Errors and goofs that occurred in episodes of Phineas and Ferb during Season 3.

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The Great Indoors

Phin, Ferb and Izzy in the desert

Isabella's diamond patch is orange

  • At many times in the episode, the diamond patch on Isabella's sash is orange instead of teal.
  • When Perry is in his trap, the background of buildings change almost everytime it is seen.
  • The first time Major Monogram asks Carl to replay Perry slipping, the button-pushing noise comes before Carl pushes the button.
  • Isabella and Ferb are not seen after the Biodome is taken away by the plane, even though the others are. It could also be explained that they were the first ones to get out.
  • When Isabella starts talking in the desert, Adyson is walking, but when she is finished, Adyson is being carried by Katie and Ginger even though it was only six seconds in between. However, some individuals can develop symptoms of Heatstroke suddenly and rapidly without warning, so it's possible she simply fainted right then and there.
  • When Jeremy is singing the song, for a split second, Candace's eyes disappear.
  • Adyson received a concussion from a rock but Jeremy later revealed they were papier-mâché. However, it is possible that the mountain is made of both real and paper rocks, or possibly since Adyson was already worse off, she succumbed to other ailments more easily.
ERROR Carls neck is outside his shirt collar

If you look closely, you can see that Carl's neck is outside his shirt collar

  • Technically, there is no difference between Sunstroke and Heatstroke, though that may have been part of the joke.
  • When Major Monogram tells Carl to stop replaying the footage of Perry slipping, Carl's neck is drawn outside of his shirt collar.
  • It isn't seen how Phineas, Ferb and the Fireside Girls got out the Biodome without being stuck in it.
Fan error

As Candace walks away, her fan is in front of her foot instead of behind it.

  • As Doofenshmirtz was moving his recliner, it becomes transparent.
  • As Candace walks away from Jeremy after the Biosphere changes into a rain forest, she passes in front of her discarded fan, but the fan stays in the foreground as she passes.
  • When Doofenshmirtz is watching the Spanish commercials, the screen reads "Esponja Milagroso!". This is grammatically incorrect because "esponja" is a female noun in the Spanish language, and the female of "milagroso" is "milagrosa". Also, a first exclamation sign ("¡") is missing. These errors were corrected in the Latin American dub.
    • Later on, a character in the soap opera says " malvada hermana gemela ha sido envenenado". The correct phrase is "...ha sido envenenada".
  • Perry was waiting for the tube be filled with water after it was still halfway full.
  • While Candace was screaming, her mouth was still closed.
  • When the big papier-mâché rock falls, it makes a trembling sound but it is not possible because it was just a papier-mâché.
  • Technically it's impossible to see a mirage on such a small area.
Milly's hair
  • Just as the Fireside Girls enter the dome, Milly's hair is miscolored dark blue for a short second.
  • Throughout the episode various character's eyes are mis-colored either black or grey. Some examples are;
    • As the butterflies take flight during the song, Jeremy's eyes are black instead of blue.
    • When the Fireside Girls reach the top of the rock climb all of their eyes are grey.
  • When the biodome is built, it is larger than the backyard, but when Candace is trying to get Linda to see it, it is smaller and the backyard is slightly larger.
  • When Linda came home, she should have seen the biosphere from the front yard.
  • When Isabella ask Phineas, about the Rain Forest Patch, Milly is missing.
  • When the rock hit Adyson head, Katie and Gretchen are missing.
  • When Isabella and the Fireside Girls finish climbing as the reach the top of the cliff, Ginger's hair is dark brown.


  • Sometimes, Stacy's shirt fold is on the right side of her shirt or is on the left instead.
  • Baljeet says, "Like when we made that title sequence". However, neither Baljeet nor Buford appear in the title sequence. However, it could be explained that Phineas and Ferb and their friends made that title sequence, while Baijeet and Buford made some of it while they're not in the title sequence.
  • When Dr. Doofenshmirtz is combined with Norm, Doofenshmirtz's hands are on the top-left position and bottom right position while Norm's are on the top right position, and bottom left position. But when Doofenshmirtz says "You can't get away from me now hahahaha", the arms instantly switch positions. But they are back where they originally were when Perry is combined with the toolbox.
  • In a part of the song, Jeremy was hanging off the clothes of Candace in the game, but Candace should fall with him due to Jeremy's weight, but Candace didn't.
  • When the Combine-inator hits two things, they are merged and look like a combination of the things that were combined and also function as one thing together. However when Candace and Jeremy were hit, Jeremy was just attached to Candace's hip and they functioned as two separate people due to this.
    • This discrepancy can be easily explained if you just remember that the beam was split by a giant prism before it hit Candace and Jeremy. Since they only got half the beam, they were only partially fused. The other half hit a satellite, which began to slowly charge the captured beam. When the satellite fired at Phineas and Ferb, the beam had been charging long enough to be back at full strength and thus, fully fused the two brothers. Likewise, it is also possible that the fusion is different each time.

Run, Candace, Run

  • At the beginning of the montage, Ferb is wearing super speed shoes, but then he isn't wearing them.
  • The book Candace is reading has "Smorky the Giant Rabbit's Family Picnic" printed on the cover when Candace first shows the children the book, when it is shown again, "Family Picnic" isn't shown on the cover anymore.
  • When Phineas asks where Perry is, Ferb's belt is a darker shade of purple than his pants. Normally, the opposite is true and his pants are a darker shade of purple than his belt.
Error-girl loses head after left
  • As Candace returns to the library again, Sally was seen two places at the same time. The second time her audience copy is shown, she is visibly missing her head.
  • At the same time, while the copy Sally's head is missing, the third boy from the right, the second girl from the center and fourth boy from the left have their necks drawn outside their shirts.
  • During most of the episode, the words "Unstable" and "Prototype" are not seen on the bottom of Candace's speed shoes.
  • Phineas made a sonic boom, but the sound should have came faster than it did. And so should the light. Light travels much faster, with the speed of 300km/s. So when Phineas was ready to run, the light should have come to the finish line already.
ERROR Candaces skirt is red
  • As Candace cries as she manages to stop running, destroys the Johnson's family picnic and carrying Annabelle, her skirt was red.
  • Candace didn't help Stacy at all, or the scene wasn't shown, possibly for time reasons. It could also have been a joke towards Candace saying she would never forget about her promises when she forgot about reading at the library.
ERROR About to Run
  • Candace's left leg comes outside her skirt right before she is about to race in the three-legged race with Jeremy.
  • When Candace says Sally can read the book, there is no audience.
  • When you hear Sally say, "And that's where it goes when you flush!" she is seen in the audience with a green bow.
  • Right before it goes to slow motion in the song, Candace has 2 or 3 sets of eyes at the same time.
  • When Candace first leans back in the chair, she has a leg coming out of her foot.
  • In episodes before and after this one, other people are clearly shown to live in Doofenshmirtz's building.

Last Train to Bustville

  • In the "Give Up" song, in one scene, there was a mistake in layers and Candace appears as a ghost for a frame after she walked out of the screen. Also, when she does the "Give up" gesture to the diver, it looks like some of the frames were deleted.
  • The boxer's black eye disappeared after the match scene.
  • When Candace says "Do nothing? Got that covered", Linda's glasses disappear.
  • When Linda and Betty are on the train playing cards, Betty notes that they are playing King's Corners, but the cards on the table are not set up for the gameplay of King's Corners. It's actually set up as the gameplay for Go Fish.
ERROR Linda's Headband
  • Linda's headband turns the wrong color for a split second as she walks away.
  • When Candace is in the hammock there is a rock below her but when it shows the above view there is no rock below her.
  • When Candace is in the hammock the shadow of a rope plays across her face as she swings. Viewed from the side, however, no rope is seen, and the style of hammock does not seem to require such a rope.
  • There is no way Candace could have fit all the train carts into the burner because most of it was metal, so it could not break down or turn to fuel.
  • If you look closely during Give Up, when they all walk by the old fashioned army men in between the artist and the driver Candace appears for about one frame even though she already walked of the screen.
  • When Ferb throws the rope to help Baljeet and Buford into his balloon, Phineas's is gone. However it could have gotten faster.
  • When Candace says,"You can't give up!", both of her feet are in an impossible position.
  • In Linda's perspective of the hot air balloons and clothing rack, Candace is not there.

Phineas' Birthday Clip-O-Rama!

  • When Phineas wakes up and notices the card on Ferb's bed, Ferb's blanket is moved. When the card is zoomed in on, the bed is fixed.
  • Phineas claims that the present Candace got him was meant for left-handed people, but the one Candace got came from a man who was using it with his right hand; although, since it has 1000 uses, it's possible that one of the uses is that it could be used by right-handed people, too. If the tool is primarily meant for tuning left-handed flanges, however, then anyone could use the tool with either hand.
  • Near the end of Phineas's speech, the microphone that he was speaking into disappears a few seconds later.
  • In the second clip of the video of Doofenshmirtz's traps, there is no *ding* sound when the counter changes.
  • When Phineas runs over and hugs Candace, the pieces of the DVD that are on the ground appear in the foreground—overlapping Phineas. After the cut to the cake, the pieces are behind him as they should be.
  • The construction lady said that Ferb came flying into the factory wearing a chicken suit, referencing "The Beak," but at the end of the episode, Perry used the suit to defeat Doofenshmirtz. Therefore, Ferb should not have had the suit in his possession unless he built another one.
  • When Phineas says the line, "Yeah, I was speaking to myself. It's a clip show," his lips are out of sync from what he's saying.
  • During the montage of the clips of all the "Aren't You Little Young to...." lines, the counter on the top right changed to "$0.60" without the counter's *ding* sound.
  • Doofenshmirtz was incorrect when he claims all his inventions ended with "inator"- before this episode, he had 23 inventions that were not -inators.
  • When Linda is icing the cake, the cake is almost done. But when she does her "If I had a nickel" clip; after the clip, the cake only has a little icing on it.
  • The time on Doofenshmirtz's camera doesn't change.
  • When Major Monogram orders Carl to roll the footage of Perry's entrances, Carl picks up a blue remote, but after he pushes a button, it suddenly turns green.
  • Milly, Holly and Gretchen have their sashes on their right shoulders instead of their left when Phineas arrives.
  • At the beginning of the episode Phineas's eyebrows were orange, but at the end of it when Phineas was hugging Candace his eyebrows were black, then his eyebrows went back to normal afterwards.
  • When the TV is destroyed, Doofenshmirtz destroys Perry's remote but when they are next shown Perry has the remote.
  • The "one way" sign shouldn't have been facing the right instead of the left. It should have either stayed the same, or not even be facing the right way.
  • It would've been impossible to take footage of scenes inside the time vortex.
  • The A-G-L-E-T clip in Buford's CD was wrong. In the original concert, Phineas was singing "We're tying the world together!", technically overlapping the lines "A-G-L-E-T!" However, in the clip in this episode, Phineas's line wasn't heard. Maybe Buford had omitted it.
  • The A-G-L-E-T clip in Buford's CD shouldn't have existed because Doofenshmirtz erased every mention of the word aglet from media and from everyone's minds (except Candace).
  • Some clips are from "Phineas and Ferb Get Busted!" However, everything in that episode was a dream so none of those clips really happened.
  • Phineas actually wouldn't have remembered the line from "Isabella and The Temple of Sap" because he wasn't there when Isabella said it.
  • Doof gets 1.40 from the “if I had a nickel, segment, but as the person who made this edit found by counting the episodes before this one that Perry was trapped by doof in the box on the wiki, there was about 100 of them, meaning, Doof shoud end up with $5.00, not $1.40, at the very least, assuming I was off, and allowing the most offenses into account (no money pun intended), he shoud at least get $4.00+ or at LEEEEAAST as doof said himself, “more” than the amount he was shown

The Belly of the Beast

  • The captain's black eye switched when he, Candace and Stacy were walking onto the ship, also both of the his eyes were opened when he saw the mechanical shark jump out of the water. However this could also just simply that both his eyes are fully working and he just closes the eye for show, which is very possible considering his style of storytelling.
  • When Candace, Stacy and Captain Squint leave the harbor on the ship, the top mast disappears.
  • Perry uses a wet suit even though he's semi-aquatic
  • In some scenes throughout the episode, the mechanical shark's eyes turn black.
  • After Doofenshmirtz's evil laugh, he wiped away the fog on the inside of his helmet from the outside.
  • While the Captain is talking to a random kid before Candace, the walkway behind him is short and leads to the ship behind him. When Candace is starting to push him with Stacy behind her, it appears to be the same one but the walkway has changed and became very long, appearing to go over all the ships before arriving at his ship.
  • In the scene, in which Ferb controls the whale in such way that Captain Squint's ship is driven off by waves, and when Phineas looks at it and appreciates Ferb, his bigger eye is facing the audience.
  • When Captain Squint is swallowed by the Shark, he doesn't have a peg leg, and when he stands up, he does. Also, his boot came off when he was swallowed, so his foot was bare, but in the scene where the shark is on shore, he has his boot back on.
  • When Candace becomes captain, from Stacy's point of view the plunger Candace is holding is behind the sail, but when it switches to Candace's point of view it is in front of the sail.
  • After the shark is brought to shore, Stacy has mysteriously disappeared.
  • When the shark gets pulled into the water causing Candace to fall into the sand, she has seaweed in her hair, but when she walks up to Linda the seaweed has disappeared.

