The errors that occurred in episodes of Season 4.

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For Your Ice Only

  • Linda's Kids on Ice picture

    Isabella's feather is black

    When Linda takes a picture of the gang, the feather on Isabella's helmet is black. When Isabella is shown after, it is pink again.
  • When Linda takes the picture, the graphics on the boards behind the kids are completely different.
  • In one scene, when the announcer raises his hand, you can still see the outline of his shirt collar through his hand.
  • When the Abominable-Inator hits the marshmallow and Doofenshmirtz's bottom, it should have made Perry larger with the marshmallow, and it should have made Doofenshmirtz's entire body grow.
  • Candace asks what a "disposable camera" is. In "Voyage to the Bottom of Buford", she buys a disposable camera to photograph the submarine. However, this could just mean "Voyage to the Bottom of Buford" occurs after this episode, as it has been confirmed by the creators that the episodes air out of chronological order. It could also mean that she'd forgotten since then.
  • After Major Monogram finishes giving Perry his assignment and Perry hops out of the chair, the chair front is light red without any stripes, rather than the orange shade it usually is, and does not have any lines.

Happy New Year!

  • When Doof asks the outdated moustache man what his resolution is, the man's head is in front of his tuxedo.
  • Major Monogram greets Perry with "Morning, Agent P," but it is nighttime. 
  • Tumblr mec99mJQrb1rmra37o1 500

    Isabella's scarf is darker.

    At certain points in the episode, Isabella's scarf briefly changes to a darker shade of purple.
  • When Phineas is saying he's excited to finally see the New Year's ball drop, Ferb's hair is outlined with black instead of green.
  • Phineas and Ferb's ball lands way too early before the audience finishes the countdown. It should've landed at the final second WHILE Doofenshmirtz uses the Resolution Change-inator on the audience.
  • Perry wore a tuxedo at the party in City Hall, but during Happy New Year, he wasn't wearing a tuxedo while dancing with Doofenshmirtz.
  • Katie is nowhere to be seen during the kids' conga dance.
  • Just before the clock hits midnight, Candace is looking at Linda and Lawrence about to kiss in the courtyard. After the countdown and when the song begins, Candace is immediately on the dance floor waltzing with Jeremy. Linda and Lawrence have also appeared on the dance floor even though it has been about twenty or thirty seconds since they were in the courtyard.
  • Doofenshmirtz says he hates New Year's according to the song I Really Don't Hate Christmas.
  • As Phineas is pushing the lever to drop the ball, Adyson's sweater is red.
  • When Phineas and Ferb begin to drop from the ball, you can see the Earth below and you can see that it is connected somewhere in South America. (We know that Phineas and Ferb live in the U.S.)
  • The ball drop would've taken more than a minute as it descends from outer space and takes longer to drop from there. Therefore, the pole should've been 77 feet (23 m) long. (Although they do drop the ball before the one-minute-to-go mark.)
  • Up close the Resolution Changer-Inator says "Resolution Changer-Inator", but zoomed out it is wordless.
  • At some points in the episode, Milly's hair is lighter.
  • During the close up of the three kids on the infinity slide in the song, they weren't wearing their coats, but when they join the conga line their coats suddenly appear on them.
  • While the kids were watching the fireworks, if you look closely you can see Baljeet and three other kids have their eyes not outlined.
  • During the ten-second countdown to the new year, it actually took MORE then ten seconds in real life. Also, everyone didn't count down in ten seconds, it technically took twenty seconds.
  • When the camera shows everyone walking into City Hall, no one is wearing any coats.
  • When Linda and Lawrence enter the party, part of Linda's collar turns black for a split second.
  • The same shot of everyone walking into the party outside is used again when Doofenshmirtz arrives at the party.
  • When Linda has her coat on her hairband is black, but when she takes her coat off her hairband is blue to match her dress.
  • When Candace and Stacy arrive at the party, Candace's hair is superimposed over the top of her coat.
  • If you look closely, an image of Doofenshmirtz and Perry dancing is on the New Years Ball at the end of the song, which should only be possible if the boys know Perry's secret identity.
  • When Jeremy says "That's okay, I like you just the way you are" Candace's eyelashes are not filled in.
  • When Phineas pulls the lever to raise the ball, the lever is in front of him. But later, when he pulls the lever to drop the ball, the lever's location moves slightly to the left.

Fly On the Wall

Error FlyOnTheWall

Bobbi's legs are missing and the bathroom is on the right position.

  • In the song, a scene pops up of a calendar on June. It folds back a month, but it shows a July calendar. It should have shown May.
  • Also during the song, when Candace enters Bobbi's bathroom, his legs are missing, and only he is inclined, while the bathroom behind him is on the right position.
  • When Isabella, Baljeet and Buford start singing, for a second, one of Isabella's eye's are the same colour as Baljeet's eye.
  • After "Summer (Where Do We Begin)" one of Phineas' shoe turns green.
  • Isabella, Baljeat, and Buford were all absent when "Summer (Where Do We Begin?)", so they either shouldn't have had it in there memory (even if the Amnesia-inator didn't take out all of the memory from the Movie), or they'd come up with the song outside ofedia, but Phineas would have remembered this (maybe the song "already" existed in Phineas and Ferb's world and they just sung it).
  • With the above, when Phineas says "Yes we all know the song" Perry's eyes are suddenly open as if in shock that they'd remember his secret, Yet Perry was absent from that scene also.
  • It would be hard to misspell "park" as "shark" because p is on the right side of the keyboard and s is on the left side. In addition, there was a letter added to the word.
  • Both Buford and Isabella mention projects neither of them were involved in. Buford mentions the Rollercoaster, but only Phineas and Ferb did that, although Isabella was a rider, and Isabella mentions the Portal to Mars, but only Phineas, Ferb and Baljeet built that.
  • Flies live more than seven days.

Bully Bust

Phineas bed error

Phineas' bed has Candace's sheet on it

  • Phineas' bed has Candace's sheets on it.
  • When she wakes up, Candace is wearing shorts. After she puts on her robe, the shorts becomes pants.
  • When Phineas and Isabella buckle up for the ride, Isabella's eyelashes briefly disappear.
  • For unknown reasons, in Spain this episode was named "Matón de ayudante" ("Assistant bully").
  • When Linda was coming home, she should have seen the Dental Hygienosphere from the front yard.
  • When Phineas, Ferb, and the gang first enter the ride, there are three carts. When they exit, there are only two.
  • When the ride starts, Phineas and Isabella's cart panel is blue, and Ferb and Baljeet's panel is orange. But the panels switch colors when they make the first drop, then they switch back after the 2nd drop.
  • When Doof ran to the -inator and said: "... looks like this is the end for you!" the mouse trap disappeared.

My Sweet Ride

  • Jeremy addresses Linda as "Mrs. Flynn" instead of "Mrs. Flynn-Fletcher".
Tumblr mh7tklaYfa1rmra37o1 500
  • The lower back lights of Doofenshmirtz's car switch between orange and red several times in the episode.
  • When Vanessa leaves D.E.I., her hat is partially covered up by the "DOOFENSHMIRTZ" plaque on the door.

Der Kinderlumper

  • When Phineas grabs Perry, the lines on Ferb's clothes disappear briefly.


