Every Fireside Girls has participated in several of Phineas and Ferb's Big Ideas, with Isabella being the most common and sometimes helps her on occasions. However, in "I Was a Middle Aged Robot" onwards, two new Fireside Girls appeared as well as the addition of the Lil' Sparks, and except for "Ask a Foolish Question" that they were only mentioned.

Participation in the Big Ideas

Episode Participation Participating Fireside Girls
"Rollercoaster" Watched the unveiling of Phineas and Ferb's Rollercoaster. Katie and Ginger
"Lawn Gnome Beach Party of Terror" Helped as lifeguards at the backyard beach. Ginger, Katie, Milly, Holly, Gretchen and Adyson
"Flop Starz" Sung in the band Phineas and the Ferb-Tones, in a group called The Ferbettes. Gretchen, Adyson and Milly
"The Fast and the Phineas" Acted as Phineas's pit crew. Katie, Adyson, Holly, Gretchen, Ginger, Milly
"Lights, Candace, Action!" Helped on the movie set. Holly, Gretchen, Milly, and Ginger
"Raging Bully" Helped the ring's construction and gave out fliers of the brawl. Milly, Ginger, Holly, Katie, Adyson and Gretchen
"Candace Loses Her Head" Distracted Candace from seeing her present. Ginger, Milly, Holly, Gretchen, Katie and Adyson
"Run Away Runway" Helped create the Summer All The Time Collection. Holly, Milly, Ginger, Adyson and Katie
"S'Winter" Helped to create and sang S'Winter. Milly, Katie, Ginger, Holly, Adyson and Gretchen
"Jerk De Soleil" Participated in the show as acrobatic performers. Katie, Ginger, Gretchen, Holly, Milly, Adyson and plus other unofficial Fireside Girls
"Get That Bigfoot Outa My Face!" Went to Camp Phineas and Ferb to earn various accomplishment patches. Gretchen, Milly, Holly, Adyson, Ginger and Katie
"Mom's Birthday" Helped with the festivities and sang background vocals on I Love You Mom. Milly, Adyson, Gretchen, Holly, Ginger and Katie
"It's About Time!" Built a new time machine to rescue Candace and the boys from prehistoric times. Ginger, Gretchen, Adyson, Milly, Holly and Katie
"Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together" Built the stage for Love Händel's performance and became backup dancers. Gretchen, Katie, Holly, Ginger, Adyson and Milly
"Tree to Get Ready" Witnessed the tree house fight. Milly, Katie, Ginger Hirano, Holly, Adyson and Gretchen
"The Ballad of Badbeard" Assisted in the search for Badbeard's Treasure on Spleen Island. Holly, Gretchen, Ginger, Adyson and Milly
"Greece Lightning" Rode in the chariot race and witnessed it. Holly, Katie and Ginger
"Leave the Busting to Us!" Went on the Ferris wheel and water slide. Holly and Ginger
"Comet Kermillian" Watched the comet in the observatory. Holly only
"Put That Putter Away" Built and played on Phineas and Ferb's mini-golf course, and dancers during the Disco Miniature Golfing Queen song. Gretchen, Ginger, Adyson and Holly
"The Flying Fishmonger" Helped sing the original song and the new, improved song. Gretchen, Milly, Katie, Adyson and Holly
"One Good Scare Ought to Do It!" Constructed the Haunted House and dressed up in monster costumes to scare away Isabella's hiccups. Also saved Phineas's life when he fell. Gretchen, Adyson, Katie, Milly, Ginger and Holly
"Out of Toon" Helped on the making of the giant TV and the Phineas & Ferb Studios. Milly, Katie, Adyson and Ginger
"Out to Launch" Worked in the space port to monitor the boys' launch. Ginger, Adyson, Holly, Katie, Milly, and Gretchen
"Interview With a Platypus" Helped by interviewing the talking animals. Milly, Adyson and Ginger
"Tip of the Day" Helped spread the awareness of aglets and sung in the Aglet-Aid concert. Milly, Katie, Ginger, Holly, Adyson and Gretchen
"Day of the Living Gelatin" Helped Phineas and Ferb mix the ingredients for the giant gelatin and later defeated it. Milly, Katie, Ginger, Adyson, Holly and Gretchen
