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Please make a separate forum page for each request.

Users that would like to request Chatmod rights may do so here. Replace the "Username" in the box below with your account name.

What things you need to do to earn Chatmod rights
  • Be active for at least 60 days.
  • Have at least 100 edits. (see Special:Editcount)
  • Have a history of fighting vandalism.
  • Must have no history of vandalism.

These requirements are the same as to request Rollback rights and are described below. More important than these requirements is the ability to strike a balance between upholding the behavior guidelines and not being too strict, which will allow people to "play" in Chat and keep things fun. A level head and not taking things personally also helps.

To be active, you should make edits at least a few times each week. To help show that you know the difference between a simple poor edit (or someone just "playing around") and a deliberate attempt to harm the wiki with vandalism, make sure you include a reason in the Summary line for your edits.

For the 100 edits, a majority of them (over 50%) should be for wiki-building. That is, in the areas other than User talk and User blog comments. Messages for other people in both of these areas should be friendly and encouraging, or providing gentle guidance if something needs to be fixed.

"Must have no history of vandalism" refers to blocks and warnings left on your talk page. If either of these have been placed, list a reason as to why they are no longer applicable.

Current requests

Topic Last Edit Last Author

Completed requests

Topic Last Edit Last Author
Chatmod request/Golfpecks15:41, July 8, 2019KinHikari
Chatmod requests/Mouseinphilly05:49, December 7, 2012RRabbit42
Chatmod requests/Tvwatcherpf269404:37, August 19, 2012RRabbit42
Chatmod requests/Phineasphan684922:53, July 4, 2012RRabbit42
Chatmod requests/PFMuffinStrike45505:44, June 6, 2012Ferbot
Chatmod requests/iloveferbmorethenyou1605:44, June 6, 2012Ferbot
Chatmod requests/I Am A Superstar!! : )03:54, June 4, 2012RRabbit42
Chatmod requests/MysteriousForce03:53, June 4, 2012RRabbit42
Chatmod requests/Someguy11601:34, April 30, 2012RRabbit42
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