  • In the picture that Perry texts to Major Monogram for back up, Professor Bannister is missing his glasses. The text is also to Minor Monogram instead of Major Monogram.
  • The episode incorrectly states that the Canadian Constitution Act was passed in 1864, when it was actually passed in 1867.
  • At the start of the episode, when Perry is in Canada and Lyla tries to stop the burglars, Lyla is wearing her motorcyclist suit. When she gets off, she still is wearing the suit. However, when she says "Sorry.", she is in her normal clothes.
  • When Lyla and Perry fall off the roof the train, the train's whistle blows. However, the train's engine is very obviously a diesel locomotive, which could not possibly have a steam whistle. An air horn would have been more appropriate.
  • When Doofenshmirtz goes up to his Escape Platform, his hand with the Train Operator-inator passes through the edge of the opening.
  • A sign in Seattle at the beginning of the episode shows Interstate 13 North. The only interstate running north is Interstate 5. There are also no highways numbered 13 in Washington, nor is there an Interstate 13 anywhere in the country.
  • During Helicopter Fight, when Lyla's jacket is on, she's wearing blue pants and black boots. But when it comes off, they suddenly change into blue and black striped leggings.
  • As the screen pans down at the very beginning, the writing on the donut truck is reversed.
  • Also in one scene, the donut truck writing in a sideview mirror is printed forward and in another scene the donut truck writing says "delnery" instead of "delivery"
  • Perry is absent from the initial wide shot at Niagara Falls.
  • The first time the engine is shown, it has no rear truck (wheels), so it is floating. The only floating trains are in Japan.
  • When Bannister jumps out of the helicopter, he appears to be falling over suburban Danville instead of the Canadian mountains. However, the helicopter on which he and everyone else was on could have been flying over Danville at the time that he fell.
  • Major Monograms monobrow is black instead of grey when they are in Niagara Falls.
  • When a Royal mountie put a criminal into a truck his suit is a Dark blue suit, rather than the red suit royal mounties wear.
  • During the first few close-ups of Doofenshmirtz in the train, the maple leaf pattern on the side extends onto the seat.
  • Doofenshmirtz says Niagara Falls is "close by" when himself and the rest of the group were at the Canadian Parliament Buildings. In reality, Parliament Hill is in Ottawa, while Niagara Falls is near Toronto, which is, by car, over 5 hours apart driving. However, it is possible they would've passed by Niagara Falls on their way back to Danville anyways.

Primal Perry

  • When Liam is first introduced he is named O'Cracken instead of McCracken. He is even introduced as such in the promos.
  • Baljeet says that he is going to become president, but he cannot because he was not born in America. They may change the rules in the future.
  • Platypuses have a venomous ankle barb, not a poisonous ankle barb.
  • When Linda was at the fridge, she should've seen the machine out the window.
  • The number of Baljeets change throughout the episode.
  • When Candace first appears, her eyes are low on her face.
  • When Phineas says "That's very clever, Second Baljeet" part of his mouth area cuts off.
  • When Baljeet is about to split into two while in the kitchen, he is much smaller than usual.
  • When the Baljeet mob gangs up on Buford, the Baljeet that got hit by a bus and the Baljeet carrying the computer had dissapeared.
  • When Liam first shows his boomerang collection, there are only a few boomerangs. He later produces more boomerangs, some of which were not shown.
  • How could Liam have thrown/held his biggest boomerang?
  • The ice cream truck is seen driven on the left. But in American towns, vehicles drive on the right.
    • Because the truck is on the wrong side of the road, the ordering window is put on the left side instead of the right.
Candace sneaking behind the ice cream truck while the gang orders

Ice cream truck on wrong side of the road.

Mind Share

  • When Buford mind switches with the alien the sclera of his eyes are red with a grid. During the square dancing his eyes look like everyone elses yellow sclera with red squares pupils. His sclera should have remained red.
  • During the "Square Dance", Candace sang, "if you're a reptile, four by four", but there are a total of five (two reptiles, two frogs and a fly).
  • At the square dance, the two couples between Doofenshmirtz and Rosie only do-si-do and do nothing else.
  • When Doofenshmirtz and Rosie are dancing, one of the women has a bow on both sides of her head. However when Morg and his friends dance, the woman has a bow on only one side of her head.
  • When Ferb is programming the mind share device he is wearing two-finger gloves but when he runs onto the platform seconds later he is not wearing the gloves.
  • Although the platform self-destructed, Candace could have been able to bust Phineas and Ferb for the Galactic Web monitor.

Backyard Hodge Podge

  • During the song, one of Phineas's eye disappears for one frame during the second chorus.
  • Lawrence had sprained his right arm, but when he was giving the speech, his left arm was bandaged.

    Phineas the cyclops

  • In the end credits when Linda puts the pie in the sink, it appears as some of the frames were repeated because she puts her hands in the sink and then pulls her hands out and then puts her hands back in for a split second.
  • During the song, when Parry Gripp says "Rusted old drum" Buford has too dark freckles, which are also on the wrong side of his face.

    Buford's freckles should be lighter.

Bee Day

  • The first time Candace says "Whatever" her mouth disappears during one frame and her hair is semi transparent, as part of it can be seen passing through her arm.
  • In this episode Francis Monogram's neck part of the uniform is light green instead of dark green.
  • When Phineas and Lawrence where making words with bee, Candace got angry and crumpled the magazine; then, 2-4 seconds the magazine was not crumpled anymore.
  • When camera zooms out to show Phineas as he answers from Isabella's perspective, Isabella is lit like she's on the beach she imagines later long before it.
  • In the final shot of the Bee Song, some citizens appear twice.
  • When Doof takes out Mr. Tomato, the puppet is in front of the doorknob, but when it gets to closeup, the puppet is above the doorknob.

Bee Story

  • Near the end of Waggle Dance, before the bees return to their hive, Isabella's dress is all orange on top. Usually, her Fireside dress is half orange and half brown, on top of a white shirt.
  • When Isabella says "festivities are all over, we've got to get our beekeeping patches", Milly's expression seems to be angry.
  • During almost the whole episode, the diamond patch on Isabella's sash is orange instead of the usual teal.
  • While they're in the vacuum, Isabella tells Milly, Katie, and Gretchen to find the way out, and Ginger and Holly to make a sling for the queen. However, when she asks for a progress report, Milly, Katie, and Gretchen say that they've finished the sling, and Ginger and Holly say that they've located the exit.
  • The second time Ginger sings "Shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it, stop" the pattern on her shoes isn't outlined.
  • In one scene, Milly has the same eyes as Gretchen. But in the next shot, they're back to normal.
  • In Poofenplotz's L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. rejection letter, it states the "F" in "MUFFIN" stands for "Fearsome" but it actually stands for "Frightening". Also, the "M" for "Maniacally" is missing.
    • In the same rejection letter, the first sentence is missing the word "inform". It reads "We regret to you..."
  • Poofenplotz says that L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. is made up of men despite women were seen in the past. However, she may just feel that the group was biased towards men.
  • When Isabella and the Fireside Bees saw Doofenshmirtz, they should have also seen Perry, but Perry wasn't there.
  • When the Girls get sucked into the vaccum Katie is nowhere to be seen
    Fireside Bees sucked into the vaccum 2

    Where's Katie?

  • When Pinky escapes from the handbag trap, the design on the inside of the bag is missing.
  • The ending sequence after Linda finishes saying that the wading pool reminds her of her childhood is extremely different than the one in "Bee Day". In that episode, after Linda finishes speaking, Isabella continues wading around and Phineas does not greet her. In this episode, however, she instantly stops wading and Phineas greets her. However, this could be explained if the producers "tuned out" one conversation for the purposes of the episode, or if they skipped past one to include the other.
  • The Queen Bee had eight legs instead of six.
  • When the Fireside Girls turn into bees, for some reason they don't have stingers on their butts.
  • In Poofenplotz's vision and when the Fireside Girls are being sucked into the vaccum, the bees look like that of an actual bee, but every scene after the bees are anthropomorphic.
Isabella and Milly Waggle Dance error

Isabella's beret passes through her hair while the bottom edge of Milly's shirt is brown.

