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"Fireside Girls Anthem" was the song sung by Troop 46231 of the Fireside Girls in the episode "Isabella and the Temple of Sap". It appears to be both their anthem and the encouragement-song of the Fireside Girls.


Fireside Girls: We're Fireside Girls, one and all
And together we belong.
We wear our patches upon our sashes
And stand cute, small, and strong!
This is the Fireside Girls song...
And it's not too terribly long!


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Background information

  • The melody of this song has heard several times during the introduction of several Fireside Girl events, including the unveiling of their clubhouse.
  • During the line "we wear our patches upon our sashes", Isabella is shown with an "I Just Saw A Cute Boy" patch, most likely referring to Phineas.
  • Second time the Fireside Girls sing only with Isabella. First was "Go, Go, Phineas". This is the first time though they all sing together.


BMI Work #11941375

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