Moon Farm

  • When Phineas explains about Ferb finding something at the Dead Sea at the start of the episode, Ferb's bigger eye was in front and his smaller eye was at the back.
  • Because of the way Dr. Doofenshmirtz was holding the paint bucket, his hands and the outside of his arms shouldn't be green.
  • When Candace is seen in her chef outfit, she is wearing her trademark shoes but when she walks outside to Irving she is wearing black trainers.
  • After Dr. Doofenshmirtz pours green paint all over himself, his right arm changes to a lighter shade of green for a second.
  • Near the end of the episode, when the rocket comes back Ferb's big eye is facing the viewers.
  • Candace cannot eat the ice cream because she is allergic to dairy. Though some lactose intolerant people can handle very low amounts of dairy related products.
We must get to our stations

Isabella's bow turns purple

  • When Baljeet, Buford and Isabella peek out of the rocket ship, Isabella's bow is purple. When they're inside the rocket when Phineas asks where Perry is, Isabella's bow is pink again.
  • Stacy states that instead of cooking at 350 degrees for 1 hour, they could cook at 9,000 degrees for 5 minutes. This is more than twice the "real" value of 4,200 degrees. If Stacy had mistakenly punched in 750 degrees for 350 degrees, 9,000 degrees would have been the result. Of course, the "real" value is debatable - should it be measured from room temperature, zero Fahrenheit, zero Celsius, or Absolute zero? In any case, no kitchen oven would ever get that hot except in a cartoon series.
  • Doofenshmirtz does not know that having a green thumb is a metaphor, when he used the metaphor in "Atlantis", which he soon figures out when he states that " he'll have a green thumb. Not really, but metaphorically-". However, it is possible that this episode happened before "Atlantis", or that he forgot what it meant.
  • When Candace says to Irving "not in the house!" Irving doesn't actually step outside of the house.
  • After Doofenshmirtz uses the Moisture Suck-Inator on himself, he leaves to go get "a glass of water", but later on, him and Perry are seen drinking lemonade instead.
  • At the Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. building, you can see a sign saying "Secret C.A.T door" at the cat flap, that Perry uses to enter Doofenshmirtz lab. However, later in the episode, when Doofenshmirtz gets stuck in the cat flap, the sign saying "Secret C.A.T door" is gone.
  • When the camera zooms out at the rocket when it blasts off, Isabella has no neck for a moment.
  • Both Phineas and Ferb state that through photosynthesis, the grass would create an atmosphere on the Moon. This would not normally be possible with the following problems:
  1. The grass couldn't survive extreme lunar temperatures.
  2. Carbon dioxide is required to create oxygen, therefore, photosynthesis alone would not create an atmosphere.
  3. The moon wouldn't be able to hold the atmosphere because the moon's gravity isn't powerful enough
  • Part of the Cat and the Fiddle (the part involving a Dish and a Spoon) was not mentioned.
  • When Stacy asked "What should we cook", her bracelet was there. However, it was gone for the rest of the episode.
  • When Perry enters his lair he drops wood off on the left. When it zooms back out for Perry's exit the wood isn't there.

Ask a Foolish Question

  • As in "Misperceived Monotreme," most multiple line closed captions have to get read from bottom to top instead of top to bottom.
  • In closed captioning Adyson is misspelled "Addison" and Milly "Millie".
  • In most wideshots when the super computer isn't talking, his mouth is yellow instead of green.
  • In the scene at Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. after Candace starts to write the list of items needed to build a contraption to bust the boys, the helmets being attracted to the Metal-Unearth-Inator are all the same design.
  • When Linda returned home, she had bags under her eyes, but after her hair becomes normal but shiny in color, the bags are gone.
  • The second time Phineas gasps, his mouth doesn't move.
  • When Buford dances his tooth switches from left to right for a couple of times.
  • Perry battles Doofenshmirtz with a mace even though he lost it when Doofenshmirtz threw it off the building, also he threw his helmet to him, but when the key appears they are both with Perry. However, there may have been more than one matching mace and helmet in the pile.
  • Some of the shields on Doofenshmirtz's pile seem are wooden, making it impossible for the Metal-Unearth-Inator to have attracted them. However, they may have metal handles or screws that aren't seen.
  • When Phineas, Ferb, Buford and Baljeet release the dye and the blower, the wind turbines in the background aren't moving.
  • The supercomputer mistakenly says "my data is complete." Data is a plural noun (the singular is 'datum'), the proper grammar would be "my data are complete."
  • When the supercomputer lists the items necessary to do something nice for Phineas and Ferb's mom, it says "a gallon of industrial marking dye," yet Phineas and Ferb somehow knew to use orange marking dye. It's possible that they could only find the orange, and the computer knew this, so it didn't specify.
  • After Linda's hairdo gets fixed, for some reason she has her headband on.

Misperceived Monotreme

  • Along with "Ask a Foolish Question", most of the multiple line closed captions must be read from bottom to top instead of top to bottom.
  • It's unknown why Major Monogram, Carl, and Doofenshmirtz were unable to tell the difference between Perry and the Platypus that escaped from the Zoo. It may be colored that way so the audience can tell if it is a different platypus.
  • When Candace picked Perry up whilst he was using his watch, in the next scene, the watch is gone.
  • In the opening scenes at the house, Perry doesn't have his top hairs, but while Candace is calling Jeremy, he has his top hairs again.
  • This is actually Perry's 118th battle with Doofenshmirtz (according to the list of episodes up to this point). we can also mention here that "Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation!" in the future, also "Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo", they hadn't fought in "Isabella and the Temple of Sap", and perhaps the events of "Unfair Science Fair Redux (Another Story)" count as the battle of "Unfair Science Fair" (also they didn't even fight in the Redux, they went to the store), they hadn't fought in "Hail Doofania!", "No More Bunny Business", "I Was a Middle Aged Robot", "Undercover Carl", "Traffic Cam Caper", "Perry Lays An Egg", "Thaddeus and Thor" and "The Monster of Phineas-n-Ferbenstein", also mention that "Phineas and Ferb Get Busted!" and "Wizard of Odd" were dreams, they hadn't fight in and which make a total of: 104 battles.
    • However, creators Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh confirmed the episodes don't take place right after the previous.
  • As Doofenshmirtz looked outside, the color of the building was indigo but on the other scene it is now violet.
  • The mirror in the clip the O.W.C.A recorded was just triangles and a bit of Doofenshmirtz's hand and brush.
  • During the basement spin, the button on Ferb's shirt wasn't outlined.
  • When Major Monogram tells Carl he's in the way the ear piece on Carl's glasses disappear for a moment.
  • When they first get to the the Pet Wash, while Candace and Jeremy are talking and the camera is zoomed out from Perry, his eyes are blue instead of brown.
  • When Candace says "Oh, there you are, Perry", Perry's arm with the watch on moves suddenly.
  • Before Phineas and Ferb look at their blueprints for the funhouse, Ferb's shirt button is missing.
  • When the platypus knocks the display case his eyes are focused, looking like Perry's.
  • While Phineas and Ferb is dancing with the Navy with wavy hair, Phineas's shoes turned black instead of blue.
  • When Candace is looking out the window talking to Mom, the room in the window is her normal bedroom, not the funhouse styled bedroom seen just minutes ago.
  • Also when Candace looked out her window, her bedroom faces the front yard, usually her room faces the backyard while the boys' room faces the front.

Candace Disconnected

  • When the cell phone falls it lands on a pile of leaves, but when Candace sits next to it the leaves are gone.
Agen T

Agent T's hat error

  • Agent T puts on her black fedora. However, when we see Agent T again, her fedora has turned the normal fedora shade of brown used by the other O.W.C.A. Agents.
  • When Heinz is walking up the board onto his ship it zooms in and he isn't going up and he isn't on his ship.
  • Heinz's shirt wasn't striped, but after he took off his lab coat, his black shirt was striped.
  • When Isabella says "ready spaghetti" she is far out in the driveway, but when Phineas transports to her she is closer to the garage in the same background.
ERROR Loop is skin colored

The loop closest to Perry's bill is skin colored

  • One scene while Perry was tied up with the jump rope, the loop closest to his bill was the color of Perry himself, not white.
  • At the lyrics:"Wave your arms in the air!", Perry's feet and tail disappear for a split second on his first waving.
  • During the lyrics: "Wave your feet", Doof's leg warmers disappear for one frame.
  • When Perry is first tied up, there is nothing behind him. When he gets the message about Candace, though, there are two barbells and a green ball behind him.
  • In the scene where Carl sees Candace hanging from the branch, there is a leaf at the end but in the previous scene there is no leaf.
  • As Candace is launched up into space by the Pick 'Em Up-Inator, she is seen taking off from the sea in between the Southeastern coast of Africa, and the island of Madagascar. Easter Island is not a part of Africa, but rather a part of the South American nation of Chile. 
Easter Island is not in Africa

Easter Island is not near Africa

  • When Monogram says the message was a bunch of multiple Qs, the screen should show the Q morphing into Q-R-S-T-Q and so on. Unless it's a BlackBerry.
  • When Phineas is close to Isabella, his shoes are different and the lines on Isabella's shoes are blue. Also, Phineas is wearing socks when he shouldn't be.
  • Even though the series is set in the summer, Doofenshmirtz says he has to pick up Vanessa from school, though it could be summer school.
  • Linda says Candace won't have a phone again if she loses the one she gives her, but Candace has another phone episodes later.
  • Before Dance Baby, Perry grows a bit.

Magic Carpet Ride

And its weave is so tight and so soft

Where did Isabella's socks go?

  • During the song Aerial Area Rug, you can see that Isabella is wearing her socks, then at one scene during the song her socks are gone.
The man's Heart Eyes

The man's eyes change

  • When Stacy and Candace are talking in the restaurant, right when Candace says "Maybe", the eyes of a man on the right side of the screen appear to melt together.
    • This may have been done on purpose; the man's eyes melt into the shape of a heart, which may indicate he is simply in love.
  • In his flashback, Doofenshmirtz has a small beard, however, in "Crack That Whip" he says that he's unable to grow facial hair.
  • The TV can not work if they are floating in mid-air, the cable is not in.
  • When Doofenshmirtz kicked the Stain-inator, the paintball which was released from it was red, but when it was in the air, the color is purple.
  • When Candace seen the boys are up to, the cheese was not there in her left arm. But when she will call Mom, the cheese is there.
  • When Doofenshmirtz first trapped Perry, the ropes were red, when he was on the ship, the ropes were purple. When Doof starts talking, they go back to red.
  • When the boys show Lawrence their invention, at first, the TV has the word "Ready" and the white and blue rectangles have already floated up. However, when it zooms in, the word "Ready" disappears and the blue rectangle haven't floated up yet.
  • The gang instantly switched their poses and places on the rug many times in the song.
  • Also in the song, Phineas appears in a tuxedo at one point.
  • The paint ball hits the bottom of the carpet staining only that, but later on the entire living room floor is shown to be stained.
  • When Monogram gave Perry his mission, he take his coffee cup, with the text "World's greatest superior officor", but "officor" is a mistake, it would have been "officer".

Bad Hair Day

Behind Stacy's Eye

Stacy's transparent eye

  • Candace says the event that she and Jeremy are going to takes place in the afternoon, however, the event is shown taking place at night.
  • Stacy claimed that she has never said "Where's Perry?", though she did ("Put That Putter Away"). However, this may either taken place before that episode, or Stacy has forgotten to have said it due to her lack of focus.
  • When Stacy is going to sit next to Candace in her room, for a single frame you can see the mirror lamp behind Stacy's eye.
  • When Major Monogram was talking to Perry, one can see the nest and one intact egg. But when Perry was leaving, one can see the egg is broken in half.
  • Jeremy's shoes changed from black to green while standing in the entrance of the museum.
  • At one point in the museum Candace knocks a cup over to reach for a spoon, but the cup is there later as it get's knocked over again.
  • When Stacy says "Where's Perry?", Candace's laptop disappears.
  • When Perry is tilting Doofenshmirtz's flying platform, the Picnic Basket falls off, but Perry is standing on it to use the controls.
  • When Doofenshmirtz is activating the Very-Bad-Inator, the pipe behind the controls is gold, but in the next scene, it is gray.
  • When Phineas shot Candace with the Hair Remover, ALL of Candace's hair should have fallen off.
  • When Candace calls Phineas, he has food on his plate. When it zooms out, he has only crumbs. When it zooms back in, he had more food on his plate. (Same with Ferb)

Meatloaf Surprise

  • When Buford jumps out of the bounce house over the meatloaf festival, Ferb's big eye is closer to the viewer instead of being on the other side.
Little girl 2ce

A picture showing an extra appearing twice in the space of seconds


Extras appearing twice, shown with black circles.

  • When Linda is walking along with Jamie Oliver and explaining what is at the meatloaf festival, a little girl extra with two curly pigtails is seen behind them at a meatloaf stall, then again seconds later at the meatloaf ice cream stall. There are a lot of doubles in the episode too.
  • In the "Meatloaf Sculptures" booth there is a cactus plant that has a face.
  • Doofenshmirtz puts a garnish on his meatloaf. But, when he turns to zap that other guy's meatloaf, the garnish is gone.
  • On Candace's door, for a second, it says Cadace.
  • When Phineas has his speech, a leaf flies right through his eye.
  • The poster of Tiny Cowboy that Candace has in her room, has them singing Meatloaf, this makes reference because Nigel and Adrian have the meatloaf kings crowns, though this haven't happened yet.
  • When Adrian sings "I don't know what that aroma's doing in my head", Nigel's microphone is gone. Also in "Meatloaf, I'm a meatloaf lover" Nigel's microphone is gone.
  • The shaved head guitar player's guitar changes color and style during the performance.
  • When Nigel is inviting Candace to come up on stage, Adrian's guitar pickup is missing.
  • Baljeet mentions that he hadn't know Buford's soft side but he knew it in "Voyage to the Bottom of Buford".
  • When Buford said "Way ahead of ya!" the captions list it as "Whee!".

Phineas and Ferb Interrupted

  • When Isabella says "they're watching grass grow", Baljeet has no eyebrows.
Isabella Neck

Isabella's dress is pink all the way to the neck.

  • Isabella's pink dress was shown covering her white t-shirt up to her neck the second time Buford suggested getting a ladder.
  • During the line "every day it's more prints," Isabella's right arm turns grey for three frames.
  • During the line "Nothing we can't fix prints" Buford, Isabella, Baljeet and Candace drop their blueprints, however they are gone once they sing "Big prints, small prints."
  • Before Carl reviews footage from Doofenshmirtz' Perry is behind the control panel, after the footage Perry is going through the panel.
  • Almost at the end of the Snacks, Linda sings, "How do like some-", but her mouth wasn't moving, before she steps onto the podium.
Error - Candace's detached arms

Candace's detached arms.

  • At one point when Candace is flying, her arms become detached from her body for a split second.
  • Linda asks the boys if they want snacks 3 times: first at the beginning when she "busts" the boys, then after Blueprints, and finally during Snacks.