  • When the bee transformation starts to wear off Ginger isn't present, but as soon as it has completely worn off she appears.
  • In the song, when they sing "Everybody shake your rear end" Isabella's beret can be seen passing through her hair and the bottom edge of Milly's skirt turns brown for a single frame. Also, it appears that Isabella's right leg is outside the skirt as well.
  • When Doofenshmirtz turns on the vacuum and sucks in the bees, the Fireside girls can be noticeably seen as a few remaining ones before being sucked in. However in "Bee Day", they were not seen.
  • Phineas says the bee transformation wears off after a few hours but only a few minutes have passed, though some time was unseen.
  • Twice in this episode, Isabella's sash is loaded with patches. Throughout most other times, it's just a basic sash with three shaped patches.
  • Technically, Holly was wrong when she said Candace had only earned 49 patches that day, since Candace was given a special patch for breaking the all-time record.

Great Balls Of Water

  • After Buford leaves, Baljeet's shoes are black instead of blue.
  • Director Dipthong's last name is misspelled, per the end credits. The proper spelling is "Diphthong".
  • While Candace was cooking vegetarian foods her eyes were black instead of blue.
  • Candace mentioned clogging but neither she nor the two other dancers were wearing clogs. They were also not clog dancing, they're technically tap dancing.
  • Ferb switches from using a jet ski and a surfboard back and fourth throughout the episode.
  • Melissa was briefly seen before everyone jumps into the water ball, but she wasn't seen on it.
  • Fluffy bites off Rodney's right hand. However when he is holding the fake hand after it is of his left hand.
  • When the water ball is in the backyard, the backyard is much larger than usual.
  • In the song, Candace can be seen walking and unicycling on a tightrope, standing on an aeroplane and pyramid of girls, and dancing on top of an elephant, despite the fact she has a fear of heights. Maybe she must have conquered her fear of heights from previous episodes.
  • When we see the grid of Candace's activities at the end of Extraordinary, after the line "I'll be a brand-new me" the lower right box disappears for a single second.

Where's Pinky?

  • According to the O.W.C.A. bylaws quoted in Perry The Actorpus, "No additional agents are allowed to thwart any single evil scientist if said first agent assigned is still well and able to carry out his duties." Yet, Perry and Pinky are teamed up for this episode's mission.
  • During "History of the Tri-State Area", "Capitol building" is misspelled on a sign as "Capital building".
  • When reading down the elevator buttons, Doofenshmirtz switches the order of "Garage" and "Basement".
  • At the end of the song, when the women sing "History of the Tri-State Area!" they don't move their lips until the words "Tri-State Area" and never in the last "Area".
  • Pinky is in his old Season 1 design after reuniting with Isabella.
  • When Jeremy is explaining to Candace about Don, both of Candace's legs are in an impossible position.
  • When Doofenshmirtz types in the password for the computer lock override, he uses 19 letters, while reindeerflotilla uses only 16 letters.
  • When Don is looking at the “first diorama”, Vincent Diorama turns from a frown to a smile.
  • The will to the tristate area turns from a diploma-looking piece of paper in a frame, but however when the documents all get spilled the will turns to a piece of normal-looking paper.

Phineas and Ferb Musical Cliptastic Countdown Hosted by Kelly Osbourne

  • In the list of songs that appears at the beginning, "Backyard Beach" appears twice.
  • When Kelly is introducing Maia Mitchell, part of her left hand disappears as she waves it about.
  • Some people in the audience appear to be in a couple of separate seats at the same time.

Knot My Problem

  • Buford, as Alexander the Great, is shown as right handed, but, in real life, Alexander the Great was left-handed. Possibly that's because that's how Buford imagines it.
  • When Phineas and Ferb tie their starter portion via flips, it is clear when they approach the rope pile that the ropes are still separate exactly as they were before they started their ties.  Possibly this is an intentional gag.
  • When Candace and Stacey are in Candace's room, Stacey had her bracelet. After Candace says she needs to think more like her brothers, the bracelet disappears.
  • Jeremy says that he met Candace is grade school, but Candace says she has known him since middle school.
  • As everyone except Candace is headed to have cake, the pencil that Candace has in her left hand disappears.
  • Just before Candace starts to sing, Phineas' hand is superimposed over Baljeet's head.

Just Desserts

  • When Candace is recording, the reflection in the glass to the soundbooth shows the Fireside Girls cover on the back of the book.
  • Phineas and Ferb begin prepping Buford and Baljeet early in the morning. Then, Candace offers to record the Fireside Girl book. Next, Perry gets briefed in his lair. Then, Candace records the book. She reads until about 1:00 in the afternoon. Then the kids climb the wall. Finally, Perry arrives at Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated. If Perry had just arrived around 1:00 and got his briefing in the morning, that would mean it took him several hours to arrive to Doofenshmirtz's building. Unless he got to Doofenshmirtz's building at the same time as Candace records and the kids climb, but the scenes are just shown at different times for obvious reasons.
  • Swallowing one small plate of proteins and carbohydrates would not heal Perry of the sugar crash so quickly, unless he has an extremely fast metabolism.
  • When Doofenshmirtz starts explaining his plan in the gingerbread house, the window Perry is looking through is about knee to mid-thigh high on Doofenshmirtz, making Perry appear shorter.  As Doofenshmirtz explains his plan, the window becomes waist high on Doofenshmirtz, restoring Perry to his proper height.

La Candace-Cabra

  • Candace said she was split into fifty, but she was actually split into thirteen (two at first, eleven more later). She could have been exaggerating.
  • Phineas said that he, Ferb and Baljeet took pictures with their smartphones (which only show their thumbs, parts of the chupacabra or nothing at all), but they didn't take out their smartphones to take pictures during the adventure.
  • When Ferb is looking at the photos on his smartphone, he goes through photos 3 through 6, then goes back to 3. He should have gone back to 1.
  • When Doofenshmirtz calls Perry Señor pantalones inteligente (Mister smarty pants), he should have said Señor pantalones inteligentes , to have the noun and adjective agree in number. But then again, Doofenshmirtz is not very bright, so he might not have known that.
  • Phineas mentions the Lake Nose Monster, but he and Ferb were supposed to keep it secret.
  • The beam from the Switch Place-inator somehow gets into the house and into the crate.
  • The desert landscape is decidedly Arizona in origin. New Mexico does not have Bluffs or Socorro cactus.

Happy Birthday, Isabella

  • When Isabella is singing in the street, as Phineas and Ferb go past with the giant baby head, the white patch of her left shoe is purple.
  • When Isabella first enters her back yard, there are two Sallies in the crowd.
  • When Phineas introduces Isabella to her birthday cake, Adyson's headband was the same color as her hair.
  • When Isabella starts saying "Butterflies? I love butterflies!", her mouth isn't moving.
  • When Isabella takes off her blindfold, her striped party hat falls off revealing her signature bow, she still has it when Buford bags her and takes her to the pool. Later, when the finale raises out of the pool, the hat reappears.
  • When Ferb brings the cake out, the candles are already lit, but then Ferb presses a remote to light them.
  • The stairway to lead Isabella up to the top of the cake suddenly appears from nowhere after the candles were lit.
  • After the candles spray confetti, Holly can be seen next to Adyson, but in the next shot she is next to Candace.
  • When the finale gets turned into butterflies, look closely at Candace in the background; she walks in front of a patio post.
  • When Candace dials Linda's number, she dials 6 numbers instead of 7.
  • When Stacy walks towards Dr. Doofenshmirtz covered in oil, the oily part of her hair bow turns transparent for a single frame.

