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FA Star
  Any user may nominate an article for the status of Featured Article. A Featured Article (or "FA") is a page on the wiki that demonstrates the best of quality and is considered one of the greatest pages the wiki has/will have and is shown on our main page.

To nominate a page to be a Featured Article, visit the Nominations page.

Articles that have been nominated in the past, which includes articles previously designated as "Article of the Month", can be viewed in the archives. The list of winning articles can be viewed on the Featured Article page.

Please cast your vote based on the quality of the article rather than if you like it or it's a favorite of yours. Other criteria for what makes a good article can be found in the Guidelines section of the Nominations page.

No poll at the moment. We are currently looking for articles that can be nominated. If you know of one, please enter it on the Featured Article nominations page.

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