A Real Boy

  • While Norm was changing the picture of Doofenshmirtz his eyebrows were transparent.
  • Norm changes his CD, it looks in front, but his table is at the side of his bed.
  • When Norm puts in the CD, there is a CD drive. Later, it is not there.
  • When Norm paints his clothes on, the only color paint he has is blue-gray, even though his clothes are also red and white.
  • When Norm puts on his other head, first his freckles are darker, but then they become normal on the same scene.
  • When Phineas presents the gang the section cup thing, there are five seats. However, after everyone gets inside it, there are only four, and while everyone is sitting, Buford is laying behind the seats.
  • When Doofenshmirtz said "What you had me believe is that I should rather have a son than a daughter", Vanessa is not wearing her headphones. Later, she appears with her headphones when Doofenshmirtz figures out about the headphones Vanessa is wearing and how Vanessa has not overhear dad talking about having a son rather than a daughter.
  • When Heinz learns about Vanessa's headphones, Vanessa's hair goes down to her shoulders instead of mid-back.
  • When Heinz says "treat her with dignity" to Perry, his head is drawn outside of his hair.
  • When Norm wakes up and moves his bed a little to the right since he accidentally poked a hole while he was stretching, he then puts a picture of Doofenshmirtz on his wall. The picture looked evil, but after he put it there, Doofenshmirtz's picture looks like he is smiling.
  • Major Monogram says they aren't allowed to leave O.W.C.A. for lunch, but in Does This Duckbill Make Me Look Fat?, he says they eat lunch at Slushy Burger every day. Although since his exact words were "going off the lot," this could imply that there is a Slushy Burger within the O.W.C.A. compound. However, in this episode, Monogram decided to break the rules, which he might do every day.
  • When Candace runs from Jeremy she has nothing on her wrists, but when she enters the backyard she has a watch on.
Candace's invisble neck

The collar on Candace's shirt is over her neck

  • When Candace went back to the backyard, the collar on her shirt overlaps her neck.
  • When Norm said "I have squirrel on a treadmill" in the song, he was incorrect since the squirrel was on a hamster wheel.
  • In one scene Doofenshmirtz loses a little of hair, then it reappears.
  • When Doofenshmirtz says "Someone I've begun to think of as family," when talking to Norm near the end of the episode, his eyebrows move up and down rapidly.
  • When Candace tells Jeremy she doesn't feel like busting her brothers, her mouth briefly goes in front of her right eye.
  • Doofenshmirtz claims that Vanessa was wearing her headphones all day. However, she was not wearing them when Doofenshmirtz was talking with Rodney about having a son instead of a daughter.
  • When the "Forget-About-It-inator" explodes, Dr. Doofenshmirtz remembers everything from before he got shot with it. However, this effect did not happen on Linda.
  • When Stacy said "you will awaken with no recollection" the captions say "you will awaken with no knowledge".

Mommy Can You Hear Me?

  • After Candace threw her Ducky MoMo stuffed toy at the window it disappears in the next scene.
  • The Mindy Mimic doll does not repeat Candace's "bust giggle" even though she does it right next to the microphone.
  • When Candace said "Boring" and "Big whoop" into the Mindy Mimic doll, it repeated her only once. When she said "Mom, turn around!", it repeated without ending.
  • Baljeet suddenly disappears at the end of the episode, but his voice can be heard cheering, "Hooray!" when Linda ask the kids for some snacks.
  • When Candace is crawling towards her mom, she leaves marks on the grass but when Linda says she should be lying down, the marks are gone.
  • When the doll accidentally says "Mom, turn around." into the microphone, instead of visualizing "Mom, turn around" it only says "Turn around!" This might be an exception, if the mic didn't pick up the word "Mom".
  • When Stacy gets Linda's attention, she could've taken off her headphones and dragged her over to the project site.
  • When the camera zooms out to the overview of the house as Mindy Mimic shorts out, the driveway and backyard gate are missing and the house has no doors or windows.
  • Candace is able to see the overview of the house on the CCTV when she can only view just the backyard earlier.

Road Trip

  • When Perry pulls the cord from the inflatable Perry, it didn't deflate even if it had a hole.
  • Before Phineas and Ferb get their delivery, Doofenshmirtz's truck disappears but in the next scene its back.
  • When Linda checks on Phineas, Ferb, and Candace, a small part of her right hand is missing.
  • When Doofenshmirtz hits the lid, it bounced off a sign. When the lid disconnected the GPS cable, which is connected with the laptop, the plug is a little bit damaged. However, when Perry comes and fixes the GPS cable, it's connected to the plug.
  • When Candace fell down the stairs, there wasn't anyone next to the customer that asked Candace for his pies. When Candace was lifted up to the diner, there was someone next to him.
  • As Candace was about to walk while sleeping the window was colored black instead of transparent.
  • When Candace goes up to grab Phineas and Ferb from the diner and comes back down before Linda checks on them, there is no ladder. Then, when Candace tells Linda to go look, the ladder is now there.
  • Between the time Linda goes up the ladder to the point where she comes up at the top, it appeared as if it took a long time for her to go up since the scene with the Farmer and Farmer's Wife took place after the part where Linda went up the ladder. Perhaps the scene took place at the same time as Candace told Linda to look, but it was shown at different times for obvious reasons.
  • The diner was connected to the RV by restraints; therefore when the RV drive under the bridge, it would've stopped moving dead in its tracks instead of the restaurant coming off.

Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension

PFAT2D Image7

Phineas has green hair in the promotional art.

  • In a promotional image of Everything's Better with Perry, Phineas' hair was green. This was corrected in the movie's release.
  • In a screenshot where Phineas and Ferb (both 1st and 2nd Dimensions), and Buford of the 2nd dimension are released by the Firestorm Girls, it appears that Buford has a strange eye-bug on his right eye.
  • When Major Monogram tells Phineas and Ferb they can't see Perry anymore Carl seems to have a smile on his face for unknown reasons.
  • In the flashback of when younger Phineas and Ferb adopted Perry, partial parts of Candace's shoulders were seen through the lower part of her hair.
  • In a flashback from "Oh, There You Are, Perry", Phineas looked younger when he had Perry. In the movie however, he looked a little older.
  • When Doofenshmirtz sees the couch in the other dimension, his lab changes to its normal dark purple color.
    PFAT2D Image1

    Phineas and Ferb's 2D selves had the same exact skin color in some promotional art.

  • In some promotional shots of the 2nd dimension Phineas and Ferb, they had their 1st dimension counterparts' apricot skin instead of their usual gray skin, but this was fixed before the movie premiere.
  • Perry the Platyborg's limb armor frequently changes throughout the film. In his first appearance, both his hands are made of metal. Later on, his left hand is not made of metal. Near the end, when the evil is "fried" out of him, both hands are not made of metal anymore and what is left to be metal are just parts of his arms.
  • Despite having his eyeball in a pouch, 2nd Dimension Doofenshmirtz's eye-patch takes the shape of his eye.
Still7am BetterWithPerry

The clock is still at seven.

  • The alarm clock goes off at 7:00 am. The boys go through an extend montage for Everything's Better with Perry, including making popcorn, and the clock is still at 7:00 am.
  • When Phineas was angry at Perry, the skull was red. When Perry opens the window, the skull was in a proper color it should be.
    • This could be due to the color of the lighting in the room.
    • When Phineas was mad at Perry in the far shots the skull was to his left. When Perry pushes it to open the window, it appears to be directly behind him.
  • When Ferb was falling off the building the skull that had a horn and antler that Phineas and Perry were falling with Ferb. Ferb was on the side with the antler and when Perry deploys his parachute Ferb was holding the side with the horn. In the same scene, Agent P placed his feet into the eyes of the skull. The skull was pointing down, but when Agent P deployed his parachute, the skull was pointing up.
  • When the Platyborg extends his retractable wings, his retractable wing's shadow wasn't showing when he extended it to get Phineas, Ferb and Perry while swooping down the DEI building.
  • When the Norm Bot who was hit by the skeleton head fell behind Platyborg, he was the proper color, but when the Norm Bot said he was a painting, parts of his armor was reddish-brown.
  • When Phineas was about to ring the doorbell of their house in the second dimension, Perry's eyes went from brown, to blue, then back to brown.
  • During the song Summer (Where Do We Begin?), when Phineas sings "Summer, bicycles and roller skates" he is seen in a close up with a blue helmet, but in the next shot the helmet is red.
  • At one point during the song, Ferb-2's shirt button flickers gray.
    • Also, when Phineas-2 is singing in the same song, his shirt has stripes on his left sleeve until the camera changes.
  • When Perry is leaving to surrender himself the door is to his left but Phineas points and Perry leaves to the right but when he exits the house the door is again on his left.
  • When the Firestorm Girls release the boys, Gretchen-2's pants are silver instead of brown.
  • On the way to Doofenshmitz's-2 building in the tunnels, there are four mine carts, but on the way back, there are three.
  • During the mine car chase, Ferb takes off his sneakers to use them like nun chucks. However, they are back on his feet by the next scene.
  • Also during the same scene, when Candace-2 says, "let's dance" the knot on Candace-2's black bandana is detached and floating a few inches away from her head.
  • When Phineas, Ferb, and Candace are watching Candace-2 fight the robot, the side of the mine car is missing.
  • When Isabella-2 warns Candace-2 that they were slowing down, Isabella-2 doesn't have her gloves on. She has her gloves back on again when she tells Candace-2 that the mine cart's motor was overheating.
  • In the area with the Goozim (2nd Dimension), when Agent P breaks his handcuffs, when he deploys his magnet, his handcuffs are fixed.
  • If Phineas and Ferb's remote couldn't travel directly to their dimension, because they would need a lot of energy, how could the Other Dimension-Inator open a portal directly to Danville and not to the next dimension clockwise? Although as supreme ruler of the Tri-State Area, he would've probably had access to 8 million gigawatts of energy.
  • 2nd Dimension Jeremy's gloves disappeared on the part where the lock on the door of 2nd Dimension Candace's cell was burned off. However, it reappears when he salutes to 2nd Dimension Candace.
  • When the kids of Danville get ready for battle in Phineas and Ferb's recreated inventions, the sleigh and their "flying" beds from "Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation!" are seen, even though that episode chronologically takes place after the summer of the series which the movie is set in. It might be that the series takes place over multiple summers or that this episode happens before the others.
  • When it shows the continent-painting helicopter shortly before the Robot Riot, it is black instead of the normal white.
  • Shortly before Robot Riot starts, Adyson and Milly from the 2nd dimension and the Frozen Yogurt machine can be seen in one of the chariots. After all of Phineas and Ferb's inventions are gathered, the same chariot with the Frozen Yogurt Machine can be seen in the background, but Adyson and Milly from the 1st Dimension are aboard.
    • During Robot Riot the 1st Dimension Adyson suddenly rides one of the scrubbers.
  • In one scene, the Unnamed Buford lookalike in the giant bowling ball is wearing a black shirt in the first shot, but has an orange shirt in the second.
  • When Baljeet is flying in The Beak, the rocket boosters are seen, but nothing is coming out of them, meaning flight should be impossible, but as he put his legs in normal position, a bit of flare can been seen from rocket boosters. In addition, the Beak suit changes scale in the middle of the song, becoming about the size of a normal person.
  • After Candace and Stacy crash their tree house robots, before they prepare to run, Candace seems to have a missing right leg.
  • In the beginning, when Perry pees on the couch, he pees on the middle cushion, and 1st-Dimension Doofenshmirtz flips it upside-down. Later, when Phineas throws the peed-on cushion at 2nd Dimension Doofenshmirtz, he throws the cushion on the (screen)left of the couch and it's the side which Doofenshmirtz flipped. Also, the pee-stain is much larger and dripping over the edge.
    • After Phineas throws the cushion at Doofenshmirtz-2, the cushion can be seen back on the couch in a later scene.
  • After hitting Agent P's football helmet during Perry the Platyborg and Agent P's fight, Perry the Platyborg's right metal hand is gone to show a blue paw, though throughout the movie it was always metal. It was possible that it broke off, though.
  • The actor of That Darn Fiancé is shown with a goatee and mustache in the movie, but when Candace and Linda are talking in the front of the Movie Theater, the advertisement behind them shows the actor with a "clean shave".
  • Near the end, Linda says that she is almost out of popcorn, but it is actually nearly full, but this could have been an intentional visual gag.
  • When Ferb went up in the air by the platypult, his shirt button was missing.
  • Right before Ferb went up in the air by the platypult, the Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated building was facing the opposite way it was facing after Ferb was launched.
  • When Perry whistled to alert Phineas he was going to "tail-slap" the baseball bat it had a taped grip. When Phineas catches it however, it does not.
  • In the end, when Phineas-2 reunites with Perry the Platyborg, he correctly points out that the evil was been fried out of him, despite the fact that he had no way of knowing that the 2nd dimension Perry's evil had been had been fried in his fight with Agent P.
  • Near the end, both Perry and 2nd Dimension Perry salute with their left paw. This is a common error on TV.
  • When Major Monogram tells the boys they know too much near the end, a part of Carl's glasses are pink.
  • Major Monogram says they have no way of erasing memories, forcing them to use Doofenshmirtz's Amnesia-inator, but in "I Was a Middle Aged Robot" the agency had a memory eraser, although it can only be used for one person. Perhaps to save time, they just used the Amnesia-inator.
  • After the final battle, when the characters are getting their memories wiped, only Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Doofenshmirtz, Isabella, Buford, Baljeet, Stacy, Jeremy, and the Fireside Girls are shown. Other characters who are shown in the Robot Riot scene but not getting their memories wiped include Irving, Albert, Django, Love Händel, Jenny and other kids (although their memories could have been wiped later or that those whose memories were wiped only include those who knew of Perry's secret). It's possible those characters also had to forget since Albert was seen teaming up with other O.W.C.A. animal agents.
    • In one of the deleted scenes, they showed a news report, saying that the entire event of 2nd Dimension Doofenshmirtz trying to take over the world was just a weather balloon, calming down the masses and killing all sispicion, so it's possible that this also worked on Irving, Jenny, Django, and Albert, etc.
    • Although Jeremy was touring a college with his father that day, he appears at the end of the day to have his memory wiped. (Nevertheless, this error may be resolved since he has been seen with Candace, Baljeet, Ferb, Isabella and Buford as Phineas has been telling them how 2nd dimension Candace took down Norm bots. It is possible that he was told of Perry's secret because of having Perry communicating with Major Monogram without hiding his cover from them, which includes Jeremy, while Phineas was talking. Hence, the brain wiping was necessary).
    • As "Happy Birthday, Isabella" states, Perry can only be forced to relocate if his cover is blown by a member of the family he's assigned to; therefore, Doofenshmirtz, Isabella, Buford, Baljeet, Stacy, Jeremy, and the Fireside Girls didn't have to get their memories wiped in the first place.
Firestorm girls memory wipe

The Firestorm Girls appear getting their memories wiped instead of the Fireside Girls, but it's only the color scheme.