Love at First Byte

  • When Candace and Linda are talking at the same time, a pink stripe can be seen below Linda's arm. When Linda walks away, the stripe disappears.
  • Even though Doofenshmirtz attends the block party, he states he hates Mardi Gras according to "Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation!".
  • Throughout the scenes when Doofenschmirtz is talking to Norm about approaching a woman the characters in the background constantly change where and who with they are standing.
    • Several kids balloons change color or disappear and some people's masks change.
    • Who is attending the booths changes and later the booths are un-attended.
  • Mardi Gras is usually celebrated in February, not in the summer.
  • The necklaces that Candace wears decreases in length between shots.
  • Sometimes Balthazar is seen with his inflatable fedora, but other times he's wearing his regular baseball hat.
  • Phineas and Ferb's light show removed tatoos, when in reality, this is impossible.

One Good Turn

  • Though this episode takes place the day after Backyard Hodge Podge, it's never explained how the invention was removed from the backyard. Also, it's unknown what happened to the obstacle course at the end.
  • The amount of mud on Candace changes one shot after another in the episode.
  • Linda should've seen the "Phineas and Ferb present" title on the jumbotron as well as the edges of it.
  • Linda should've gotten a little suspicious when she looked out the window and saw the jumbotron only to assume it's only Phineas and Ferb, as the tree was placed in the exact area of the window. Usually the tree is not in the window's sight.
  • The screen probably should have some reflection on it, making it obvious that it is not real. Also, their mom could have easily been able to tell that the screen is fake by looking at it from a different window.
  • Linda should have heard the screen moving.
  • Phineas and Ferb actually HAVE built an obstacle course before, their Super Skate Course of Doom from "The Beak", which had obstacles on it.
  • When Candace & Stacy and Isabella & Ginger reach the part of the course designed like a pinball machine both teams duck rafts are red where as Isabella & Ginger's was green before and after the pinball area.
  • In this episode it is implied that Stacy has never won a trophy. However up to the third season there are several times when Stacy is in her bedroom you can see a huge trophy (probably for speed skating due to the figure on top and the speed skate hanging from her bed) and four gold medals hanging on her wall. Also, the Paisley Sideburn Brothers poster changes to a Bettys poster.
    • It is mentioned in this episode that Stacy never wins trophies but she has trophies in her room in "Canderemy".
      Stacy Awrds

      Stacy's trophy

Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel

  • In the first scene, where the characters are standing in front of the S.H.E.D, the spider on the Spider-Man's back is black, not red.
  • In one scene with MODOK, Red Skull and Doofenshmirtz, Skull has brown pants instead of green.
  • While Iron Man's suit had no power, his eyes were black instead of blue. However, in some scenes, his eyes were blue again.
  • During "Only Trying to Help", Candace is sitting near the window on the edge of the seat. But in the next scene, she has moved closer to the window.
  • When they sing "Though I'm acting nonchalant it's clear", in "Only Trying to Help", the figure of a heart is missing in the "Me, Myself and I" poster.
  • When Candace sees Linda, her skin is paler than usual in one scene.
  • In "Only Trying to Help", when they sing "I'm not feeling that heroic" Isabella's eyes are black instead of blue.
  • While Candace sings her last line in "Only Trying to Help", her teeth become similarly colored as her skin.
  • After Phineas revokes Candace's S.H.E.D card, he tore it up in two pieces. However, when he returned it, five pieces are taped together.
    • Speaking of which, during the scene where Phineas rips up her card, there's at least one frame in which Phineas' eyes goes missing.
  • When Nick Fury shows the picture of Phineas and Ferb, Phineas is looking at blueprints, but when Iron Man tries to see the picture, it is different.

Thanks But No Thanks

  • At one point in the song, the Fireside Girls were seen wearing cheerleader uniforms, but in the next shot they switch to their regular uniforms. Milly also disappears.
  • When Carl picks up the stack of reports (see top image) his left arm is coming out of his chest.
  • When Carl and Monty are walking down the street and Carl said that "I want your father to dis-own you and adopt me!", Carl's freckles change position, but later came back to its original position.
  • When Adyson is hanging from the tree, her nose is missing.
  • When the kids pass by Candace and Linda, Milly is missing.

Troy Story

  • Right after the castle gets destroyed, Phineas and the gang instantly change into their regular outfits.
  • During "Troy", the lyrics state that Agamemnon got mad because Paris took Helen to Troy and started the Trojan War. This is false, however, as Agamemnon's brother Menelaus is the one that declared war on Troy because of the loss of Helen, not Agamemnon.
  • The first time Candace falls asleep while reading, she snores, but her mouth is closed.
  • Candace asks if there was something about a horse. Phineas responds in the affirmative. Actually, while the Trojan Horse is a story about the Trojan War, it is not described in The Iliad.
  • When Candace gets a soda to watch Phineas and Ferb re-create the Trojan War, the soda was in a blue and cyan plastic soda cup. But when she says "this is really cool" the cup she has turns into a glass cup with iced tea with ice cubes, not the soda cup.
  • When Candace was continually falling asleep while reading the Iliad, she only had a few pages read. But when she ran to the window to complain, The Iliad was half-way read.
  • Katie is the only Fireside Girl who did not appear.


  • The episode title is misspelled as "Druselsteinoween" with one "s".
  • The first trick-or-treater Doofenshmirtz greets is addressed as "class dunce with a fake scar", but the kid clearly doesn't have a scar on his face.
  • In the first scene at the castle party you can hear Vanessa speaking to the arriving guests but she is not in the entry as she is in the very next scene.
  • Lacie (usually drawn without eye lashes and with eye brows) has eye lashes and no eye brows in this episode.
  • When Phineas first sees Isabella, her feet are visible, but near the end when they dance barefoot Isabella's feet are not visable and she has to lift up her skirt to reveal them.
  • In the first overview of the party Ferb is already wearing his dapper singer outfit instead of his DJ outfit.
  • The right glove of Monogram's knight costume disappears when he tries to raise the visor.
  • When Vanessa thanks Stacy for helping her fool Monogram, she blinks and the wall behind the right of her left eye is transparent.
  • While Vanessa and Monty dance, Vanessa's skin changes colors.
  • During "Vampire Queen", Lacie alternates between standing alone and standing face to face with Grant.
  • When Candace says "Et tu, Vanessa?" she says it with a French pronunciation instead of the proper Latin.

Terrifying Tri-State Trilogy of Terror

  • In the first tale, when Candace is talking on the phone in the window, the "Me, Myself and I" poster is blank.
    • Soon after, when Candace is putting on her clothes, the figure of a heart is missing in the poster.
  • When Candace is putting on her shirt and skirt, she goes down out of the frame but when she gets back up, she is putting them on like a shirt instead of separately.
    • Also, when Candace is in front of her closet putting on her clothes (and on the phone with Stacy), she is bare foot, but when she walks to her bed to look under it, she is wearing her socks and shoes.
  • In the third segment, whenever Isabella is outside, the tint on her eyes is normal, when it should be darker.
  • When the gang is chasing the clones, for a moment, Phineas's bubble washer becomes transparent.
  • In the credits, Rusty Britches is erroneously named "Rusty Bridges".
  • When Phineas is telling the story, Perry intentionally kicks one of the evil platypuses but Phineas cannot be telling that part since he does not know about Perry's secret agent identity or his ability to fight.
  • When Buford poured grape juice on Perry, the juice covered half his left eye which should've hurt him.
  • Phineas wasn't holding Perry when he was trampled over by the clones in the grim ending.

