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Fireside Girl (brown) is a Fireside Girl.

A Fireside Girl who was present in the Tour de Ferb.

Physical Appearance

She has long brown hair with ear-rings, brown eyes, and her uniform is a sleeveless with a red collar, brown checkered shorts and yellow shoes.

Background Information

  • Unlike the other Fireside Girls, she has yellow shoes. Also, like Adyson, she wears a sleeveless shirt. She also the third Fireside Girl who has different shoes. Milly being the first one and Melissa the second. She is also the second Fireside Girl to not wear socks, Katie being the other one.
  • Her character was based on Radio Disney's winner of the Ratings Mega "Get Animated with 'Phineas and Ferb' and Build Your Own Vacation Sweepstakes" Grand Prize winner is Ali B., from Pittsboro, IN.[1]
    • Ali, age 9, qualified for the sweepstakes on August 10, 2010 when she sang Justin Bieber's U Smile on air.
    • She watches Phineas and Ferb regularly with her brother and her favorite character is Isabella because according to her, she is "super funny" and enjoys hearing Isabella say, "Whatcha doin'?"
    • She listens to Radio Disney in the car on the way to gymnastics class on Sirius|XM Radio and on 98.3 FM.
    • Ali was able to travel to Hollywood with her mom, visit Radio Disney Studios and meet Ernie D, take her mom, dad and brother to Disney World and go on a cruise aboard the Disney Dream all thanks to Radio Disney!
    • Her brother is her favorite Phineas and Ferb viewing partner.
    • She won Zhu Zhu Pets prizes and a portable DVD player loaded with her favorite episodes.
  • She is the second Fireside Girl to have her ears pierced, with the brunette Fireside Girl being the first.