  • During the deleted Scene "Memory Wipe:
    • The Fireside Girls are suddenly dressed in the color scheme as their 2nd dimension counterparts.
    • If you look closely, Baljeet's head isn't attached.
    • Doofenshmirtz is absent.
  • During Kick It Up A Notch, Phineas's spike bracelet on his left arm disappears throughout the song.
  • Though Olivia Olson (Vanessa Doofenshmirtz) sings the song I Walk Away (when Perry is leaving to surrender to Doofenshmirtz-2), Vanessa herself does not appear at all in the movie, yet is listed in the credits as having appeared. As it turns out, her scenes are restored in the "Deleted scenes" section of the DVD, in both her 1st Dimension ("Doof's Lair") and 2nd Dimension ("Vanessa Meets Doof") incarnations.
  • After Stacy and Candace come out the tree house robots that are destroyed, Candace's shoes strangely become sneakers.
  • In the Robot Riot sequence, while Baljeet slaps his way against the Norm-bots, parts of the cell-shading of The Beak Suit's neck was seen in front of his headgear.
Gretchen screaming

Gretchen-2 seems to be helping out.

  • In one point at one of the deleted scenes in Robot Riot, Gretchen-2 is smashing the Norm Bots even if she is supposed to be back at the 2nd dimension. She could, however, may have got into the 1st dimension earlier. Also, it's just Gretchen colored with Gretchen-2's color scheme.
  • When Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Agent P, and Dr. Doofenshmirtz are falling into the portal and escape Goozim, for a brief second the camera cuts to Alternate Doofenshmirtz, with his right eye showing and his eye-patch to the side.
  • When Ferb gets the baseball back after Phineas hits it a section of Perry's arm is orange.
  • When Candace and Stacy get out of their tree house robots, Candace's robot is orange instead of pink.
  • In Brand New Reality, before the baby alien is about to eat the Norm Bots, some parts of the robots are blue.
    • In this song, Phineas' eyes become transparent in one scene.
  • After Candace and Stacy went out of their crushed robots, Stacy's hair was cut quickly when she got up.
  • In the deleted scene "Inventions Revealed" when Phineas says "Somehow, Perry has replicated all of our inventions" his mouth doesn't move.
  • When Phineas-2 was saying if he can hold Perry a little longer, his neck was transparent.
  • In Summer (Where Do We Begin?), when Phineas 2 and Ferb 2 are seen shivering, Ferb 2's button is missing.
  • After Phineas-2 told Candace-2 how they felt when their Perry disappeared, There is a close-up on Candace-2 and she had a short sleeve on her right arm.
  • When Perry is about to import the photos, he lifts up his hat and retrieves his camera from a hole or depression in his skull that is not normally there.
Phineas' blue shoe sole

Phineas's shoe sole is blue.

  • In Everything's Better with Perry, when they said, "Breathing in and out," Phineas's shoe sole is blue instead of white.
  • When Carl tells Perry about the watch, behind Perry is a platypus suit. Its color is blue and shows it only has one glove. But when the hologram of Major Monogram points to the real one, the suit's chest color is white and it has a belt. And when Carl tells Perry the watch also gives and incredible ice cream headache, the suit now has two gloves.
  • During Robot Riot, if you compare the extended version and the one that's not, the tree houses impact in different times: in the normal, they collide while Phineas was still battling. But in the extended they impact when Phineas and Perry where in Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated.
  • Despite of having a normal childhood, Doofenshmirtz-2 knows Balloony, but this is impossible since Doofenshmirtz only drew Balloony because he had no friends.
  • When Phineas-2 sees and hugs Perry the picture frames on the left were re-sized but after the scene Ferb cried, it was back again to its original size. (Including the Flynn-Fletcher frame was re-sized.)
  • Phineas destroyed the dish that powered the portal, however in a scene a few seconds later, when the Norm Bots are falling from the sky, the dish is still there, and the portal is still open.
  • When Candace drags Linda out of her seat at the movie theater, making her way outside, Linda's pants are fully black.
  • During one part of "Inventions Revealed," while the camera zooms in on the inventions, if you look closely you can see a bull in front of its platform (look to the right of the pink Tree House Robot's hand).
  • Carl calls it the "Amnesia-Inator", but in the deleted scene there is a sign that says "Memory-Erase-Inator".
  • Before the song Brand New Reality, Doofenshmirtz turns back, gets hit then falls backwards, but in the next scene, Doofenshmirtz falls forward, doing a front flip.
  • When Isabella kisses Phineas, Buford briefly has no eyebrows.
  • During the song Summer (Where Do We Begin?):
    • Phineas only changed the scene of 1 window in the song to his backyard view. However, 2 windows can be seen changed later.
    • The strap hanging Ferb's guitar to his body switched between purple and red during the song.
  • When Isabella-2 and the Firestorm Girls are tying up Phineas, Ferb, and their 2nd Dimension counterparts, Phineas-2 and Ferb-2's skin is less pale.
  • Doofenshmirtz-2 says it is between 3:30 and 4:00 Eastern Standard Time. During the summer, Daylight Savings Time should still be in effect.
ATSD doof-2 3 eyes
  • When Agent P first saw the baseball bat it had black padding on it, but during the slow-mo when he kicked towards Phineas it didn't have it.
  • In the song Brand New Best Friend when Doofenshmirtz-1 sings Coming At You Fridays. For a split second on Doofenshmirtz-2's face an extra eye appears on his forehead.
  • Before Robot Riot, when Phineas accepts musical accompaniment from Love Händel, Milly and Adyson's berets are styled like their 2nd Dimension counterparts.
  • Before the Tri-State Area flag is destroyed by the Norm Bots, one of the robots passes in front of the flag. However, the flag overlaps the Norm Bot even if it's behind it.
  • Platyborg's tail is only partially covered with metal, but the side that is concealed switches. Usually, the left half of his tail is covered, but a few times, the metal casing is on the right side.
  • Doofenshmirtz shoe error

    Doofenshmirtz's shoes turns gray.

    In Brand New Reality, when 1st Dimension Doofenshmirtz is about to enter another dimension, his shoes turn gray.
  • As Phineas is deciding whether to forget the entire day, his eyebrows seem to reappear and disappear. Also during the crowd shot, Gretchen's glasses become dark.
  • When Candace pulls Linda out of the theater, Linda's pants are black instead of blue.
  • When Doofenshmirtz-2 threatens to turn Phineas into a Boy-Borg and says to try saying Boy-Borg 5 times really fast, he actually says it 6 times.
  • When Doofenshmirtz-2 was arrested by the Firestorm Girls, Milly is missing.

Tour de Ferb

  • In the promo, Doofenshmirtz is seen on his computer, growing a beard, despite saying in "Crack That Whip" that he can't grow facial hair.
    AliB3 (458x344)

    What happened to Adyson's hair?

  • Candace's boots are red rather than pink when she passes Greg LeMond in the pond.
  • Also, when Candace passes Greg LeMond, the camcorder on her helmet is missing.
  • When the finish line with the cheering Fireside Girls came in sight, Adyson's hair was shown in a brighter color than usual.
  • They also had sleeves when their outfit does not have sleeves.
  • Doofenshmirtz says that he did product modelling in the 80's to finance his first Inator. However, according to "Unfair Science Fair", he made his first Inator as a child.
Bust is in the Bag (Image 3)

Candace has no eyelashes

  • While Candace puts on her bike gloves, her eyelashes disappear.
  • In the last frame of the finish line scene, the word is backwards and the new Fireside Girl is missing.
  • When Candace gets Mom to the bicycle Candace has her camera, though she threw it in the sink. In the next scene she doesn't have it.
  • When Baljeet was riding his bike down the stairs, when he was "ah-ah-ah-ah-ah"ing, his mouth didn't move.
  • When Phineas passes Gretchen, she is seen wearing Milly's mary janes instead of her normal shoes.

    Those are Milly's shoe

  • When Candace puts Linda in the bicycle basket, Linda takes the towel off her head revealing a bike helmet. When Linda gets out of the basket, she is shown with the towel back on her head.
  • When Candace is about to show mom what the boys are doing, they are high in the air; but a few scenes later, they're still riding down the hill. It's possible the scenes got moved around.
  • During the end credits, the whole time Isabella is heard laughing, but her mouth isn't moving a bit.
  • When Candace is in the boat, she is seen wearing her trademark shoes instead of the boots she wore for the episode.
  • When Candace goes "Noooo!" her mouth moves as if she was screaming.
  • Candace is wearing her safety gear when riding Linda to the last obstacle but when she is carrying Linda through the woods her safety gear is gone.
  • It is sunset when Baljeet sees the finish line, but when we see Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. later on it is still daytime. Then, when Baljeet wins, it is sunset again. Unless the D.E.I. scene took place earlier before sunset.
  • Candace couldn't have easily picked up Linda, took her to her bicycle and put her in the basket, then rode off, since Linda is heavier and is impossible for someone younger to carry.

Skiddley Whiffers

  • When the game started, Candace went before Baljeet. But when Candace got the winning turn, she was after Baljeet. (although it is shown that Skiddley Whiffers does have very strange rules so the turns could have gotten rearranged).
  • The hydrant stuck in Dr. Doofenshmirtz's leg only appears in one shot and disappears for the remainder of the episode. Also, he never had a hydrant stuck in his leg in any other appearances before or after.
  • As the beehive fell, it breaks in half, but when Doofenshmirtz takes the beehive to save Vanessa it is not broken.
  • When Candace wins again, she said she won 19 out of 24. But she only lost 1 to Phineas and 1 to Ferb. It's possible however that she's played and lost against Stacy or one of Phineas and Ferb's friends.
  • The T-shirts commemorate Perry's 999th lair entrance. However in "Misperceived Monotreme", he has his 100th battle with Dr. Doofenshmirtz. Since these battles occur essentially after each time he goes to the lair, the numbers are badly off—even if "entrance" counts both for getting assignments and debriefing afterward.
  • After Candace says "Yes, yes I did" a dark mark appears on the sky right next to her head.
  • Before Candace receives the die after Baljeet throws it to her madly, Candace appears in front of a hose. However, before she was thrown the die, she was seen on the corner of the sidewalk.
  • When Candace shows the scoreboard, she says that she had won the last 12 games in a row but there are more than 12 check marks in a row on her column.
  • Just before Doofenshmirtz throws the almanac, there's a frame where a tree in the background phases in front of his mouth.
  • Johnny's guitar orientation switches from right handed to left handed several times.
  • Lacie's earring switches ears a few times.
    Lacie eye error

    Lacie with eyelashes and heavy eyebrows.

  • As Vanessa is finishing her rant at Perry and Dr. Doofenshmirtz, Lacie has eyelashes and heavy, boy style eyebrows. (This by the way is the only time Lacie is seen with eyelashes and eyebrows in the entire series.)
  • When Linda was in the kitchen, she should have seen the game pieces out the window.
  • Linda should also have seen the game map, which somewhat didn't disappear.
  • Candace drags Linda out the large living room door to exit and accidently trips over the victory bell, when they could have easily just exited out the kitchen door.
  • When Candace enters the kitchen she runs from the right, but the kitchen entrance is on the left.

My Fair Goalie

  • A floating mustache and mouth is seen in the crowd of fans when the Nostrils' bus turns to go around a fallen tree.
  • The ball goes through the goalpost in the background when it shows the reporter talking about Football X-7
  • Buford doesn't know that Ferb's British in this episode, but he did in "Not Phineas and Ferb" (this might mean that this episode took place before "Not Phineas and Ferb"). It's more likely, however, that it was part of the gag about Ferb not being considered British by his cousins anymore.
  • Doofenshmirtz has noticeable beard stubble when ill, however, in "Crack That Whip" he says that he's unable to grow facial hair.
  • Before Eliza starts singing and during the song Lady Song:
    • She has four buttons on her shirt. The book she is holding goes in front of one of the buttons. When she moves the book, the button disappears, but reappears once it changes camera views.
    • She is holding one book, but when the song starts she puts three on her head.
    • Candace's leg is ahead of her skirt.
  • The garment that Baljeet returns to Ferb is not a unitard but a leotard because it doesn't have long legs.
  • When Eliza is explaining to Candace what "Anglophile" means, the end of her left arm is missing.
  • There's no reason for Carl's nose to be red. If he doesn't have nostrils then he wouldn't be able to blow his nose and make it sore from tissues.
  • There are only seven Snifferton Nostrils players on the bus when there are eleven players on a professional soccer team. However, some of them may have traveled separately.
  • In Phineas' flash back explaining Ferb's reluctance to play soccer:
    • One of Ferb's cousins is present;
    • There are at least four uniforms worn (not counting goalies);
    • When the players are walking onto the field, Katie has brown hair;
    • Several characters uniforms change color;
    • Part of the net on the far goal is in front of the goalie.
  • When the nets first appear they have four antennas but when Phineas kicks the ball into the net there is only two.
  • When Phineas is saying, "...he'll come through for us.", half moon glasses Beckham's shoe souls are clear.
  • When Ferb is standing next to Phineas, and he is holding the soccer ball, he has four legs.
  • When Baljeet calls for a pass the socks that of the person who passes the ball to him are blue, when Baljeet's team was wearing yellow socks, meaning the other team passed it to him.
  • In the Football X-7 stadium, the timer moves backward; in fact, in soccer, the timer goes forward. Of course, this could a be rule unique to Football X-7.
  • Right when Phineas says "Ferb! The E-flat above high C!" His eyes are bigger than usual but in the next shot his eyes are normal.
  • At the end when Jeremy and Eliza appear, Jeremy's skin is darker then before.
  • Buford plays an E-flat on the piccolo, but his fingering would produce an F#.
  • When Phineas is explaining why Ferb disappeared he says the incident happened in the middle of the third quarter. Soccer is played in halves.
  • When Pele is running with the ball from Phineas and Ferb, the white trim on Ferb's shirt is missing.
  • When Irving first appeared as referee and poured dry ice and then mentions that he brought dry ice, more dry ice was spewed out.