Face Your Fear

  • When the camera zooms in on Phineas when he talks to Ferb about the foam city, his ear is outlined in black.
  • Baljeet does not use a metaphor, he uses a simile.
  • Before Isabella passes the foam barn, her socks are missing, but when she passes the foam fire hydrant, they are back on her.
  • Linda's eyebrows are missing when she looks up at the screen and sees the backyard.
    It's our house!
  • When Candace says "This way, Mom" her mouth doesn't move.
  • After Candace sits down and starts typing, her right arm is superimposed over her hair.
  • In the first shot of inside the Danville Space Laboratory, Linda, Jack, Candace, and Jeremy are walking together. When the camera zooms in on Linda and Jack, Candace and Jeremy are missing.
  • The size of Foamtown is inconsistent throughout the episode. When viewed from above, it's larger than the backyard and can be seen from the front yard. When viewed from the satellite, it's shorter and about the same size as the house. And when viewed from it, it's larger.
  • In the Disney Channel Australia premiere the episode is titled 'Face The Fear.'

Cheers for Fears

  • During the credits, the box that shows the scene was smaller than usual when it began.
  • As Buford walks away stating he speaks sullen, Isabella's left sock turns transparent for a single frame.
  • When Phineas says "These should really make Jeremy's Birthday Scrapbook-aganza a full sensory experience" Isabella's eyes are black instead of blue.
  • Near the end, when Candace is upset her worst fear has come true, Candace's scrapbook can be seen next to Jeremy on the ground, and Jeremy appears to be holding it even though he's cut offscreen.
  • When Doofenshmirtz shoots Perry with the Worst-Fear-Inator, Perry's card says, "O.W.C.A agent -- fearless," but, as shown in Phineas and Ferb Get Busted, Perry has a fear of being discovered and taken away from the Flynn-Fletcher family that is at least bad enough to cause nightmares. Maybe he had overcome his fear after discovering that, if his owners discover his identity, all could be solved with a memory-eraser (Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension)
  • Despite Perry's card saying that Perry is fearless, Perry was obviously terrified of Doofensmirtz's driving in The Doonkelberry Imperative.
  • The scrapbook shows pictures from "Happy New Year!", that actually, hadn't happened yet at the time of the episode.
  • When Doofenshmirtz and Perry are driving to the mayors office, Perry was originally in the back of the car, but then switches to the passengers seat


  • While the Lumière brothers were in fact the earliest pioneers in filmmaking, there is no historical evidence that they ever came to America, let alone Danville. But of course, this is all in the interest of comedy and is not meant to be taken seriously as a historical reference.
  • Pneumatic Pnorman states that he cannot bend over to pick up a coin without throwing his axles out of alignment, yet earlier in the episode he bent over to pick up Sweary the Swan.

Just Our Luck

  • As Monty Python would tell you, tennis with five people is not really considered doubles.
  • When Doofenshmirtz finishes explaining his plan, the ball at the inator's tip disappears.
  • Doofenshmirtz's mouth didn't move when he was talking while placing Perry in his truck.
  • At one point during the song, Isabella's socks are longer than usual.
  • Phineas and Ferb and friends use gadgets avoid incidents is considered lucky and Doofenshmirtz failed to zap Roger with his invention due to Roger getting distracted by the sleeping Perry and Doofenshmirtz accidentally woke him up is considered unlucky, but Doofenshmitz, Phineas and Ferb swapped their luck. It's possible that the Stinkelkrampen-Inator may have a few glitches.

Return Policy

  • After Isabella hits the baseball, Phineas's glove switches from his right hand to his left hand. When Buford and Baljeet arrive, the glove is back on his right hand.
  • When Buford says "You're goin' down, dweeb" the inside area of Gretchen's glasses are darkened instead of clear.
  • When Candace turns around to realize Linda's driving away, she smiles very quickly.
  • Gretchen and Ginger were the only Fireside Girls participating in the game but when the jetpacks carry the batting cages away, all of the Fireside Girls are there.
  • Everyone is standing next to each other when the Big Idea explodes into fireworks, but when in close up of everyone astounded, no one is surrounding them.
  • When Candace runs to Linda's car, it appears she's heading for the car's right side, but in the next shot, she runs to the left side. Also at the same time, the car is instantly in its parking space and the trunk is instantly open even though the car was still parking in the previous shot.
  • When the gang rejoins after Buford scores, Isabella, Phineas, Baljeet and Ferb are in the front, Buford is behind Baljeet and Gretchen and Ginger are behind Isabella and Phineas. When the batting cages take off however, everyone is in a line, and the order is Ferb, Phineas, Isabella, Buford, Baljeet, and the other Fireside Girls even though they did not take part in the game.
  • When the batting cages took off the wagon with baseballs is still there, but somehow neither Candace nor Linda saw it.
  • When Candace and Linda are first seen shopping, Linda does not have a cart. When she calls Candace, she suddenly gets a cart full of groceries.
  • When Isabella announces Buford and Baljeet are tied, Gretchen is shown to have 50 strikes but when Isabella announces it will go into sudden death, Gretchen's strike counter is changed to 60.
  • Buford, Baljeet and Ginger's strike counters stay the same instead of changing.
  • The jet that pulls Candace hovering. V.T.O.L (vertical take off and landing) jets do not have a fixed rear jet engine in that position.
  • Linda drives back to the store without even closing the trunk first.

Live and Let Drive

  • In the establishing shot of the casino, Doof's hands are on the table. However, when it cuts to Doof, his hands are holding up cards.
  • When Doofenshmirtz lands in the pool, the man cleaning the pool says, "Gladys, j'ai une autre."  The subtitles reveal that the man said, "Gladys, we have another one," but "j'ai une autre" actually translates to English as "I have another one."

Phineas and Ferb Save Summer

  • The period in the "Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc." sign is accidentally replaced with a comma.
  • Rodney appears with the other scientists at the beginning of the second fight with the OWCA agents but should not be there since he is with the inizer headed to the roof of the building.
    • It's meant to be a joke because they are using the exact same animation from the earlier fight.
  • In "Summer All Over The World", when they say "Come on and rock the curve" the knobs on Isabella's bass disappear.
  • When L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. threatens to move the Earth further away from the sun unless the City of Danville meets their list of demands, Doofenshmirtz demands pretzels, despite the fact that it is revealed in Buford Confidential that Doofenshmirtz despises pretzels. 
  • Monty pronounces Rodney's last name as "Rodden-STINE" (so that it rhymes with "line"), but it was previously pronounced "Von Rodden-STEEN" (to make it rhyme with "clean") by both Rodney himself and the announcer from "Great Balls Of Water".
  • Candace is revealed to have a fear of spiders, but in "Gaming the System", she fights spiders in one of the video game levels. It's possible that this episode occurred before "Gaming the System". Or maybe she wasnt scared about the video game spiders because they were fake.
  • Phineas with five fingers
    Shortly after Phineas appears as a hologram to Candace in the attic, when the camera goes behind Phineas, he clearly has five fingers instead of the usual four.
  • During the song "Summer All Over the World" When Buford beats a drum in the Alps, his arms disappear.
  • It's seen to be that there are spiders and spider tanks in Danville Insect Emporium. However, spiders aren't insects, so there shouldn't be any spiders there.

Father's Day

Imperfect Storm

  • When Perry gets trapped, the rope is yellow. Later on, the same rope trapping him is silver-brownish.
  • Before and as the rain begins, all of the kids are seen riding their respective kites. Later in the scene, Ferb and Isabella are with Phineas in his kite, and Baljeet is inexplicably on Buford's.

The Return of the Rogue Rabbit

  • Candace's name for Dennis in "No More Bunny Business" was "Mr. Cutie-Patootie," but in this episode, she calls him simply "Mr. Patootie."
  • Pinhead Pierre actress is seen in the foreground and background as the Giant Fireside Girl Puppet passes by.
    Foreground and background1

    Looking over Pinhead Pierre actress's shoulder at Pinhead Pierre actress holding balloon.

  • While sitting at the Slushy Dawg counter, the countertop edge passes through Gretchen's fingers.

