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Ferb's English cousins are the paternal cousins of Ferb Fletcher. Not much is known about them at the moment, other than the fact that they appear to like soccer, or "football" in England, each of them having been named after famous football players.

Family members

  • Beckham Fletcher (blond hair)
  • Beckham Fletcher (brown hair, square glasses)
  • Beckham Fletcher (brown hair, half-moon glasses)
  • Pelé Fletcher (blond hair)
  • Pelé Fletcher (brown hair)

Trip to America

The Beckhams and Pelés, along with the rest of their family, came to Danville to see an exhibition match of their favorite team, the Snifferton Nostrils, and to visit Ferb. The five brothers believed that Ferb lost his British culture after living in America longer than he did in England. They challenged him, Phineas, and their friends to a football (soccer) match in the Football X-7 soccer built by Phineas and Ferb. The match ended in a tie and Beckham (with blond hair) apologized to Ferb, for thinking he'd lost his British culture ("My Fair Goalie").


"Actually, it's about winning."
— Beckham (blond), about his view on football

"Oh yes. Very British."
— Beckham (blond), sarcastically, about about Ferb not seeming to be as British as Phineas says

"You haven't gone Yank on us, have you?"
— Beckham (half-moon glasses), to Ferb

The five brothers have inherited their father's competitive spirit, as they view football's purpose to be about winning. They also seem to disapprove of Ferb being in America longer than he did in England, under the pretense that he will eventually lose his British culture.

Physical Appearance

  • Pelé Fletcher 1: the tallest of his brothers, with lighter brown hair, red shirt with a white collar and pink stripes, white shorts and black sneakers.
  • Pelé Fletcher 2: spiky blond hair. Wears a dark-red shirt with a tan vest and very high-waisted red pants (similar to Ferb's pants) with a black belt and black sneakers.
  • Beckham Fletcher 1: straight brown hair, half-moon black glasses, green T-shirt, gray pants and gray sneakers.
  • Beckham Fletcher 2: unkempt brown hair, square green glasses, tan T-shirt with a white shirt underneath, brown shorts and black sneakers with white socks.
  • Beckham Fletcher 3: the shortest of his brothers, straight blond hair that covers one eye, switching sides as he turns from side to side, similar to how Ferb's eye sizes will change depending on which way he is facing. His nose is shaped similar to Ferb's, and he wears a dark-blue jacket with a hood, blue jeans and black sneakers.

Background Information

  • Their parents name them after their favorite and/or famous footballer (soccer); David Beckham and Pelé.
  • Their older sister Eliza also has Beckham as a name, specifically a middle name.
  • Their Uncle Lawrence introduce them from the youngest to the oldest.
  • They are fans of the Snifferton Nostrils, just like the rest of their family.
  • Beckhams #1 and #3 are the only cousins who speak.


  • "My Fair Goalie" (First appearance)
  • "Last Day of Summer"(Appears in flashback(s))
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