Errors and goofs that occurred in episodes of Phineas and Ferb during Season 1.

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  • In "Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo" and "Rollercoaster: The Musical!", Candace states that this date was the first day of the summer, but Linda states that Candace told her about another of the boys' ideas, making it at least the second day. Although it may have happened before the last day of school.
    • In the episode "Phineas and Ferb Get Busted!", a flashback showed that when Phineas and Ferb with little kids, they built a giant toy bus with robotic dolls in them, meaning that they've been doing weird things ever since they were little kids. So, given that information, it's very possible that they could have built the monkey farm anytime before the summer began, making it safe to say that this is the first day of summer.
    • It can be argued that because that was all just a dream, it might not have happened, however, in the episode "Act Your Age", a flashback during the song showed that Phineas was building a giant robot as a baby and a giant popcorn machine when he was a toddler, meaning that they've pretty much been doing this stuff for the majority of their entire lives.
  • When the boys were finished riding the rollercoaster at the start of the episode the usher said "please exit to the left" but if they did that they would have exited in the middle of the coaster.
  • Right after they started building the rollercoaster, it curves forward much earlier then it does when they ride the rollercoaster.
  • The boys borrow one of the 'contraptions' at the automotive factory in order to speed up the building process. The rail passes by Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated and continues past it. But as the kids are riding the rollercoaster later on, they ride on spiraling rails that wrap around the outside of the building.
ERROR 2 Katies

You can see 2 Katies (and Pedros) and some other people clones, but with other colors.

  • When Ferb goes on the stage before unveiling the rollercoaster, several characters appear in more than one place, with some having different coloration. An example of this are Katie and Pedro's duplicates who are not recolored.
  • Before the unveiling of the rollercoaster, when Katie and Ginger are seen from behind, they have their berets on, but when they're seen from the front, they aren't worn. They are also not wearing a sash.
    • When seen from behind, the Katies have only one pony tail, which is tied with a black band instead of a red one and their beret appears to be part of the pony tail.
    • There are several incarnations of Katie seen in the tent and walking to the coaster, with one tail and with two, with a beret and without, with sash and without, and in a brown skirt and a tangerine skirt.
  • When Perry was captured by Dr. Doofenshmirtz, there was no nail underneath him, but later there was a nail underneath him, which he uses to attack Doofenshmirtz. (Or it could of just fell out of one of the arms)
  • After Dr. Doofenshmirtz gets the nail stuck in his foot, there is no blood, but because the nail pierced the skin, he should have been bleeding. (Although the absence of blood may simply be because this show is directed towards a young audience.)
  • While Perry was in Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc., a machine breaks a window. When we see the outside of Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. shortly thereafter, there's a hole in the wall, but after we see the outside of the building a second time, there's no hole in the wall.
  • (Possibly intentionally vague) Danville's eastern seaboard is different than that of the United States. In the U. S., the eastern seaboard is the easternmost portion of the country, and one standing at the seaboard would face east to see the Atlantic Ocean. Danville's seaboard might make more sense as an eastern shoreline (of an unnamed body of water). Alternatively, the Danville seaboard could still be on the east coast of the U. S., but be situated between the Atlantic and another body of water to the west. In that case, we are seeing the other body of water when we see the tinfoil pulled from the buildings.
  • Tinfoil contains no iron, and so shouldn't have been attracted to the magnet at all. Since tinfoil is actually made of aluminum, it might be a nod to this error in Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension  when Perry's magnet in his watch attracts Carl's glasses, and he quips "and that was made of aluminum."
  • Candace rides to the store on her bicycle, but she later drives home with her Mom and doesn't even take her bicycle. However, this might be because Candace wanted to bust her brothers so badly, that she didn't mind losing her bike to do so.
  • When the roller coaster was flying by the satellite, Phineas knew that if it crashed to Earth, that Candace was in charge, but Candace never told Phineas and Ferb the condition that would allow her to be in charge, so how did Phineas know? (Although Phineas could have overheard them talking.)
  • Ferb's platypus line is incorrect, as echidnas (of which there are four species) also lay eggs. Phineas's line about Perry laying an egg is also incorrect, because only females lay eggs, and Perry is obviously male ("Perry Lays an Egg").
  • The Disco Ball Ferb was wearing disappeared after the rollercoaster was shown.
ERROR Linda hs wrong colored headband

Linda's headband is yellow.

  • When Candace is giggling in the car and Linda said "I worry about you sometimes Candace," her headband is yellow. This error was not fixed in Rollercoaster: The Musical!.
  • In the closed captions, It said "How do you like the lanai?" When Doofenshmirtz said "Now you are too late!" and Doofenshmirtz was misspelled "Doofenchmirtz". This error was not fixed in "Candace Loses Her Head".
  • When Candace comes into the Store and starts to tell Linda about the boys building the Rollercoaster, Linda puts two Cereal Boxes in her cart, but when she and Candace pass the pillar with the Rollercoaster poster, the two Boxes are gone, although this could mean she changed her mind and put the cereal boxes back.
  • When they were all screaming when they started the rollercoaster, Ferb's bigger eye was in front of the smaller eye. Usually the smaller eye is in front.
  • When Phineas says "We're gonna need a blow torch and some more peanut butter," His shoes are all blue. When he talks to kids, he is shown to wear socks when he shouldn't have any.
Isabella's pink shirt error

How did Isabella's shirt turn pink?