It's No Picnic

  • Doofenshmirtz is shown with a 5:00 shadow but in "Crack That Whip" he says he's unable to grow facial hair.
  • During the song, Baljeet and Buford are seen enjoying the rides, but after the song they are with their families.
  • Linda comes to the park to pick Ferb up, but at the end she takes Candace home and doesn't even take Ferb with them.
  • When Linda first appears, her head disappears for a single frame.
  • After Isabella says she can get the Fireside Girl Manual, the collar of her shirt is superimposed over the bottom of her head.
  • While Gretchen is saying "Initiating Operation: Perfect Picnic", the outline of Ginger's hair is superimposed over her shirt.
  • In this episode, Doofenshmirtz mentioned that he was paying for Charlene's expensive vacation with alimony money. However, in very many previous episodes, it was made very clear that the way it worked in their divorce was that Charlene pays Doofenshmirtz the alimony. ("I Scream, You Scream", "Finding Mary McGuffin", "Rollercoaster: The Musical!", "Run, Candace, Run", "Lotsa Latkes", "This Is Your Backstory")
  • During "Punky Momo", when first seen, the blue haired guitar player has a pink guitar. Later in a close up, her guitar is yellow.

The Klimpaloon Ultimatum

Operation Crumb Cake

  • My Operation Crumb Cake

    How did Isabella change clothes?

    When Isabella peeks at the mail truck behind a bush, she is wearing her Fireside Girls uniform but without the sash. When the camera zooms in on her skateboarding, she's suddenly switched to her regular outfit. In every scene after, she switches back to her uniform.
  • Isabella is not wearing her sash while skateboarding, but after sneaking into the Mail Depot her sash suddenly appears on her body.
  • At multiple times during the song, Isabella's shoes are brown instead of red.
  • During "I Need My Letter Back" Adyson is sucked into a chute, when she emerges at the other end she is relatively smaller than when she went in.
  • When Phineas approaches the mailwoman when she is about to give him the letter, Adyson's eyelashes disappear. Also, in the next shot, the order the Fireside Girls were standing in changed.
  • When Phineas starts reading the letter, the envelope apparently disappeared.
  • At the very end of the episode when Isabella yells at Milly, the far edge of her beret is superimposed over her head.
  • Monogram says he's a Sagittarius, which means his birthday is between November 22 and December 22, but he celebrated his birthday sometime during the summer as seen in "Backyard Hodge Podge".
  • Mercury only goes retrograde for about three weeks at a time. Although the date of this episode is uncertain, it's likely the summer has been going on for a lot longer than that by this point.
  • The driver's side of the mail truck is on the left. However, the door is on the right and near the end of the song "I Need My Letter Back", the mail woman enters the truck from the right also.
  • When Phineas first reveals the art piece to Isabella, all the kids are lined up on the left including Baljeet and it is apparently finished. However, when he's explaining the details, Baljeet is now adding pepper flakes to The Blue Boy.
  • When the Isabella and the Fireside Girls got in the Post Office, Gretchen and Milly are missing.


Mandace error

There's an error shown in this image. On the left, you see the pizza still on the bench. At the right, you see that the pizza has disappeared.

  • Right before the hologram turns Candace into a pizza boy, she is seen without her shoes and socks painting her toenails. However, when its effects wear off, her shoes and socks reappear.
  • In the bleachers, when Jeremy and Coltrane's friend says "What?", the pizza's on the same bench as Candace. Though, when Coltrane says "I have a feeling", when Candace says "Great. Let's hear it", the pizza's gone off the bench.
  • The dinosaur Doofenshmirtz transforms into does not resemble Velociraptor, lacking both feathers and the sickle claws on its feet. In fact, it is identical to the orange dinosaurs briefly seen in "Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo".

Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars

  • In Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, the Imperial Officer on the other end of the com-link said, "We're sending a squad up." Here he says, "We're sending a squad in."
  • On the closed captioning, Jawas are credited with the screen with the scream during the "Sith Roast Decaf" bumper, not R2-D2 as originally heard.
    • It happens again when Norm-3PO screams like R2-D2, but the captions says "Ewoks screaming".

Phineas gained an extra arm.

  • When Phineas watches as Darth Ferb destroys his lightsaber, there is an error in the animation, causing him to have two left arms.
  • All the Firestar Girls have no eyelashes, save for Ginger. Also, Holly has no eyebrows.
  • Before Ferb gets hit with the Sith-inator, he has his hood on over his head and it flies off when he gets hit. After he gets hit and lands on the ground, his hood is back up.
  • Darthenshmirtz tells his backup dancers to prepare for a victory number in Act IV if the Sith-Inator succeeds, which does not make much sense because at the point in which he is saying this, the episode is nearing the end of its fourth act.
  • At one point, Phineas said to Candace, "Don't shoot him, he's my brother!" Although Phineas already told Candace, Candace still asked why Ferb is hugging them after Candace realized that she got reunited with her brother.
    • Also, although nobody had specified to her yet, Candace somehow knew that it was their mom but not their dad that had remarried.
  • After Darthenshmirtz escapes from the carbonite while on Agent P's ship, he calls Agent P "Perry the Platypus," when he's called him "Perry the Rebelpus" throughout the episode.

Lost in Danville

  • Before the Capsule opens, the kids are standing in a line, but while it opens they are standing in a circle. The chainsaws on their feet also disappear.
  • During "Talk to Him" six chorus girls enter the door, but at the end, only five of them leave (maybe she left out of screen or after the other five, while Doof was talking with Professor Mystery).
  • When Bernie starts explaining the consequences of opening the capsule and when the kids are holding onto the tree, alternate dimension Phineas only has three white stripes on his shirt instead of four.

