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"Farmer's Wife Song" is a song originally written for "Rollercoaster: The Musical!" that would have been sung by the Farmer's Wife. The demo of the song was recorded by her voice actress, Jennifer L. Hughes, from her kitchen table.


If I say something out loud,
It'll fall from a cloud.
But it's never what I want.
I'm a sad debutante.
I've never said this before,
But the thing that I adore
Has been just out of reach
So to the sky I beseech.

For once in my life,
I'd like something nice.
I'm gonna make a stand,
I'll cross the burning sands.

I'll swim the tallest sea,
I'll climb the leafiest tree,
I'll stand above the clouds,
I'll finally say it out loud...

I want a puppy!

Oh, he's adorable.


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