    What happened to Eliza's buttons?

  • During the line "Your posture must be perfect", Eliza's buttons are missing.


  • When the giant dart hits the center of the mark of the stage, the mark is seen but when Lawrence goes to Phineas and Ferb and shakes hands, the mark is gone.
  • On Linda's second errand out to pick up art supplies, she states that her sculpture needs feathers; however, feathers are not shown until several sculpture shots later (after the butcher meat has been added).
  • When Isabella says "Hi, Mrs Flynn-Fletcher", Linda's mouth is not visible.
  • During the beginning of the song, the same scientist can be seen both in the top row in the far right, and in the middle on the bottom row.
  • During the beginning of the song, Dr. Bloodpudding can be seen on both the left and right side of the stage.
  • Near the end of the song, after Dr. David Bringdown dances off the screen (to the right), he walks back in from the left a second after.
  • After the swimsuit competition, Lawrence has 8 points. But when the glare contest starts Lawrence has 6 points, then he has 0.
  • Technically, Doofenshmirtz made a Turn-Everything-Evil-Inator, not a Make-Everything-Evil-Izer, so Rodney would be right in that it isn't the same thing.
  • On the second Dart throw Baljeet says they are in the triple ring, and Buford says that they only in the one-point wedge, they are really on the double score ring of the 14-point wedge.
  • The Audience at the pageant constantly switched between members of L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. and what looked like an audience filled with actual people. Also, many of the L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. audience members looked the same or were sitting in multiple places at one time.
  • When Perry arrives to Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated he gets rid of his jetpack as he jumps to the window, later on when he goes to get Phineas and Ferb he has his jetpack again.
  • When the audience was casting their votes for the final event, their devices only had one button, making it impossible to chose one of three contestants.
  • The number 6106 (originally 9019) is not a Palindrome.

That's the Spirit

  • At the beginning of the episode, Phineas and Isabella were carrying candy in brown paper bags, but at the end of the episode, they are seen carrying jack-o-lanterns instead.
  • In the scene Phineas asks Russell to come with the gang in the haunted house, Russell's mouth is not moving.
  • Doof said that Halloween is "totally his thing" but in "Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation!", he said that he hates Halloween.
  • When Doofenshmirtz first transforms into a Were-Cow he has 8 teats on his udder. Through the rest of the episode he only has 4.
  • Isabella has wings on her dress, but when the group is shivering with fear while in the graveyard room and in the rest of the episode, Isabella has no wings on. (they might have fallen off in the shallow river)
  • Since Doofenshmirtz is male, he should have transformed into a Were-Bull instead of a Were-Cow (perhaps he turned in a Were-Cow because he combined brains with a cow, and being the fact that the brain of a cow and a bull are different, this could be the reason).
  • When Phineas says "Cool!" to Russell, the center of the jewel on his cape turns black.

The Curse of Candace

Stacy nose

Stacy with Candace's nose

  • When Stacy says "Speaking of 'stuck', what's up with this floor?", her nose looks like Candace's, and not hers.
  • Carl is able to smell the perfume on the letter, despite not having nostrils nor a sense of smell ("Ain't No Kiddie Ride"). The same error was also made in the episode "Brain Drain".
  • While Perry is approaching DEI, the door on the balcony is colored in, so that it looks like a wall.
  • During one scene, a trap in which Perry is in is not visible.
  • The rims of the sports car changed after it was transformed into a donkey and changed back into a car.
  • When Jeremy knocks on the door he than opens it when does not have a key to it. However the door may have already been unlocked.
  • In the scene where Candace avoids sunlight during the song, Candace is hiding behind the fire hydrant and the moment before she stands up, she disappears completely only to reappear in the next frame.
  • Candace is freaked out about her being a vampire, and a title card comes up that says 'Two minutes earlier'. It then shows Phineas and Ferb introducing their friends to the inventions. The title card says 'Two and a half minutes later'. But since approximately 30 seconds have elapsed when they were telling their friends the invention, so to get to the point where Candace was at the moment, the title card should have said 'One and a half minutes later'. The only other explanation is that Candace would have just been standing there for one full minute after realizing she's a vampire, although that is unlikely.
  • This error happens when Phineas and Ferb are explaining their inventions to their friends. After explaining Bambina's light and walk over to Baljeet they seem to throw their sunglasses on the ground, but the glasses disappear before they hit the ground.

Escape from Phineas Tower

  • Phineas pulls down the timer, but when he enters, the timer is in the "up" position.
  • When Phineas and Ferb were tied to the log, Ferb takes off his shoes and they fall, but he has them for the rest of the episode.
  • Buford's mallet suddenly appears in his hand. You can see this clearly right before he says "This sounds ill advised."
  • After Phineas goes in the tower he has different clothes on then when he is seen the next time.
  • When Doofenshmirtz thinks Roger has been hit by the inator, it is not possible that he could have been hit by the inator because no green flash zapped him.
  • When Roger is explaining his and the ambassador's ruse to the audience, he refers to the ambassador as, "Madam Mayor".
  • Every time the word "programmed" is used, captions spell it with one "M".

Lotsa Latkes

  • In the song Buford and Baljeet were singing, "Frenemies", right after the verse "you and I, we're not enemies or friends", Buford's baton was a cane for that brief moment. Then before the song ends, it was back to a normal baton.
  • Buford tossed his potato chip, but it was never taken out of the machine.
  • When Buford said 'For what?' his sock puppet blinked.
  • When Baljeet says to Buford "Phineas wants us to stall, we got to think of something!" and Buford replies with "Uhhh..." his freckles are gone.
  • Linda has no pockets, so she couldn't have put the newspaper in her pants if you look closely.
  • If you look closely right after Buford said "form a line", when he was not focused on when Phineas was speaking, he was mouthing "form a line".
  • Doofenshmirtz said that the Mongolian army couldn't understand them, because they do not speak or understand English. But when the army came face-to-face with the potato gremlins, they yelled "French fries!".
  • When the camera pans over to the gang after the army and potatoes disappear, Candace is smiling, when she should be deadpanned.
  • The Spudsalot and the potato gremlins were nowhere to be seen when disappearing, while Doofenshmirtz and the Mongols were there.
  • When Isabella was talking about "senior citizens riot" her eyebrows are outlined in blue instead of black.
  • A septuagenarian is actually defined as someone between 70 and 79, hence the "sept-" prefix, not 50 and 60. A person between 50 and 60 would actually be a quinquagenarian. However, Phineas did say septuagenarian as though it meant something other than a person on their fifties or sixties.
  • Monogram seems to express romantic interest in Charlene Doofenshmirtz, but it has been confirmed that he is married.

Ferb Latin

  • After Linda is off the phone with Candace, Lawrence asks for some pie, when he should be at work, as stated at the beginning of the episode. However, it is possible that he has come home early.
  • Doofenshmirtz said he gave Norm a dollar, but he actually gave Norm five dollars.
  • During the Ferb Latin song, while the gang is singing in the bridge, Ferb's belt is solid and more light colored instead of a line pattern.
    Buford's eyes error

    How Buford moved his eyes down to his nose.

  • When the song starts, there is an error in Buford's eyes and the same extra is used at the same time.
  • Candace didn't understand Ferb Latin so she should not have been able to speak it; Although she might have just guessed how to speak Ferb Latin from the way other people were talking.
  • Major Monogram's head moves from left to right.
  • When the jazz-hands guy was talking to Candace, he said "xcuse-eerb e-merb". The problem here is that "me" is only two letters long and should stay the same, so what he should have said was "xcuse-eerb me".
  • When Doofenshmirtz is in his lab, he said "Slap yourself" first before pressing the button and the words printed out was "Slap yourself". When Norm was flying in the air, Doofenshmirtz pressed the button first before saying "Talk Normal" and the words printed out was "Talk Normal".
  • Phineas has designed Ferb-Latin to be vegetarian safe, but upon parting you give the other person a slab of meat.
    • However, it must be noted that they're not actually eating the meat, they're just handing it to them.
  • While the gang was blowing raspberries to the Ice Cream Vendor one of Ferb's eyes is in a different direction.
  • During the song they explain that you move the first letter of every word to the end then say "-erb", but when they speak it they move all the consonants before the first vowel to the end of the word and add "-erb". So during the song when they use the example "snake" they should have moved the "sn" to the end not just the "s"; it should be "ake-snerb", not "nake-serb".
  • When the woman tells Candance the time, she says, "ee-therb enty-twerb", which would be "thee twenty", not "three twenty".
  • When Candace encountered the citizens speaking Ferb Latin, she could've used her phone to record their language as proof.

A Phineas and Ferb Family Christmas

  • Isabella came to the door with Phineas and Ferb to see Kelly Clarkson but after Phineas says "Oh, that's too bad. We'll have a seat, we'll have someone else sing.", she wasn't there.
  • When Major Monogram is singing his part of We Wish You A Merry Christmas, Carl is wearing his Christmas sweater but when it zooms out, Carl is wearing his regular clothes again.
  • During the last line of "Let It Snow", Isabella is wearing mittens with her outfit, but when she forms a "heart" sign over the Phineas silhouette on the window screen, she doesn't have any mittens on, but is wearing them again in the next scene. She could've taken her mittens off to form the "heart" sign. And throughout the song, her outfits change.
  • When Phineas is sad about Perry not being there, there are stockings on the mantle, but in when he is singing in We Wish You A Merry Christmas, he fires stockings on the mantle.
  • When Dr. Doofenshmirtz is checking out from the store after finishing his Christmas shopping but stopped when his Transport-Inator teleports him back to his building, the cashier reports, "Customer Vaporization on Aisle 4," when it happened on a checkout lane. He should have reported "Lane 4" instead.
  • When Baljeet and Buford sing, the piano music is one sheet, but after Buford talks to Baljeet, the piano music is two sheets, and after that the piano music is back to one piece.
  • Isabella says she celebrates Christmas and Hanukkah as stated in the song, but in "Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation", she says she only celebrates Hanukkah. Though she may have celebrated it before the other episode.
  • During "Let it Snow", in the close-up of Isabella forming a heart sign over the Phineas silhouette, look real closely at her sleeves. The cuffs aren't those of her sweater, they're those of her mittens. It appears she's wearing her mittens, but the hand part got cut off.
  • When Major Monogram sings sometimes it got written on the Board behind Carl "Marry Christmas" and sometimes "Merry Christmas"
  • During the finale of the song We Wish You A Merry Christmas, the extras' bodies disappeared for 2 frames or so before reappearing.
  • Just before the Transport-inator explodes, the fruitcakes stuck in it are purple.
  • When Phineas tells Isabella that Perry is still not here, the freckles on his head are in black outlines instead.

Tri-Stone Area

  • In some scenes, Gretchen is not wearing her glasses when Roger, Carl, and Bobbi are all seen wearing their glasses.
  • Before the song Zubada starts, only Phinabunk, Gerb, Can-tok, Bunka, Isabelock, Boofgard, Baljug, Jerabunk, and Mog and Da were seen but then, the Caveside Girls appear out of nowhere.
  • When Phinabunk sings the line "Ooh chaka ooh chaka" in the song, Gerb's nose briefly turns into an outlined square.
  • The first time Katie is seen, she does not have sandals on. The second time after, she has sandals when she shouldn't be wearing anything on her feet since it's her Caveside Girl ancestor who appears in Zubada.
  • When the mammoths trample Doofenshmirtz house, they go from left to right. But in Doofenshmirtz plans, Roger's house was on the left of Doofenshmirtz house. The mammoths would have to trample Roger's house too, which would have made Doofenshmirtz's plot a success.
  • When you first see Conk zoomed out, his foot isn't stuck in the ice, but the second time you see him zoomed out his foot is in the ice
  • In Zubada, when the Caveside Girls appear, Milly is not shown.

Doof Dynasty

Baljeet has two right hands?

Baljeet with three hands.

  • When Buford was standing on Baljeet's shoulders for a second time, Baljeet has 2 right hands.
  • Ferb's bigger eye was in front when Baljeet smacks the wood in "The Way of the Platypus".
  • The Great Wall was actually built in 50-15 B.C.
  • There was no armpit hair on the dragon.
  • When Phineas and the others visit Perry on the mountain, he only has 3 strands of hair but when he comes on the air glider, he has much more hair and it is in a bun.
  • When Doofus Khan is leading Princess Isabella to the dungeon tower and the spear hits the wall next to the door, the red ribbon quickly disappears, but when Phineas and Ferb save her, the ribbon stays on the spear.
  • When Doofus Khan sent Isabella to the dungeon tower, he locked the door so she couldn't escape. But when Phineas and Ferb arrive to save her, she opens the door from inside the cell.
  • Princess Isabella's footwear changes constantly throughout the episode. Particularly after exiting the dungeon tower when, at first she has black single strapped sandals, when she hugs Phineas the sandals are pink and as she gets on the banister she has on her modern sneakers (which is an error unto it's self).
  • When Doofus Khan's dragon is fighting the terracotta Warrior, the two people on the hill in front of them change.
  • When Candace shows Linda the terracotta warrior near the end, the warrior is really the noticeable rubble on the ground but for some reason, Linda didn't notice it.
  • The key on the giant terracotta warrior was not shown at first.
  • It is practically impossible to travel to space in 1542, like Phineas, Ferb, Buford, Baljeet and Perry did in the song, when spaceships and satellites did not exist.
  • Mahjong was actually first developed in the 19th century, not the 16th century when the episode took place in.
  • Phineas told Master Perry that the kngdom really needed him back, but Ming China wasn't a kingdom but rather an empire.
  • Isabella should be properly given the title of Empress instead of Princess, being the monarch of China.


  • When Malifishmertz attempts to trap Parable, he is up 3 stories. But, when he descends the stairs, he goes down 4 stories.
Phineas's eyes!

What happened to Phineas's eyes!?