"Don't Even Blink" Helped on finding where the projects Phineas and Ferb's creations disappear to. Milly, Katie, Gretchen, Ginger, Holly and Adyson
"Chez Platypus" Cooked and served delicious foods at Chez Platypus. Gretchen, Ginger Hirano, Katie, Adyson, Milly and Holly
"Thaddeus and Thor" Witnessed and the unveiling of the fort. Gretchen, Ginger, Holly, Adyson, Milly and Katie
"De Plane! De Plane!" They helped Phineas and Ferb break the world record for biggest airplane in the world and appear as backup dancers for "Big Ginormous Airplane". Gretchen, Adyson, Katie, Holly, Ginger and Milly
"Let's Take a Quiz They helped Phineas and Ferb organize their show to earn their Broadcasting patches. Gretchen, Holly and Ginger
"At the Car Wash" Ran the car wash so they can save the Starnose Mole. Holly, Ginger, Katie, Gretchen, Adyson and Milly
"Oh, There You Are, Perry" Helped sing Come Home Perry. Milly, Katie, Ginger, Holly, Adyson and Gretchen
"That Sinking Feeling" Rode along in the ocean cruise ship. Gretchen, Ginger, Adyson, and Holly
"Spa Day" Helped the boys in the Spa and sang in Spa Day Holly, Milly, Ginger, Katie and Gretchen
"Phineas and Ferb Musical Cliptastic Countdown" Sang "Gitchee Gitchee Goo" Extended version. Gretchen, Adyson and Milly
"Bubble Boys" Went in the bubble with Phineas and the boys. Gretchen, Katie, Ginger, Milly, Adyson and Holly
"Isabella and the Temple of Sap" Went to retrieve the sap from the Maracanut Tree for Phineas and Ferb. Ginger, Holly, Katie, Gretchen, Milly and Adyson
"Cheer Up Candace" Attended Phineas and Ferb's Comedy Club. Holly, Ginger and Milly
"Fireside Girl Jamboree" Helped Candace become a member of the Fireside Girls. Holly, Ginger, Adyson, Katie, Gretchen, Milly, and Candace Flynn
"What Do It Do?" Helped Phineas and Ferb find out what the robot does. Katie and Holly
"Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation!" Danced during the Ending Credits. Katie, Holly, Milly, Ginger and Adyson Sweetwater
"Candace's Big Day" Helped the boys with Tiana and Bob's wedding. Milly, Holly, Ginger, Adyson, Katie, and Gretchen
"I Was a Middle Aged Robot" Helped Cheer for Lawrence and Candace. Adyson, Ginger Hirano, Katie, Holly, Gretchen, Milly and plus two new Fireside Girls: Fireside Girl (blond) and Fireside Girl (brunette)'
"Hip Hip Parade" Went along in the Parade. Ginger Hirano and Holly
"Robot Rodeo" Acted as Rodeo Clowns in the Rodeo. Adyson Sweetwater, Gretchen, and Holly
"The Beak" Delivered the Fireside Girls Gazette in the neighborhood. Fireside Girl (blond) only
"The Lemonade Stand" Helped franchise and sells P&F Lemonade. Ginger Hirano, Milly, Adyson, Gretchen, and Holly
"Phineas and Ferb Summer Belongs to You!" Watched the Amazing Sun Beater-3000 leaves and prepared a party for their return. They also danced to the Summer Belongs to You song. Milly, Adyson, Gretchen, Holly, Ginger, Katie, and Fireside Girl (blond)
"We Call it Maze" Joined with Isabella and Candace in the Maze A Lil' Spark: Melissa
"Wizard of Odd" Seen as Patchkins and sings The Yellow Sidewalk Gretchen, Fireside Girl (blond), Adyson, Holly, Ginger, Milly, Katie, and a Dream Fireside Girl
"Rollercoaster: The Musical!" Sang in What'cha Doin'?. Also rode along in the roller-coaster. Finally, participated in Carpe Diem Katie, Ginger, Milly, Gretchen, Holly and Adyson
"The Great Indoors" Went inside the biosphere to earn their patches. Holly, Ginger, Katie, Milly, Gretchen and Adyson
"Phineas' Birthday Clip-O-Rama!" Re-enacted a parody of "Howl" and greeted Phineas for his birthday. Holly, Gretchen, Ginger, Milly, Katie and Adyson
Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension Participated in the battle against the 2nd dimension Doofenshmirtz and his robot army. Also, they had their memories of that day erased later on. Adyson, Milly, Holly, Katie, Gretchen, Ginger, and many other Fireside Girls.
