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"Foam Town" is a song from episode "Face Your Fear", played while the gang is skateboarding in the foamtown.


There's nothin' that I found
As good as goin' round and round
In Foam Town. (In Foam Town.)
I used to skin my knees,
But here it doesn't matter where I fall.

You'll never get scarred
Cause nothing's really hard
In Foam Town.
So take a rollin' ride
On a squeezable urban sprawl.
Come on down to Foam Town. (In Foam Town.)

There's no bruises or concussions,
There's no painful repercussions,
There's no braces, there's no bandages,
No hospital stay.
If you jump and try to land it,
You can eat it or face-plant it
And you know that your insurance plan will not have to pay.
Come on down to Foam Town. (Come on down
To Foam Town,
Come on down.)
Just come on down to Foam Town. (Come on down
To Foam Town)
(Come on down!)
Come on down to Foam Town!


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Background Information

  • The song is from the POV of Phineas and the gang, but none of them actually sing it.


BMI #17352605

"Evil Jingle" ("Face Your Fear")
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