  • When Phineas is talking about the unearthly rain, he blinks and his eyes disappear for a small moment.
  • Coffee wasn't invented in medieval England that time.
  • When milifenshmirtz was looking at Candavere when she was a monster , his staff's crystal ball blew off but when he turned himself into a monster to fight Parable his staff had the crystal ball.
  • When Parable is trapped in the cage by Malifishmertz, the meatlings seem to be comparable to Parable in height but when shown on Malifishmertz, they are roughly the same size as his hands.
  • When the gang departs from the Inn of the Prancing Platypus no one else can be seen in the restaurant, though there were many people before they left.
  • Phineas is heard saying "Ferb" instead of Ferbalot when Isabel told them to jump in the river (maybe because he wanted to use a short version).
  • The buttons on Carl's shirt constantly disappear at the end of the episode.
  • When everyone is in the Cave of Ten Thousand Monsters, Buford isn't wearing pants.
  • The feather on Parable's hat disappears and reappears randomly throughout the episode.
  • A stool appears next to Carl's chair after he takes a break from reading, then disappears later on in the story.
  • When Parable is laying on the rock and looks to see the monsters approaching his hind feet are colored blue.
  • When Phineas, Ferbalot, Baljeetalus, Bufavolus, and Isabel are in the Cave of Ten Thousand Monsters, Ferb-a-lot's hat is gone and doesn't reappear until the rest of the episode Phineas has no hat when everyone is saying "Oh", but when Phineas sees Ferb-a-lot with Excaliferb his hat reappears when he says that wasn't there something they had to do first.
  • Phineas warns Candavere not to look at Ferbalot when he's a gorgon but not when he's a cockatrice which also has a petrifying or a fatal gaze in some legends.
  • When Candavere is using Phineas and Ferb-a-lot's potions she pulls the blue one out of her pocket when she only stole the yellow and green ones which she carried by hand.
  • When the gang jumps off the cliff, Baljeetalus's right eye disappears.
  • The monsters in the battle, some of them are repeated.
  • At the Rocky, Shallow River of Nevermore, FerbaLot, Phineas, Bufavolous and Baljeetalus all jumped down at separate times. But few seconds later later, they are seen to be at approximately the same height, which should not be possible since free-falling objects fall at the same rate.
  • In the end credits, Bufavolous's name is misspelled as "Bulavolous".

Phineas and Ferb and the Temple of Juatchadoon

  • The map showing the location of Kathmandu depicts modern-day boundaries between countries; in 1914 Bangladesh, Pakistan and Burma were part of British India.
  • When Norm grabs Ohio and Rhode Island, he has his freckles, but when Ohio asks Doofenshmirtz why he was slow clapping, they were gone. When we came back to a full view of Norm, his freckles are back.
  • When everyone is running from the rats, Isabella's hair overlaps Ohio's nose.
322b - Can't Believe It
  • When the Perry the Platypus theme plays, Isabella is shown inside the cage with Ohio and Rhode Island while she should be trapped in the ditch with Vivian. When the scene shifts back to the ditch, she is there.
  • When the Perry the Platypus theme plays, the color order of the dancers on each side was red, pink, red, pink. When the song ends, the order on each side is pink, red, pink, red.
  • There's no door on the cage, just a lock and hinges attached to one of the bars.
    • The lock and hinges are on the same side.
    • A seam appears on some of the bars when the door is opened, but they vanish again once it's closed.
  • When Ohio is about to smash the Amulet, his neck overlaps his clothes for a moment.
  • Near the end, when the gang gets on the boat, Isabella is wearing her pith helmet, but after the shot of Baljeet and throughout the rest of the episode's duration, Isabella's pith helmet is taken off, but we don't know where she put it.
322b - Ruined Film
  • When Candace opens the back of her camera to check the film, her arm goes behind her body.
  • When Perry puts on his Fez, he takes his fedora off and leaves it with Monogram. Later, when he uses the gadgets in the fez and it flies off, he's wearing his fedora underneath the fez. However, he could have had another fedora.
  • The Panama Canal is not a sea-level canal as depicted in the episode, but rather a multi-level canal with locks to move ships up and down.
  • Fezzes (plural of fez) actually originated in Turkey, not Egypt. However, the Egyptian Army wore fezzes at that time so it makes sense.
  • In the very last shot of the boat going away, Rhode Island is suddenly dressed like his present counterpart and New Hampshire's pith helmet is missing.
  • During the shot of Isabella running on the spike roller, her eyes are black instead of blue.
  • Candace takes several photos in rapid succession without winding the film on. If the film hadn't been ruined anyway, all the exposures would have been superimposed, resulting in a blurred mess. Also, since she opens the camera without making sure the film is wound onto the take-up spool, the film would have been fogged in any case.
  • Snowmobiles had not been invented in 1914.

Monster from the Id

  • Shortly after meeting the Talking Zebra in "Deep Into Your Mind", Candace's belt is mis-colored white as she flies upwards out the room.
  • Phineas, Candace, and Irving all used contractions when they were talking in the backyard. However, it wasn't until Baljeet started using contractions that he got scared, even though he said he was scared of contractions, and could perfectly hear Phineas, Candace, and Irving. Also, he's heard and spoken contraction words in many other episodes.
  • For a split-second just after deactivating the Underwear-inator, Perry's briefs disappear.
  • The Mind Machine has been broken, but Buford is still in Candace's mind.
  • The Underwear-inator should have had no effect on Norm or Doofenshmitz, considering Norm is a robot and doesn't wear clothes (or underwear for that matter) and Doofenshmirtz was already in his underwear. It makes sense that it would work on Perry because he has been seen wearing underwear under his fur ("Unfair Science Fair", "Perry Lays an Egg").
  • In Doofenshmirtz's underwear flashback when he takes them off they are Faded Brown instead of white.
  • When the monster of the id hits Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Baljeet, and Jeremy, Baljeet is behind a tree in the forest of memory. Also he couldn't be sitting in the middle of the tree after the monster hit it unless he was pushing up against it.
  • Perry was wearing contact lens to try to escape the rope trap. When Doofenshmirtz caught him doing that he took it and destroyed it like it was glass. Contacts are made of plastic, they don't break that easily. 
  • Pinhead Pierre actress and Cindy appear in two places in Baljeet's flashback to Psychology camp.
    Psy camp

    Two Cindys and two PPAs at Psychology camp


  • Candace said she pressed the door button ten times, but she only pressed it six (though she may have simply exaggerated for emphasis).
  • When Doofenshmirtz's head stuck with a turkey, he is shown using a pilot coat, and when Perry released the turkey out, Doofenshmirtz is shown using his lab coat.
Isabella w-o bow

Isabella without her bow

  • When Phineas introduce Candace that ants entered the information stage, Isabella's bow is missing.
  • In the song Ants, they say "We can lift 10 times our body weight", but in reality, ants actually lift 50 times their body weight.
    • In reality, Phineas, Ferb, Baljeet, or Isabella shouldn't have been able to lift 10 or 50 times their weight since they are still humans.
  • In one scene, Baljeet's mouth is missing.
  • When Phineas and his friends go into the ant farm the door opens to the right side. But, when Candace goes into the farm it opens to the left side.
  • When the turkey was going to get stuck in Doofenshmirtz's head, his goggles are missing.
  • Phineas enters the ant farm and he doesn't close the door. Candace comes and the door is closed.
  • When Phineas and Ferb compliment Candace on her queenship, Ferb's hair is outlined blue.
  • When the kids are looking up at Candace as Phineas says the ants think Candace is the queen, Isabella's ant headband is orange instead of red.
  • Linda attends a Famous Statues Life Drawing class every Wednesday as said by her in the episode, but in "It's a Mud, Mud, Mud, Mud World", which took place on a Wednesday, she went to Cooking School.
  • They did not need to see the scale model first, since the real giant ant farm can easily be seen.

The Remains of the Platypus

  • Perry's hat changes sizes throughout the episode. Once it is shown to be the size of a hand, and another part is shown when his hat is larger.
  • When Perry fights Doofenshmirtz, the text that he wrote on his chest disappears.
  • Phineas refers to his statement "Dump it there like a caged guy in a squirrel costume," as a metaphor, rather than a simile. Though a simile can be considered to be a type of metaphor.
    • The same thing goes for the above when Doofenshmirtz said "Well, it looks like fate has dumped our mysterious guest like an immense pile of assorted cheeses, onto the lawn of my evil lab. It's a strange metaphor, but I stand by it."
  • When Carl contacts Major Monogram after finding Agent P's hat, the background behind Monogram changes from the Agency, to triangles, and back again.
  • While Agent P was Doofenshmirtz's butler he razors his legs, but when he rips his clothes off, his legs are hairy again.
  • When Carl contacts Major Monogram at the cheese eating contest, the view from Carl's wrist communicator is from Monogram's left hand, but when the scene changes to Major Monogram he is not wearing his wrist communicator (on either hand).
  • When Major Monogram says that Carl's zipper is totally visible, this is the only time the zipper is visible.
  • Technically, a solid object turning into gas is not vaporization, but it is sublimation.
  • Before Linda calls Candace, Candace has sleeves.
  • At the end when the kids return to the backyard, they are lit like its daytime but when Buford says "And scene" Phineas and Ferb are lit like its dark but not Buford, Baljeet and Isabella.
  • Linda should've seen Cheese-topia from the driveway or the front yard.
    • The same can be said for several of the boys' inventions, so perhaps Linda just isn't very observant or she has plausible deniability, since her VA personally felt Linda knew what was going on the whole time.
  • From the point where Candace drags Linda to the gate to when Cheese-topia gets vaporized, it appears for Linda to take several seconds for her to get to the gate even if it's only a few feet away from her car, unless she was being dragged to the gate at the same time as Cheese-topia got vaporized or after it got vaporized, but the scenes were shown at different times for obvious reasons.
  • When Cheese-topia got vaporized, there should've been a scorch mark on the grass where it stood.

Mom's in the House

  • Perry enters D.E.I. with a pair of wings and is trapped in the cage, but later on the wings disappear while he is in the cage.
  • Although the first head to be duplicated was created first, it was the last to disappear, longer than the others created which should have lasted only for 3 minutes.
  • When Doofenshmirtz's first head tells Doofenshmirtz to hit him, Doofenshmirtz hits the Duplicator-Inator 2 button 3 times, hitting Perry's hand and tail. But in the next scene, more than three of Perry's hands and tail were shown.
  • Before Doofenshmirtz throws his duplicate head, his hair is dark brown instead of light brown.
  • Candace knocks on the bathroom door to get Mom out, but the door is for Mom's bedroom. (Identified by the pictures on either side)
    • In addition, when Candace runs from the door to upstairs, she shouldn't as both the bathroom and Mom's room are on the top floor, not the bottom.
  • When Doofenshmirtz's second head is yelling at him for accidentally letting Perry out of the cage, Doofenshmirtz's eyes are red.
  • This episode reveals that there is an empty lot next door to the Flynn-Fletcher house, but in previous episodes, there is another house in that empty lot.
    Blue Hair Error

    Error on Isabella's hair color

  • After the song Perrytronic, while Candace is telling the boys she is telling her mother, Isabella's hair is all blue.
  • When Linda looked out the window seeing the fence of the duplicated house, she should've seen the house itself.
  • On the word "Juvenile", the seventh Doofenshmirtz head's mouth moves, but the heads were heard saying in unison.
  • When Candace turns around to see the house duplicate, her eyelashes disappear.
  • The Perrytronic can be easily seen out the door as well as the window, so Candace would've told Linda to see it through the door instead.
  • Between the time Linda decides to stop working and Candace utters her "bust giggle", it takes a lot longer for Linda to follow her, perhaps the Doofenshmirtz scene after Linda's line took place at the same time as the previous scene.
  • Right before Perrytronic is hit by the Duplicator-inator there is an open panel on its stomach and some parts lying on the lawn but when the duplicate Perrytronic appears both Perrytronics are whole and the parts are gone.

Perry The Actorpus

  • While on the wheel-go-round in the park during Half A Day, Perry is shown to be lying in the center. When it zooms out, Perry is on the edge standing.
  • During the scene where Candace and the girls are huddled together in a group hug as she thanks them for everything, Candace's left arm is noticeably longer and fatter than her right arm. Also, the group hug isn't in a perfect circle, as Anne is too far away to have her left arm around one of the other girls (unknown if it's Danielle or Sunisa). That girl also has her right arm out as if she has it around Anne, but it is not seen around her shoulder. When the scene cuts to another view of the girls huddling as the Totally Tools bus pulls up, Anne and the other girl are seen with their arms around each other. Also, Mandy's right arm is invisible. In addition, in the first shot, the girls' eyes are open and they are looking at each other. However, in the second shot, their eyes are closed.

Let's Bounce

  • When Linda instructs Candace to put out 10 plates for the brunch, it should be 9 plates because there are 4 Johnson family members and 5 Flynn-Fletcher family members.
  • In one scene, it looks as if Isabella's foot is stuck inside a trampoline.
  • When they show Candace's fingers under the table, they are white.
  • When Doofenshmirtz and the Lincoln bot are falling towards Phineas and Ferb's backyard, we cut to a shot of the backyard but the Anti-Gravity Maximus isn't there.
  • When Candace was putting the book review book on top of the monster truck book, she actually did the opposite.
  • When Linda asks Candace to pour the OJ, the pitcher was filled with water, but in the next scene, the pitcher was filled with OJ.
  • In the scene where the Tell-the-truth-Inator was flying around collecting the trampolines, a yellow-colored trampoline suddenly appears, to be caught in the Inators way.
  • On Netflix, this episode was titled "Let's Dance". It's been fixed.
  • When Baljeet bounces between two trampolines. The color of the trampoline is purple and orange. But in the next scene, the colors are green and purple.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Ferb's eyes follow Phineas as he bounces in and out of frame, but while that is happening, they appear to be in two directions at once.
  • Even though the Anti-Gravity Maximus and trampolines disappeared, Candace could have busted her brothers for the anti gravity remote.
  • When Candace was passing out OJ, she didn't fill Suzy's cup
  • While Doofenshmirtz and Abraham Lincoln collect all the trampolines, the top left yellow trampoline they collect, as Doofenshmirtz and his ship were missing just for a frame.