The Inator Method

Night of the Living Pharmacists

  • Aliki Theofilopoulos Grafft's name was misspelled in the credits as "Aliki Theofilopoulous Grafft" in early airings of the episode. It has since been corrected[1].
  • When Ginger starts her verse in "Jump Right To It", Isabella's eyes briefly turn brown, then back to her blue eyes again. 
  • When the gang was leaving to Fireside Girls' Lodge, Phineas' rubber vest was red, but when they left for the alley it was grey again. 
  • When Vanessa goes to put a bookcase in front of the door, Candace's belt is missing.
  • Dana was first seen wearing a gray tracksuit and white rubber shoes, but in later scenes she is seen wearing a black sleeveless shirt, gray skirt, and black boots.
  • In the scenes when Phineas is taking questions and Candace shoves Vanessa out of the way, Vanessa is missing her gloves.
  • When Phineas and Ferb are standing by the destroyed Repulse-inator with Candace and Isabella, Isabella's skirt is temporarily yellow instead of brown.
  • After Isabella tells Phineas how she feels, the orange of her shirt changes white as her sash moves. As if her sash was changing the color of her shirt, but when she goes to climb the latter her shirt is normal again.
  • At certain points in the episode, the diamond patch on Isabella's sash turns orange.
  • During certain points, a character's blue eyes turn black.
  • Several times during "Jump Right To It", the Fireside Girls' heads are abnormally large, and when Ginger starts her verse, her hair is much shorter than usual.
  • After Phineas examines the Repulse-inator, the Emotional Bravery Patch on his arm matches the color of his suit.
  • As Isabella presses the button on the vortex sprayer, her arm is seen transforming into a Doof zombie arm, and a lab coat growing on it. In the next full-body shot of the transforming Isabella, her arm is still her own and "pharmacizes" with the rest of her body all over again.
    • Additionally, based on the position of her thumb, she presses the button with her right arm. In the next shot, her left arm is extended.
  • When the Fireside Girls turn back to normal:
    • Gretchen's head is abnormally large.
    • Katie's cleats have red circles near the foot holes and she's wearing socks when she shouldn't be.
    • Adyson is seen wearing a shirt with sleeves, when she was wearing her usual sleeveless shirt before getting infected.
    • Milly's hair isn't even wet.
  • Before Phineas and Ferb get infected, the Doof Zombies take off their hoods and goggles; when they turn back into themselves, they are wearing them again.
    • It is possible they put their hoods and goggles back on after they changed back, but before they came to the top of the water tower.
  • When Roger transforms his glasses fall off and the lenses break. When he transforms back, the lenses are fine but the left arm is bent.
  • When the Vortex Sprayer changes everyone back it is dawn. In the next scene at Stacy's house it's still the middle of the night. 
  • Unless their batteries died before or at the same time the electricity went off, Ferb and Candace's cellphones should not have turned off.
  • When the Fireside Girls disguise themselves as pharmacists, Gretchen is on Ginger's shoulders, Holly on top of Adyson, and Katie on Milly, but the next scene afterwards, Milly and Adyson have swapped places.
  • When Doofenshmirtz decides his patience has reached its end with his zombie lookalikes, he strips down to his underwear. Once everyone is back to normal, he is clothed again.
  • When Doofen Zombies throw Doofenshmirtz out of his building and enter it again, the hair of one Doofen Zombie briefly turns gray.
  • No triangulation is actually done during the song "Triangulation". Triangulation requires a known distance and two measured angles to a specific point. Isabella, instead uses similar triangles, or basic trigonometry to pinpoint Doofenshmirtz's building. Also, the line Isabella drew that connects the "weird impression on that wall" to the DEI building appears too high above the point where Roger stood.
    • Also, Roger was in front of a curtain when he was hit with the ray, not a wall.
  • In "Jump Right To It", at one point Ginger's hair disappears.
  • In the second verse of "Jump Right To It", Gretchen gets on a table and continues singing. However, the table is not shown in the previous shots or later shots.
  • The rules for what counts as "touching" are inconsistent.
    • Several characters graze against lab coast multiple times without changing. Later on, Gretchen changes when she comes into contact with a zombie's legs. 
    • The Fake Andrews Sister in the center was touched by the other singers as they transformed, and later the same thing happens to Dana as she's surrounded by Heather and Birgitte. Similarly, Linda changes as she's holding Lawrence's hand after he shakes hands with a zombie. However, a transforming Phineas hands Isabella the clamp for the vortex sprayer without causing her any harm.
  • When Beppo Brown gets transformed, his paint pallet was dropped on the ground in the close-up. After the camera is zoomed out, the pallet disappears.
  • At one point, the inside of Vanessa's shirt turns green like Buford's, when it is normally black.
  • During the Gordon Gutsofanemu, when a woman gets affected by a Pharmacist, the Pharamcist's teeth disappear then reappaear after the woman is affected.
  • When Gretchen and Ginger first enter the Fireside Girl Lodge the space seen through the opening of the coat between Ginger's hair and Gretchen's chin is grey. Then, in the next scene Gretchen's shirt and sash can be seen there, but as they start to remove their disguise, Ginger's beret suddenly blinks in front of the shirt and sash.
  • When Perry got infected the electric sound effect wasn't heard.
  • Perry's arm is beige while holding the almond brittle can.
  • Phineas, Ferb and Isabella can hear Dr. Doofenshmirtz shouting when they were on the pulley system to the water tower. However, they should not know what his associations are with Perry when he shouts "No, not Perry the Platypus!" as Perry lives a different life with Dr. Doofenshmirtz than he does with them, and Major Monogram erased their memory of Agent P in "Across the 2nd Dimension".
    • However, this ultimately isn't an issue as the kids lose their memories of everything from building the vortez sprayer to being changed back.
  • Milly's voice actor (Isabella Murad) is not listed in the credits even though she does have a speaking role.
  • Ginger's eyelashes disappear in Jump Right to It and Triangulation.
  • When Isabella, Phineas, Ferb, Baljeet, Buford, and the Fireside Girls all ran to get to the building, Milly is wearing a pharmacist hat.
  • When The Fireside Girls sing "That could pinpoint the conclusion of my scientific quest" Milly's whole face is kind of hard to see.

Tales from the Resistance: Back to the 2nd Dimension

  • When Candace enters the cell block, she takes off her glasses. But when she is shown from the back, you can see the arm of the glasses.
  • When Chihuahuaborg's metal falls from his body, the metal covering his ears falls too, despite the fact that he used them as a spinning blade earlier and thus should have been entirely mechanic.
    • And also even though his metal parts fell off, later he's seen with them on again.
  • Throught the episode, the claw on Pandaborg's robot arm changes size constantly.
  • Monogram mentions that, counting Perry, they have lost 26 agents (the english alphabet letters), but actually, there are more agents than alphabet letters because, there are agents such as "Agent Silent G" and 3 Agent Ps (Perry and Pinky and Peter).
    • Of course, there may be letters (such as U, Q, X) that don't have corresponding animal agents, although there are animals starting with each letter of the alphabet.
  • Irving has no speaking lines, yet he is credited in the End Credits.
    Ginger unique dress

    Ginger in cheerleader's outfit.

  • Ginger wears her Firestorm Girls uniform throughout the episode, except during the spoken part of "Playing a Game of Sports", she is seen in an outfit that has the same pattern but slightly different colors as the cheerleader's uniform she wears in "Pyramid Sports".
  • Milly is not presented with the other Firestorm Girls without Doofenshmirtz.

Doof 101

  • When Vanessa and Lacie are talking before class starts, in one of the scenes Lacie's dress is black rather than red.
  • Doofenshmirtz atop Perry's hoverjet

    How did he change back into his usual clothes?

    When Doofenshmirtz is about to get onto Perry's hoverjet, he is wearing his outfit with a green shirt and purple tie, but when he is on Perry's jet, the outfit changes to his usual black shirt.
  • The calendar during the "Doof 101" song shows July ending on a Wednesday, August starting on a Tuesday and ending on a Thursday, and September starting on a Sunday. Additionally July 31st is missing.
  • At one point in the background, the chalk board says that the square root of 42 minus 2 plus 1 is equal to infinity, which is obviously not true. The actual answer is about 5.481.
  • At the end of the episode, despite it being the end of the school day, the clock next to the blackboard claims it is 9:00.
    • The end of the episode is actually just the end of first period, so the clock is not wrong. While Doof says "That's all for today" he doesn't mean that their school day is over, just that their science classtime was done for the day. Note that it is perplexing that Phineas and Ferb would be taking recess (working on their playground) during first period, though.

Act Your Age

  • The ending credits misspell Milly's name "Millie."
  • When we see Isabella entering the backyard in her toddler, kid, tween and teen ages, if examined closely it seems that she somewhat becomes the same size as the fence.
  • Phineas has freckles on his head when seen as a toddler, kid and teen, but when seen as a preschooler and tween, he does not have them.
  • In "What Might Have Been":
    • Sick with salmonella

      Tween Isabella standing on teen Isabella's foot.

      In Isabella's part, when her young adult, tween and preschooler selves sing backup, tween Isabella's right foot is standing on young adult Isabella's left foot.
    • When Phineas is giving Isabella a flower, the insides of the bottoms of Isabella's pant legs become superimposed over her shoes.
    • During the part where Isabella opens the fence gate in many ages, she appears to become the same size of the fence between cuts.
  • When Vanessa pulls up in the yellow sports car it only has two seats. When she pulls up beside Isabella's car it has an extra third seat in the back on it's own. Additionally there is no other seats beside the one in the back.
  • When Phineas comes up to Isabella's car at the end she rolls down the window and leaves the car. When the car is in the next shot the window is rolled up.
  • When Carl calls Monogram in Bora Bora he dials only 7 numbers. But when making a call from the US to The French Polynesia you would have to dial 12 numbers (011 + 689 + local number).
  • When Katie says that it was exactly like their childhood, Adyson's clothes were all blue instead of a blue top and skirt.
    • At the same time, Katie's hair moves from behind her arm in one frame to in front of it in the next.
  • Act Your Age error

    Baljeet with an extra mouths

    When Baljeet saids that he and his friends were try to get Phineas and Isabella together, he has two mouths at one point.
  • When they Phineas, Baljeet, ad the Fireside Girls said good bye to Isabella, Milly is missing.

