of page: , [[de:Perry, das Schnabeltier]], [[es:Perry el Ornitorrinco]], [[nl:Perry het Vogelbekdier]], [[pl:Pepe Pan Dziobak]], [[pt-br:Perry o Ornitorrinco]], [[vi:Perry Thú mỏ vịt]], they will be:

Perry the Platypus
(End page)Languages: DeutschEspañolNederlandsPolskiPortuguêsTiếng Việt

Don't worry, editors can find those pages in other wikis, they are so active. Please believe them.

Fifth, the links can be use as category links, example you want link to Phineas' Birthday episode article in Portuguese wiki, you may be add [[:pt-br:Retrospectiva de Aniversário do Phineas|Phineas' Birthday Clip-O-Rama!]] instead of [[w:c:pt-br.phineaseferb:Retrospectiva de Aniversário do Phineas|Phineas' Birthday Clip-O-Rama!]]

Sixth, I have ask other admin of those wiki, they agree the languages links but they must do if you do first.

If you agree, I will request for all of us in Wikia Central.

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It might help if the portal links to the categories can be added to the main page for all interwikis. PFMuffinStrike455 Talk 23:19, July 25, 2011 (UTC)

Fact view here

I have taken an example after I add those other languages links in my Candace Flynn page

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