Bully Bromance Breakup

  • When Baljeet draws a heart on his shirt, the drawing is gone in the next scene.
  • When Baljeet announces he is no longer Buford's nerd, Buford has no eyebrows.
  • When Buford removes the GPS tracking chip from Baljeet's overalls, it is on the wrong side.
  • When Buford put the bag of Tuff Gum on the counter, the pack was blue. Then when the cashier said the price, the pack of Tuff Gum turned tan and never turned blue again.
  • When Buford says he will spit on Baljeet's house on Doofenshmirtz's non-scale model of the Tri-State Area, he drools, not spits.
  • As Baljeet points at the mountain, his head grows bigger but in the next scene, his head became normal.
  • When Baljeet looked over to Danville, there is no sign on Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated.
  • When Buford rips "A nerd shaped hole" in his shirt, it is gone in the next scene.
  • When Doofenshmirtz is holding up Buford's matching jacket, Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated can be seen in the background, even though they are there.
  • The mountain that they climbed is the mountain that Isabella and the Fireside Girls lifted and transferred to the Tri-State Area in the episode "Phineas and Ferb-Busters!" but when they climbed it the mountain was on the original place again
  • Baljeet says he is free-climbing, but he has a harness (used to carry Phineas up the mountain).
  • When the inator shoots Doofenshmirtz, only his face was carved into the mountain, not his whole body.
  • During almost the entire episode, the skull on Buford's shirt is a darker shade of gray. Its unknown if this was intentional or not, due to the fact that it would be very unlikely that a mistake could run for an entire episode. When it was light gray, the eyes of the skull were red, not black.
  • When Baljeet gives Buford a wedgie, Buford's underwear is plain white, but when they use Buford's underwear as a parachute, his underwear is skull-print.
  • When Baljeet says "I cannot wait to tell Buford" after climbing the mountain, there are two Flynn-Fletcher houses.
  • When the shadow of the bird is on Doofenshmirtz, when he is sun bathing, the shadow of the statue should also be covering Doofenshmirtz.

Another Doofenshmirtz Evil, Inc.?

  • When Doofenshmirtz is showing Buford the jacket, another Doofenshmirtz Evil, Inc. building can be seen in the background.
  • At the end of the episode, when the -inator shoot the mountain the second time, the mountain was sculpted, but when the boys jump over the mountain it felt down.

Quietest Day Ever

  • Before Linda types the answer to the question to what you call a clever knitter, the whole answer simply appears in the answer box right when she says it, without even typing it in.
  • When the screen first shows the question "What do you call a clever knitter", there is a ball of yarn shown to the right of the question on the screen. However, when Candace is trying to show her mom the ninja outfit, it has a pink scarf on the right side of the question. In the very next shot, it changes back into a ball of yarn. Then, after a couple of shots, it turns back into a pink scarf.
  • In the scene that Roger Doofenshmirtz is giving Heinz the speech "You have finally grown into your looks", the top stripe on his tie changes directions.
  • When Doofenshmirtz gets his picture taken in the cafe, he has a surprised look on his face. In the picture he is handed, he looks confused.
  • Linda would've failed the knitting test, due to constant Candace interruptions and getting dragged away from the computer.
  • The same two questions appear on Linda's test instead of changing.
  • When Buford is chasing the others in his robot costume, one scene doesn't show his neck showing.
  • At the beginning when everyone is running, only Isabella is heard screaming despite everyone's mouths are open.
  • When Doofenshmirtz tries to blast Perry, the crowd is still there, but they all went to go read fashion magazines in the previous scene.
  • During the song I'm Handsome, during the line "My hair is wavy..." a woman in the background can be seen fainting over her windowsill. During the line "Take a picture..." she is seen fainting again the same way with the same awning that was near her, but coming in from a different direction. This is most likely due to the fact that Doofenshmirtz was animated separately, and they flipped the background to make it look different.
  • When Candace presses the remote to turn the TV on, the screen on the TV just gets darker.
  • In the hallway, Candace's room can be seen next to Phineas and Ferb's room, when it should be directly across from it. This error was also seen in "Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation!".
  • When the ninja suits are first seen folded they're outlined in red instead of each kid's respective color.
  • When Candace brings Linda out, Isabella is smiling, but whenever the camera zooms in on Linda Isabella is frowning, and her standing gesture is different.
  • Right when Candace brings Linda into the backyard, part of her hair goes over her shirt. Also at the same time, there are leaves in the place where the ninja suits were, but when Linda offers pie the leaves are gone. One leaf also overlaps a leg on Linda's chair.
  • When Linda says "this test is time sensitive" Candace's head outlines turn red like her suit.
  • The kids' ninja outfits are designed to hold tight against their heads so it appears they have no hair. However, Candace's suit is designed so it has the same shape as her hair.
  • When first seen, the commemorative hot air balloons have passengers but later, when seen from Roger and Heinz point of view, none have passengers.

The Doonkelberry Imperative

  • The entire plot of the shaft is incorrect. If the shaft would not turn, that can only happen if the goats on both ends are all turning in the same direction. By walking in opposite directions, they were already positioned properly.
  • Ferb cuts the shaft from the middle. It being such a long and obviously heavy shaft, still doesn't fall into 2 seperate pieces.
  • Phineas and Ferb made the goats go in different directions, but when their change of directions is being shown, both sides are going clockwise, yet people still think that they were going different directions.
    • In the same scene, the mechanism on the right is turning in the opposite direction that the goats are moving in.
  • Phineas does not address the problem that after their modification, half of the devices in Drusselstein will now spin in reverse.
    • Since the devices are belt-driven, this can presumably be fixed by making half of the belts into figure 8s.
  • There should be a gap between the two halves of the shaft to prevent them from butting together.
  • Before Doofenshmirtz begins his driving test, there is a "Gauntlet" sign and carved statues next to the car.  In the next shot, both the sign and the statues disappear.
  • When Perry throws the letter from Major Monogram away, Monogram's eyes and mustache are red.
  • When Perry is in the car with Heinz, the flower on his rockenhosen is gone. In the next scene, the flower is back.
  • The driving instructor is never actually in the car for the test, as he was standing next to it when the goat pushed them off the cliff.
  • When Doofenshmirtz is done with the driving test he is bald. Right after, his hair comes back.
  • Just before Doofenshmirtz is about to start the driving test, the shot shows that he is on a cliff. The previous shot shows a longer road.
  • When Candace mentions the rocket disappearing, it was actually Linda's fault that made the rocket fly away.
    • She also mentions the stampeding cows disappearing, but the cows did not disappear, they were gathered back into a corral.
  • When Zengle shows a map of Drusselstein, it is shown "sfa oe" instead of "sea of".
  • When Isabella holds up her sash, the diamond patch is orange when it should be teal.
  • When Candace goes to the library there is a stop sign out front that is printed backwards.
  • DirecTV lists the name of this episode as "The Doonkleberry Imperative" rather than "The Doonkelberry Imperative".

Meapless in Seattle

  • When Meap is in the crane grabbing Doofenshmirtz, he's not wearing his Translator Mustache, but in his spaceship, he's suddenly wearing it again.
  • When Doofenshmirtz finds Balloony, all of Mitch's robots' eyes are gray, instead of orange.
  • Right before Mitch exits his suit his left eye suddenly has a scar on it. Even if the suit was somehow magically hiding the scar it should not have been showing before he got out.
  • After Meap's friends fall for Mitch's cuteness, the camera shows a long shot of Phineas on the balcony, but his eyes are normal. In the next shot, his eyes are dilated again.
  • When Isabella tries to get Phineas' attention while looking through her mirror, she is shown with no visor on. However, seconds later she removes her visor to get Phineas out of his cute trance.
  • When Isabella snaps Phineas out of his "cute trance" her boots are light pink, but when she grabs onto the rope, her boots are orange.
  • When Isabella is swinging down to save Meap from Mitch, she is wearing her normal shoes again, instead of the red boots.
  • When Isabella is going to swing down to save Meap, her eyes turn white for a single frame.
5 fingered Izzie

Isabella has an extra finger

  • When Isabella lands after swinging down from the rope, she has five fingers instead of four.
  • After Phineas and Ferb slides down the ropes, their ropes disappeared when the camera cuts to Candace coming down her rope.
  • When Perry and Peter were trapped by the robots, Peter's pupils were gone and when they were watching Doofenshmirtz cry in misery, Peter wasn't paying attention.
  • When Meap thanked the gang, Candace's hair is in front of her chest.
  • In Split Personality, it shown that Doof can't swim. But he's seen in the swimming pool with Balloony in this episode.

Delivery of Destiny

  • Love Händel never entered Doofenshmirtz's apartment (at least not during the second time Paul was there, when they accompanied him there for the first time) as they were still climbing the stairs by the time Paul had completed the delivery; though they figured out faster than Paul did that the platypus Major Monogram was talking about was the same platypus he saw in the apartment trapped in the cage. However, their previous memories of Perry may not have been erased. (Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension)
  • When Love Händel is sliding down the tube in O.W.C.A., Swampy's tie is going through his arm.
  • The package that Paul has to deliver to Dr. Doofenshmirtz is mis-labeled:
    Dr Heinz Dooferschirtz
    DEi Entey prites
    DEI Pisze
    • When Paul finally gets the package up the stairs, the label changes:
      Dr.Heinz Dootfenachmirtz
      DEI Enter Prites
      DEI Pisze
    • The package has two labels on it. With this change, the city on the two labels also change to different misspellings. One reads "Danrille" and the other reads "Danriue".
  • In the 1960s the major manufacturers standardized putting Neutral between Reverse and Drive on the automatic transmission selector. The gear pattern on the Hightail Delivery van is PNRDTURBO, for Park-Neutral-Reverse-Drive (and Turbo!) meaning that Paul might accidentally slip into reverse on his way to Drive if he is distracted or the selector mechanism is worn.
  • When Paul makes the emergency delivery to Agent P and engages the Turbo gear on his van, he passes the same two cars on the same street in the same manner as he did before.
  • When Paul asks Major Monogram to fill out the 237 form, he says, "You keep the pink copy, the blue copy's mine!" This is intended to underscore his own maturity since the beginning of the episode, where he forgets which color copy of the form he should keep, and which copy belongs to the Phineas and Ferb. Unfortunately, the color copy that Major Monogram would receive, should be neither pink nor blue, since pink would be for Agent P (the recipient of the package) and blue would only be left after he completed the delivery.
  • During "Kitty in a Box" when they sing kitty in a box, the lyrics read "almost as fun as a genie in a box" while the closed captions read "almost as fun as a kitty in socks".

Buford Confidential

  • In the song Runnin' from Love (In a Bear Suit), there is a reference to the myth of lemmings committing mass suicides by jumping off cliffs. The myth is false, and lemmings make mass migrations when there are too many lemmings in one area. Inevitably, some die along the way by drowning in rivers, getting eaten, etc.
  • Brigitte's eye color changes from blue to purple, when Buford was beginning to wonder that if he showed everyone that he is in love, it would ruin his tough guy image.
  • When Isabella says that Brigitte is really serious about getting the patch, Collette and Josette say "Oui" but only Josette's mouth moves. At the same time, Josette's eye color changes to brown.
  • Brigitte didn't take off her shoes before she went in the water to chase Buford.
  • Technically, pretzels can also be straight.
  • When Phineas says "Go get em, girls!" his shoelaces are missing, and after he tells Clyde he's on the right track, he appears to be wearing socks when he shouldn't be.
  • In Indonesia, Isabella greets Brigitte with English.
  • Based on the sound effect lines eminating from the long row of door frames at the entrance to Doofenshmirtz lab, there isn't enough room for the doors to fall down after being kicked down by Perry.

The Mom Attractor

  • When Phineas was holding onto Perry, his pupils changes size on one scene. In the next scene, it is back to normal.
  • Before Perry hit Doofenshmirtz with a giant pacifier, one of his eyes disappears.
  • Candace switches from her swimsuit to her regular outfit between the time she starts chasing after Linda and the point where she catches her.
  • When the gorilla leaves, he breaks down some of the wall and the door, but later, it's only the wall that's broken down while the door is fixed.
  • When Candace runs before saying "Wait, Mom!", one square of her head becomes the color of the sky for a single frame.
  • During the song We Are the Moms when the moms were marching to DEI there is a punk style mom with an identical twin at the background marching.

Cranius Maximus

  • Playing cards actually originated in China, not India, so Ferb and Baljeet were both wrong.
  • When Doofenshmirtz catches Perry, his shirt starts out white, but when he is putting his pants on, it turns black.
  • Baljeet's pocket disappeared and reappeared throughout the episode.
  • In the scene where Baljeet sees the decoy models of the gang, it's shown Ferb before Isabella but when the camera jumps to the backyard it's the opposite, and their gestures are different.
    • Also, the tree is not seen. At the same time, the tape recorder is behind the decoys, but before that shot it was nowhere to be seen.
  • When Baljeet is trying to stop Phineas and his friends a lever is out of place.
  • Candace complains that the tower was here just a second ago, but the time between the wedgie machine pulls the tower into space and she says that is actually nine seconds in real time. (though she could've been exaggerating)
  • When the song begins, at one point Isabella's right bangs are the same color as the sky.
  • In the last shot, Candace's eyes flicker from black to blue and vice versa.

Agent Doof

  • Before Isabella was hit with the Babe-inator, she was wearing her Fireside outfit, but after she was hit, she switches to her regular pink outfit.
  • Some of the Fireside Girls have their sashes on their right shoulders instead of their left before and after getting affected by the Babe-inator.
  • During one part of "Here's Why It is Great to Be a Baby", Phineas, Ferb, and Candace were in their own house, despite being in the store before, for most of, and after the song. They also seem also to appear in Isabella's kitchen in one shot.
  • Linda should've gotten a little suspicious when she saw the picture of Phineas and Ferb as babies because they didn't meet each other until they were at least 5 years old as seen in "Phineas and Ferb Get Busted!" and Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension.
  • If Perry jumped through the hologram of Dr. Diminutive, Dr. Diminutive shouldn't have been able to open the door to them.
  • Candace was eating health squares but they were cylinders.
  • The sign said "Danny The Dinosaur's Baby Stuff Emporium," but Danny looked like a dragon, not a dinosaur.
  • After Katie got affected from the Babe-inator, her party hat turns orange.
  • The skin on Ginger's legs changed colors after she got hit with the Babe-inator.
  • When Carl is washing Monogram's car, a handicap spot marker was on the ground in the space above the car. When Doofenshmirtz blows up the car the handicap space marker is gone.
  • After Candace decides that she is going to buy them toys, when she places Ferb back down, the seat belt in his seat automatically appears without Candace putting it on.
  • When Candace took the photo of baby Phineas and Ferb, she should've included herself in the picture before sending it. Also, Linda should have remembered that Phineas and Ferb would not have any baby pictures together, since they are only step-siblings and did not know each other when they were babies.

