"Ferb does the fancy dancing move over here, and you do the same fancy dancing move over there!"
Phineas Flynn[src]

The Ferbalistic Groovatron 9000 was one of Phineas and Ferb's Big Ideas. It was designed to help Jeremy Johnson dance when Candace signed them up for Let's All Dance Until We're Sick.


When Jeremy first came to the boys asking for help with his dancing, Phineas suggested dancing lessons from Ferb. After Jeremy realized there was no way he could learn Ferb's routine in time, Phineas had an idea for a dancing exoskeleton.

Design and construction

The Groovatron 9000 consisted of two components:

  • The exoskeleton worn by Jeremy, which made him dance the same way that Ferb did. He wore it under his clothes so that Candace would think it was him doing the dancing. It was able to stand and dance independently of a wearer.
  • The dance suit worn by Ferb, which read his body movements and transmitted them to the exoskeleton.


Thanks to the Groovatron's sensational dancing, Jeremy and Candace won Let's All Dance Until We're Sick. Nikki Stars offered them the position of permanent dancers on the show,  but Jeremy turned the offer down. He then revealed how he had been cheating to the crowd, who found it disturbing. Jeremy then pulled the curtain aside, revealing Ferb, who danced up a pole and disappeared.

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