Ferb Fletcher
Ferb Fletcher (1542) 2
Ferb Fletcher (1542)
Gender: Male
Nationality: Chinese (possibly British)
Nemesis: Doofus Khan
Friends and Family
Lawrence Fletcher (1542)(father)
Linda Flynn-Fletcher (1542)(stepmother)
Candace Flynn (1542)(stepsister)
Phineas Flynn (1542)(stepbrother)
Behind the Scenes
Debut Appearance:
  "Doof Dynasty"
Final Appearance:
  "Doof Dynasty"
Voiced by:
Thomas Sangster

"But, it is a great wall."
— Elderly Ferb

Ferb Fletcher from China in 1542 is Ferb's counterpart that takes his place in the episode "Doof Dynasty".

Personal life

Ferb lives with his family in the Tri-Province Area. With Phineas, he builds contraptions slightly more advanced than what they had at the time. When Doofus Khan kidnapped the Princess, he and his friends went to get Master Perry's help- this pulled them into an adventure that made them all heroes. He spent most of his life building the Great Wall.

Physical appearance

He looks just like the modern Ferb, but has a queue. He wears a white robe tied by a purple belt. There is a rice hat on his head.

Personality and traits

Like the modern Ferb, he doesn't talk much. He is more of a man of action.

Skills and abilities

Being a version of Ferb, he has extraordinary building skills. Still, it took him many, many years to build the Great Wall of China. He appears to have everything one could ever need somewhere on him. After Master Perry's training, he learned the Way of the Platypus.




Background information

  • He is the first Ferb variant to be shown at an old age.


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