Minor Monogram

  • When they are clapping when the growth accelerator, Buford's skull on his shirt is missing.
  • When Major Monogram is about to tell Monty something, Carl can be seen walking up on the right of the screen. He disappears in the next shot.
  • 640px-547267 421189221250248 1683353262 n

    Shoe Sole Disappeared

    While the gang is eating candy apples inside the giant pile of leaves, Phineas and Ferb's shoe soles disappeared.
  • When the Tri-State Area is placed back into its spot in the ground, Isabella's hair is out of the gourd hat. When Linda arrives, her hair is back in the gourd hat.
Vanessa with 5 fingers

Vanessa has 5 fingers when she should have 4

  • At the end when Perry is about to stare in shock due to Vanessa starting to like Monty, Vanessa's right hand noticablly has five fingers when she should actually have four, like every character on the show.
  • When Candace slides through the leaves, she is screaming, but she's smiling.
  • Candace drags Mom to the kitchen door, but when they get to the backyard they exit through the large living room door. Though this could possibly mean Candace is used to taking that door, it's also possible this took place between the time the leaves blew away.
  • Linda should've seen the leaves outside the kitchen window.
  • If the leaves outside were blown away, the ones Candace left in the house should stil be there.
  • Doofenshmirtz opens the top of his building by pushing a button on the wall, but in Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Across the Second Dimension, his second dimension counterpart opens it with a lever.
  • Rodrigo thinks that Vanessa is not Doofenshmirtz's daughter but earlier in the episode Vanessa calls him dad. So he should know that she was his daughter.

What A Croc!

  • During the song, the color of the jet-skis changes from green/yellow to orange/red and vice-versa throughout the chase.
  • When Candace is sitting on the chicken, her life vest is gone, but when she runs to get Irving's UPAFDS, she is seen wearing her life vest.
  • After Perry closes the door, the door gets back to its original spot by itself.

Milly suddenly appeared in Holly's place

  • During the chase scene in the canal, after Phineas and Irving change places, Milly can be seen briefly with Phineas instead of Holly.
  • The song stated a crocodile's eyes are black, but Crikey's are red.
  • Sometimes Irving's eyebrows are black, but other times they are orange.

Sleepwalk Surprise

  • When the inators were being pushed off the balcony, the Confetti-inator became the Cake-inator, the Cake-inator became the Hug-inator, and the Hug-inator became the Confetti-inator.
  • When Perry is leaving his lair, his eye is still in his chair and is not ejected along with his body.
  • Near the end, when Jeremy says "Oh, great" his eyebrows disappear.

Sci-Fi Pie Fly

  • When Candace was eating cereal she puts milk on it even though she is lactose intolerant, but it might have been rice, almond, or soy milk.
  • When Doofenshmirtz reveals his Dough-Blow-inator, his lab coat falls off. However, when he first appears at the Pizza Day Festival, he has his lab coat back on. This could indicate that he just simply put on a new one before he left.
  • When Candace is watching the UFO news, one of the news channel is in Spanish and incorrectly calls it "el U.F.O." In reality the Spanish word for UFO is 'OVNI' (Objecto Volador No Identificado).
  • When Stacy called Candace and when Candace put her phone down on the couch during the song Candace's phone was on the table although Candace could have put her phone on the table.
  • From the angle Linda was looking through the window, she should have been able to see the saucer.

Sipping with the Enemy

  • On Doofenshmirtz's ways back on refilling his inator, he should've seen Vanessa dating with Monty.

Tri-State Treasure: Boot of Secrets

  • In the beginning of the episode, Ferb's big eye is on the wrong side of his face.


  • Since Phineas and Ferb's invention was reversed to make Candace solid again, the duplicate should have been made the same way, and therefore, neither of them should have melted. This is unless the device still had the melting ability or that Phineas and Ferb changed it back.
  • At the tea set with Perry and Doofenshmirtz, the chairs are blue and then turn green.
  • When Candace ends her call with Stacy, the bottom half of her socks are missing.
  • Though Isabella is not supposed to have eyebrows, she is shown with eyebrows during the first scene with the smoothies.
  • When they are playing cards Doofenshmirtz is holding only four cards.
  • Linda should've seen the device when she went to the backyard to see the Candace puddles.
  • The device was next to Candace when she gets zapped but when seen from Linda's perspective, the device is gone, and the Candace puddles are near the tree rather than by the door.
  • When the kids are drinking their smoothies the telephone wire above them isn't connected to anything, it's just floating in the air near a pole.
  • When the camera zooms in on Doofenshmirtz in the beginning of the Platypus Fight, his eyes have the same brown color as Perry's. In the next shot, they're blue again.

Norm Unleashed

  • As Perry falls through the chute, his tail disappears until he lands at the Noodle House.
  • While in jail, Doofenshmirtz goes from wearing black slippers to his normal dress shoes.
  • The giant acorn Perry makes is bigger than him, but in the next scene it is smaller.
  • While Phineas is turning the nanobots in different shapes Phineas's hand is in the wrong position

Where's Perry?

  • The gate number the Flynn-Fletchers depart from switches between C29 on the outside, and 32B on the inside.
  • When the Flynn-Fletchers are in the airport and on the plane, the sky was changing colors.
  • There are currently no flights into Jomo Kenyatta International Airport that are eighteen hours in length.
    • In addition, there are no flights to and from the United States to Jomo Kenyatta airport.

Isabella's bow has another "beak".

  • When Isabella is wearing her sash, the diamond patch is orange instead of teal, like in "The Great Indoors". Also, at the same time at one point, the highlights in her bangs are gone.
  • When Buford and Baljeet are complaining about who sits in the middle seat, Isabella's bow has another "beak" and her sash has no patches on it.
  • Doofenshmirtz should have known about Carl being employed by the OWCA, he has even referred to Carl as "the intern".
    • However, it has been confirmed that the episodes are not always produced or aired in chronological order, so it is possible this is not an error.
  • At one point during the song, Isabella's mouth turns black for a single frame.

Where's Perry? (Part Two)

  • Perry was on the other side of a cliff from Carl when the kids fell into the water, but seconds later Carl and all the robots are on the same side as Perry.
  • After being turned good again, Carl stands up next to a piece of robot arm. It's colored white, but when Carl picks it up its colored like Monogram's uniform. This is two errors, one being the color switch and two that Robot Monogram was shut off intact.
  • When Perry hugs the photo after the battle, the photo is flipped.
  • Ring-tailed lemurs were one of the creatures encountered by Perry in Africa. However, these species are only found in Madagascar.
  • Major Monogram is not wearing a leotard as he stated, he was wearing a unitard because of the fact that it had long legs.
  • When Baljeet is bragging about how brains just saved Buford, he is no longer holding the vine that he just roped Buford with and Buford is tied to the same vine Baljeet is hanging from.
  • During the second part of the episode, when the scene changed to Doofenshmirtz and Major Monogram on the plane and the camera angle was at Monogram he was wearing the headset, but when the angle was to Doofenshmirtz he wasn't wearing it.
  • George Shaw actually published the first description of the platypus in 1799, not '98 as Ferb says.
  • The Jet that Major Monogram and Heinz came on smashed several robots with rocks. But when Candace robot prepares to attack, the same robots smashed by the rocks are then not under it anymore and are again roaming the battlefield.

Ferb TV

  • In the close-up of Isabella putting her beret on, her red hair bow is much smaller in size.
  • The Narrator from Dancing with the Bears said that Sherman is from an 80's band but in reality he's from a 90's band. However, Love Händel did start out in the 80s, with their earliest known concert being Detroit 1984.
  • When the camera pans across the Fireside Girls saluting, Milly's collar is the same color as her shirt.
  • In the last shot of the episode, Ferb's belt is brown.
  • When Buford smashes the olive with a toothpick inside, the tooth pick disappears.
  • When Ducky Momo walks offscreen he appears to be walking on the stream.
  • On "That's The Norm" theme song when Suzy breaks her teapot it disappears.

When Worlds Collide

  • Phineas's eyes are pointing in different directions when they built the spring.
  • When Perry first enters Doofenshmirtz's lair, he passes a box with a green gauge on it..  When he hits the Double Dutch machine and starts jumping, the gauge box disappears, then re-appears when Doofenshmirtz comes out to greet him.
  • When the second time Perry and Doofenshmirtz touch the Double Dutch machine accidentally, Doofenshmirtz's panda designed slippers disappeared and he began to Double Dutch barefoot.
  • When the whalemingoes' planet lands on the spring, Isabella is walking up next to Phineas, but when she goes to grab his hand, Ferb is between them, and remains there the rest of the scene (although, this might have been intentional due to Ferb's occasional "unexplainable" moments ("Escape from Phineas Tower").
  • When Doofenshmirtz first shows the picture of the World's Largest Ball of Twine only the Farmer is in the shot to the left side of the picture. When Doofenshmirtz breaks the blackboard the Farmer and his Wife are in the picture on the right side of it.

Perry's tail is underneath the Double Dutch machine.

  • When Doofenshmirtz is telling Perry the Platypus to back up to stay out of the way of the World's Largest Ball of Twine, a layering error causes Perry's tail to appear to be underneath the Double Dutch machine.
  • At the end of the episode, Phineas is seen running inside with the others. As Perry lands on the deckchair, Phineas is still outside and looks at Perry slightly off model.
  • If The Bust Accord was signed on May 6, that would imply the boys started inventing before Summer, which is wrong if what Candace said in "Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation!" is true. (Note: This may not be an error because it is possible that Candace has tried to bust her brothers for things other than their inventions)
    • In addition, Linda says the accord was written "two weeks ago", and May 6 is waaaaay before summer.
  • Based on the laser coming from Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated, the whalemingo planet should have been drawn to Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated, and not the Flynn-Fletcher house.
  • Buford believes in aliens, contradicting an early statement in "Sci-Fi Pie Fly".
  • When Perry enters his lair, Major Monogram's screen is normal. However, this episode takes place during the same day of "Gi-Ants" and Carl broke the screen playing croquet.
  • If you look closely at the Bust Accord, "During" in "During a date with Jeremy" is not capitalized.
  • One of the rules of the Bust Accord states Candace can't bust while Linda was at the beauty salon, which has happened in "The Magnificent Few".
  • The Whalemingo planet is no bigger than a city, but still has earth's level of gravity.
  • When Tristan and Buford hug at the end Tristan's body is on the Whalemingo planet and they're heads are at the same level, but the Whalemingo planet's gravity is only effecting Tristan.

What'd I Miss?

  • When Baljeet says he was practicing his Ferb impression, his eyes didn't overlap like Ferb's.
  • Buford's other eye is pointed in the wrong direction. It should be pointed at Phineas and Ferb's mom.
  • When Buford steps on the wind-up car during "Be a Squirrel", the hood is gray but when he shakes his head responding to the squirrel's failure, then the hood was back to tan which was the toy car's color.
  • When Phineas draws the checks, they are black at first, then when he lifts his pencil they are gray.
  • Doofenshmirtz says his contest victory was the first time he ever won something, but he won the Inator Creator contest in "Robot Rodeo." However, this may be the first time he won something legitimately instead of by default. It may also mean that this episode takes place before "Robot Rodeo."
  • The time between Candace was dragging Linda to the backyard to the time the squirrels surfed away seemed to take several minutes or seconds for them to come out, even though Candace and Linda were already in the living room almost to the door. Unless the squirrels surfed away before Candace was taking Linda, and the scenes were accidently switched for an unknown reason.

Road to Danville

  • Baljeet uses a contraction when he says "Where's Perry?", but in "Monster from the Id" he is afraid of them and Phineas and Ferb didn't cure his fear. Although he may have conquered his fear in the meantime.
  • When Doof says "Why do we always see cow skulls in the desert?", Agent P's hat is a shade of black and blue. In the next scene, The shade is back to normal.
  • In Spain this episode was titled "Cuando los Mundos Chocan" ("When the Worlds Collide"), for unknown reasons.
  • During the song "Heck of a Day", Doofenshmirtz tapped his right arm to show that it is titanium. However, when they were in front of the junkyard, Doofenshmirtz tapped his left arm instead to show that it is titanium.
  • After Doofenshmirtz arrives in the play, several recoloured Slacks or other can be seen more than one time.

This Is Your Backstory

  • In this episode is mentioned that Doofenshmirtz emigrated to the US when he was 16 years old (or about), but in "Oil on Candace" he mentions that he attended college in Gimmelshtump. However, he could have gone back to Gimmelshtump later to attend college.
  • This is your backstory 3
    In the clips of Doofenshmirtz's failing schemes, when Perry is rescuing Doofenshmirtz from the exploding hideout his fedora is gray.
  • Doofenshmirtz said he had to become a lawn gnome because his family was poor, but according to Doofenshmirtz in "Got Game" his family became rich with their award winning dog and then he became a lawn gnome.
  • Doofenshmirtz said that the cake was later confiscated because there was a two person minimum, but in the episode "Raging Bully" he said in his backstory that he took the cake home but on the way he was attacked by bats.
  • During the same song, in the mirror part of Doofenshmirtz's hand dissapears on both sides.
  • How could Balloony be popped if he was fixed at the end of Meapless in Seattle?
  • How was Doofenshmirtz able to be born if his mother wasn't there?
  • The Gnome-o-meter was at the number 2000 after his flashback to America, when it was all the way down and it wasn't even close to being tragic enough to reach the number.


  • In the dark, when a man is feeling bad for Doofenshmirtz, he walks in front of Doofenshmirtz. However, only his eyes can be seen when he walks in front of Doofenshmirtz's big sad eyes.
  • Candace puts on a lead apron and mouth guard just before riding the invention. However, during "What is This Thing?", she is never seen with the apron on and the mouth guard isn't visible in her mouth. However, she did say she thinks she swallowed the mouth guard.
  • When Baljeet describes Buford's voice as "if sandpaper and a washboard had a baby", his eyes are blue instead of brown.
  • During "What Is This Thing?", the episode's closed captions replace the lyrics "I'm not sure that it translates" with "Electromatic transfix".
  • Missing head error

    Where's Candace's head?

    There are a few spots throughout the episode where a characters head is missing where they should've come into view.


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