  • When Isabella leaves the backyard for the last time, her shirt turns the same color as the dress. Her shirt was also pink when the rollercoaster began its descent in the first drop.
  • When Candace shows Linda the rollercoaster near the end, it can easily be seen in the flaming tree, but somehow Linda didn't notice it. Also, the explosion at the end is somehow loud enough for Candace to hear but not for Linda.
  • When they reveal the rollercoaster, there is a platform that has three pineapples. But, when it is showing the camera panning up to the top of the rollercoaster, they are gone.
  • The rollercoaster catches on fire when falling back to earth, but when Phineas says "We should've charged more", the fire is gone. This error was not fixed in "Rollercoaster: The Musical!".
  • During the corkscrew up D.E.Inc the colors on the car's nose change.
  • When the rollercoaster is revealed, Katie and Ginger don't have berets. Also at the same time, Ginger's sash is missing.
  • When Linda says "And you're not crazy because...?" her mouth moves as if she were saying something else. This error was not fixed in Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo.
  • The small door Candace enters at the beginning has the living room in it when it should be the kitchen.
  • When Candace sees the poster, she could've taken it with her to show Mom for proof.(or probably Jeff "Swampy" Marsh and Dan Povenmirejust don’t want them to be busted.(The story must go on))

Lawn Gnome Beach Party of Terror

ERROR Phineas shorts are plain orange

Phineas shorts are plain orange when they are supposed to have white details

  • When Candace cries "What have you done to my paradise?!" Phineas' shorts are plain orange when they're supposed to have white clouds on them.
  • As Candace emerges from hiding behind a palm tree to hand Jeremy a pineapple drink, the flower pattern on her bikini top briefly dissapears as the drink in her left hand passes in front of it, making her top appear plain red while her skirt still has the flower pattern. The pattern on her top becomes visible again after the drink in her right hand passes in front of her top. 
Candaces missing top flowers

Candace's bikini top is missing the flower pattern seen on her skirt.

  • When Candace is talking to Stacy, she is in her normal outfit, but barefoot. Her shoes and socks reappear when she is outside busting her brothers.
  • Phineas performs a Hang-32 in the surfing competition, but as his wisdom teeth presumably have not yet come in, he should only be capable of a Hang-28.
  • When the beach is constructed, the entire property behind Phineas and Ferb's street is replaced with sand and water, meaning that the entire ocean would be coming up to the street. This is impossible, as there was no way they could do it without demolishing the houses behind their property. That would also mean that Linda should have been able to see the beach before she gets home but somehow, she does not.
QIYI 20130217165014

Perry's eyes are blue instead of brown

  • At the beginning, when Phineas, Ferb, and Perry are sitting under their tree, Perry's eyes are blue, when they are supposed to be brown.
  • At the beginning of the song, the blond girl at the bottom left has some of her hair missing.
  • Linda says that she'll be home in two minutes, but the time between when she says that and when she comes home is eight seconds in real time.
  • The third judge is said to have considered rethinking Einstein's Theory of Relativity. However, the equation crossed out is e=mc2, which is Einstein's mass-energy conversion theory.
  • Stanky Dog says that today is the hottest day of the year, but Phineas says the same thing in "Great Balls Of Water".
  • After Candace asks Jeremy "So, are you having fun?", the music and lights come up. However, the lights are also totally visible in the sky in the background.
    Lwn gnm bch prt FSG 1

    Isabella, Ginger, Katie, Holly, and Milly.

    Lwn gnm bch prt FSG 3

    Now Milly is gone and Adyson and Gretchen are there. Note their necks are tangerine

  • When Phineas is explaining the plan to Isabella, Ginger, Katie, Milly and Holly are there too. But after the fence falls, Milly is gone and Adyson and Gretchen are there instead.
  • All of the Fireside Girls (except Isabella) have tangerine necks off and on throughout the episode.
  • Ginger wears her usual hairstyle when she first appears, but after the fence falls she has pigtails.
  • In one of the overview scenes, Isabella is wearing a tangerine swimming cap instead of her pink bow.
  • Linda mentioned that Lawrence is cleaning out the garage for the day. However, wouldn't Lawrence have looked outside and spotted the beach?