"Tour de Ferb" Helped out in the bike race. Milly, Katie, Ginger, Holly, Gretchen, Adyson and a new Fireside Girl: Fireside Girl (brown)
"A Phineas and Ferb Family Christmas Sang in Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow. They also hung out in Phineas and Ferb's log cabin. Milly, Ginger, Katie, Gretchen, Adyson and Holly
"Tri-Stone Area" Seen as cave-girls and sang Zubada. Adyson Sweetwater, Holly, Milly, Katie, Ginger and Gretchen
"Excaliferb" Summoned by Isabel as water sprites and help save Phineas, Ferbalot and their friends. Milly, Katie, Ginger, Holly, Adyson and Gretchen
"Monster from the Id" Went into Candace's sub-conciseness. Holly, Ginger, Gretchen, Katie and Milly
"The Remains of the Platypus" Helped spread fliers for Cheesetopia. Gretchen, Adyson, Milly, Ginger, Katie and Holly
"Buford Confidential" Helped Isabella capture the American Grizzly Bear. New Fireside Girls: Brigitte, Josette and Collette
"What A Croc!" Helped chased Crikey the Crocodile and Candace via jet-ski. Gretchen, Holly and Milly
"Agent Doof" Seen taken care of the babies in the baby shower party. Ginger, Adyson, Milly, Gretchen and Katie
"Sleepwalk Surprise" Seen playing Jetpack Volleyball. Milly, Katie, Gretchen and Ginger
"Sipping with the Enemy" Helped build the magic show and became backup dancers. Katie, Ginger, Gretchen Milly, Adyson, Holly and Fireside Girl (blond)
"Ferb TV" Seen them doing their own commercial in a military-style theme. Ginger, Adyson, Holly, Katie, Gretchen, Milly and many other Fireside Girls.
"Happy New Year!" Seen looking the New Year's Ball, rode and dancing in it. Adyson, Ginger, Holly, Gretchen, Milly and Katie
"Backyard Hodge Podge" Seen having fun in the Hodge Podge. Ginger Hirano, Gretchen and Katie
"Bee Day" and "Bee Story" Went to Phineas and Ferb's wading pool party. Gretchen and Holly
"Great Balls Of Water" Went swimming in the worlds largest ball of water. Ginger, Katie Adyson Sweetwater Holly Gretchen Milly and Melissa
"Happy Birthday, Isabella" Helped make Isabella's Birthday party. Gretchen Adyson Holly Katie Milly Ginger and Melissa
"Love at First Byte" Helped distribute safety glasses for the grand finale. Gretchen, Milly, Ginger, Adyson, Katie and Holly
"One Good Turn" Participated in the Phineas and Ferb obstacle course. Ginger Hirano only
"Thanks But No Thanks" Seen doing the pyramid. Holly, Milly, Katie, Adyson, Ginger and Gretchen
"Troy Story" Seen defense the Troy wall replica. Adyson, Ginger, Milly, Holly and Gretchen
"Return Policy" Seen playing extreme batting. Gretchen and Ginger
"The Return of the Rogue Rabbit" Helped controlled the giant marionette. Gretchen, Ginger, Milly, Katie, Holly and Adyson
"It's No Picnic" Helped Isabella sets a romantic picnic and seen riding in the picnic amusement park. Gretchen, Ginger, Holly, Katie, Milly and Adyson
"Operation Crumb Cake" Helped Isabella to get the love letter that she accidentally sent. Gretchen, Holly, Adyson, Ginger, Milly and Katie
"Act Your Age" Along with Ferb, Baljeet, and Buford, they tried to make a romantic dinner for Phineas and Isabella. Holly, Ginger, Katie, Milly, Gretchen, and Adyson
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