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"F-Games" is a song from the episode, "Got Game?" It is played during the "F-Games" where boys and girls compete to see who's better.


Na-na na-na na
Na-na na-na na
Na-na na-na na, na na na na-na

Na-na na-na na
Na-na na-na na
Na-na na-na na, na na na na-na

Don't wanna hear no smack talk!
You wanna call your mama, here's a dime.
It's time to walk the walk, walk!
You got a reputation on the line.
So get your game on,
Or else it's shame on you!

Gimme an "F"! ("F"!)
Gimme an "F"! F-Games!
Are you a contender...
Gimme an "F"! ("F"!)
Gimme an "F"! F-Games!
In the battle of the genders!

Na-na na-na na
Na-na na-na na (Yeaaaaaahh, yeah!!)
Na-na na-na na, na na na na-na

Na-na na-na na
Na-na na-na na (F-Games!!)
Na-na na na na, na na na na-na


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Background Information

  • F-Games is an online bonus track in the Phineas and Ferb Soundtrack which can only be heard in the unlock more rock website when the soundtrack CD is validated online. It is not extended but only with a longer musical solo at the beginning and end, and stronger echoes, plus no sound effects.
  • This music is heard in the New York level of the Hoverboard World Tour game.
  • This song is sung in the style of Kip Winger from the 1980s Metal Band "Winger". Kip is known for his distinctive vocals, exacting technical styling, and sense of humor.
  • The style and rhythm of F-Games is reminiscent of the song Rock and Roll by Gary Glitter; also known as The Hey Song; a song that was a tradition to be played in NFL and NBA games.
  • The beginning of the song when the crowd is stomping the floor is reminiscent of We Will Rock You by Queen, where they used the same effects for their song and video.


BMI Work #10282256


  • When Buford bats at the badminton ball, he rips the head off of his horse, which hits Candace. However, the next time the horse is seen, it has its head back like nothing had happened.

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