Last Day of Summer

  • When Candace brings Linda home during the first do-over, the Big Idea was floating over them, but somehow they both did not see the shadow of the playground.
  • When Candace and the rest of the gang try to get Phineas and Ferb out of the city, it takes them a while to get sucked inside the portal, even though everything else was sucked in immediately earlier in the episode.
  • In the multiple scenes where Vanessa was trying to tell her dad about her O.W.C.A internship after Doofenshmirtz walked out of his bedroom, different backgrounds could be seen.
  • After Phineas and Ferb disappeared from existence, Candace's alarm should not have had Phineas' voice saying, "I know what we're gonna do today."
  • Soon after arriving in Nullville, Phineas says, "I hope no one at home is planning to baste a turkey while wearing suspenders and Capri pants." But we don't see any suspenders until later (when Ferb uses them to tie together a big bouncy ball of Capri pants), and turkeys don't appear in Nullville until even later (Buford gets buried beneath a pile of them).
  • During "Serious Fun", when Phineas is singing "One last day in the sun" to Baljeet, his hair disappears briefly.
  • During the song "Serious Fun" Isabella's hoverboard has a jet engine, but in the other parts song, the engine was missing. In the other parts of the song, it can be seen again.
  • The cosine of 81.7 is not 17 as stated by Candace, but rather .144 (if measured in degrees) or .999 (if measured in radians).
  • In the very last scene, when Phineas closes the door after waving to the audience, it closes facing forward, not diagonal with the wall bindings.
  • In Nullville, Baljeet said that if they destroyed the machine while they were there, they would have no way to get out. However all the other items that arrived there came back into time after they destroyed it, even though they did not take any of the items with them when they came back through the rift, apart from the muffin Buford squished and the spoon Candace used to throw at the machine's self-destruct button.
  • When the gang is seen cheering after seeing oranges and spoons return, Phineas seems to open his mouth to say, "Yeah!", but nothing is heard.
  • When Linda says, "Which means back to school errands for me...", her left arm suddenly goes from at her side to pointing with no in between animation.
  • Baljeet asks who "that girl in the bathrobe" is, but Candace is wearing her pajamas, not a bathrobe.
  • When this episode aired on Disney XD on June 23, 2015 during the commercial breaks, the Disney XD announcer says that the audience is watching Zeke and Luther, not Phineas and Ferb. He says "We'll be right back with Zeke and Luther on Disney XD" and "Now back to Zeke and Luther on Disney XD".
  • Just before the boys reveal there big idea a patch of Buford's pants below his left hand is red instead of brown.
  • On the Closed Captions of the episode, when Candace throws the Capri pants, Buford's "Hey!" line was entitled to Phineas.
  • The captions also almost completely mess up the lyrics for "Curtain Call/Time Spent Together".
  • Isabella's bow is pink but when Baljeet says "Who's that girl in the bathrobe?", it turns into purple.
  • When Baljeet is remembering what spoons are he remembers a scene from "Mind Share". That is impossible because he was in jail.
  • During Tomorrow is This Morning Again, Candace is in her bedroom with pajamas on. After she exits, she is wearing her normal clothes.
  • During "There's No One I'd Rather Go Nowhere With" there's a brief moment where Isabella's belt is the same color as her dress.
  • The Netflix subtitles misspell "Tri-Governor Inator" as "Tri-Govern Inator".
  • The copyright says 2014 instead of 2015. The same mistake was spotted in Act Your Age, but both episodes were produced in 2014.
  • If Phineas and Ferb was actually restricted to a single summer, then Dr. Doofenshmirtz giving up evil didn't last in the winter episodes after this. However, Across the 2nd Dimension, Cheers for Fears and The Klimpaloon Ultimatum have already shown themselves to take place after said winter episodes, so it may not be completely out of the question to reference Hockey Z-9 in the ending song.

    How did Candace change in one second?

O.W.C.A. Files

  • In the photo of Doof with the ocelots, Doof is a baby. But in "The Chronicles of Meap", the flashback of Doof with the ocelots depicts him as already being an adolescent.
  • "Last Day of Summer" may have led up to this plot after Vanessa said she was getting an internship at OWCA and they were looking for a few good animals, which made Dr. Doofenshmirtz want to join since he was raised by ocelots. However, The OWCA Files completely ignores that Vanessa became an intern and she is not seen or mentioned.
  • Supposedly only full agents have black hatbands and trainees wear yellow ones, but in "Agent Doof" Doofenshmirtz wore the full black hatband while only a probationary agent. However, this rule may have been made after Agent Doof.
  • When Parenthesis tells the 2 plumber fleas to fix the pipe, both of their mouths were dark grey, but when they were seen fixing the pipe, one of their mouths turn the same color as their body.
  • During the time when Carl and Monogram were sneaking around, Carl's eye cornea turns blue in their sneaking moves.
  • When Carl shows the photo of Doofenshmirtz with the ocelots, the ocelots' eye corneas are black when they should've been white.
  • When Karen destroys the mecha-fleas in the training carnival, the trashed fleas' eye corneas were black.
  • During the time all of the Agents go back to normal, Agent D's ears were the same color as his body fur instead of dark brown.
  • Tiny crumbs of the Bug Trio have been seen coming out of the fan after Napoleon said that they would've ended up just like the peanut, but after they free themselves from the fan, they were completely unharmed, this also happens after they print themselves.
  • After the flea extermination two of the gas masks' glass lenses are missing.
  • At the same time, Agent Bear's gas mask was missing it's lenses as well, they reappear for a split second than disappear again.
  • When Parenthesis attacks Monogram and Carl in the OWCA building, Agent Pig's eye pupils were missing.
  • At the same time, the black spots surrounding Peter's eyes were red and his eye pupils were missing. The eye pupils should've been visible and red.
  • At the end of the song Bits of All of Us, when Harry breaks the guitar, after he smashes it against a wall, the black part of the guitar disappears, unless the guitar rapidly flipped over.
  • When the Agents were trapped by Parenthesis in his lair, there was a wrecking ball, at some points, the wrecking ball disappears.
  • At the same time, the torch moves to a different spot.
  • When Carl and Monogram prepare to sneak around the animals, when they see the giant teddy bear, it's eyes were black, but when they prepared it, the bear then had no eyes unless they were taken out by Carl or Monogram.
  • When Carl and Monogram prepare the teddy bear, the teddy bear had no eye corneas, but during the song Friend Like Mine, the teddy bear did have eye corneas.
  • At the same time, Monogram appears to be too tall for Carl to fit inside the teddy bear, unless Carl squatted.
  • When Parenthesis and the mecha-fleas step in the OWCA building, the fleas had no capes or fangs, but when Carl and Monogram get grabbed by the fleas, the fleas did have fangs and capes.
  • When Parenthesis's lair explodes, fire was on the whole top of the lair, but when it comes down on the Agents, the flame are only on the front. The other flames may have however burned out.
  • When the tree is seen replaced in the end of the episode by a pine tree, however in Act Your Age the tree is seen to be the old one.
    • OWCA probably realized their error and replaced the tree later.

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