Flop Starz

  • When Candace brought their television along with her while running, the screen didn't move anymore.
  • When Candace is freaking out about the long line and Stacy shakes her by the shoulders, Stacy's eyes flicker from brown to blue, back to brown and then blue again.
  • The European tape copy has some scenes of the episode that are low resolution and lacking red color channel, including the scene where Perry rides to Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated, having put on fake glasses.
  • The note that Ferb plays when Phineas asks him "How's the catchy tune coming?" is actually lower than the note the song starts on.
  • During "Gitchee Gitchee Goo", Isabella's red bow is colored to look like her regular pink bow when the lights shine on her. Also, during the reunion concert when she wears her regular clothes, the bow remains its normal color effect, but her dress is colored to look like her Fireside uniform.
ERROR Isabellas bow is red

Isabella's bow is red, along with Phineas with no orange stripe, and Milly with no patches.

  • Before Phineas has the diva fit, 3 errors are seen at exactly the same time:
    • Isabella's bow is red. When they're walking towards the elevator and in the elevator, her bow is pink again.
    • Phineas's shirt is missing a stripe. After he is asked if he's too young, the stripe is back.
    • Milly's patches are missing from her sash. After that, the patches return.
  • Before Phineas and the Ferbtones get on the bus, Ferb's eye at the front become bigger than his eye at the back. It was the same when Ferb is sitting on the bus.
  • When the Ferbettes sing "That's what my baby says", Adyson's headband seems to disappear and reappear. Plus, her hair becomes transparent.
  • When Candace sees the painting of PFT, Ferb's smaller eye has a black circle around it.
  • In the ending credits, a language "Tag Log" was also included. However, the spelling is wrong. It should be "Tagalog", the official language of The Philippines.
  • Right before Phineas says "It's a big hit" Candace blinks and small bags appear under her eyes, then she blinks again and the bags disappear and never return.
  • During the first PFT concert, the singers' feet can be heard stomping as they perform, but at the reunion concert, no foot stomping sounds can be heard.
  • When the gang is in the elevator, Isabella's bow is off-center.
  • During the flashback to when Linda was Lindana, a mark can be seen on her right cheek but in the shot of her in the elevator and the newspaper saying she's back, no mark is visible. Also, her hairbow is on the wrong side.
Lindana quits! Lindana is back!
Lindana's mark disappears
  • When Candace sees the reunion concert stage, the order of Ferbettes is Isabella-Milly-Adyson-Gretchen, but when they dance together during the second "Chicka Chicka Cho Wop" the order is Adyson-Gretchen-Milly-Isabella, yet when the camera pans across the stage, the order is Isabella-Milly-Gretchen-Adyson.
  • When we see Candace in a bikini, her eyes are black instead of blue.
  • The second time Candace screams at the empty parking lot, a square of the highway turns to the same color as her hair for a single frame.
  • When Phineas cues Candace, her skirt and shoes turn yellow.
  • Lindana's jacket has spots on the collar, but in the newspaper it did not.
  • The logo for the reunion concert says "PFT Reunion Concert", but when the Ferbettes dance and when Ferb sings "Baby baby baby baby", the regular "Phineas and the Ferb-Tones" logo can be seen instead.
  • Before the kids enter the elevator, it seems to have closed space. While in the elevator, it has much more space.
  • While the gang is entering the elevator, it's as if Milly is going in front of Phineas's head while she walks behind him.
  • When Candace sees the reunion concert, the Ferbettes are holding microphones. During the song, the microphones are absent.
  • The guitar Phineas is playing is obviously a bass.
  • When the audience sings "Gitchee Gitchee Goo means that I love you!" with the band, Jeremy's mouth can be seen going in front of the girl in front of him.

The Fast and the Phineas

  • When the cameraman takes a picture of Candace she has a bitter face and her hands are at her sides, but the picture comes out with her looking shocked and attempting to shield herself with her hands.
ERROR Ginger has short hair

Ginger has short hair, along with Holly with no eyebrows, and Gretchen with white spacing between her legs.

  • When Isabella shows Phineas his pit crew, three errors were shown at the same time:
    1. Ginger's hair is cut, but when Gretchen asks if the car is fuel-injected, Ginger has her long hair back.
    2. The space between Gretchen's legs is white.
    3. Holly has no eyebrows.
  • When Doofenshmirtz accidentally presses the Deflate-inator Ray, it reflects off of something and hits the blimp, releasing its air. But in the scene after Candace's screech, the blimp seems to be normal, only that it is hitting the broadcasting tower.
  • Before the race, Isabella is shown in her scout uniform. During the race, she's in her regular pink clothes.
  • The Garcia-Shapiro house appears to have been placed directly in front of the Flynn-Fletcher house, though it should be much farther away, as both households are across the street from each other.
  • In the beginning as well as on "Oil on Candace", the Deflate-inator Ray is shown at a narrow angle but later Doofenshmirtz reveals that there is a room with a mouse wheel in it.
  • At the beginning of the episode when the title appears, there is another yard visible behind the Flynn-Fletcher backyard, but later when Phineas looks over the back fence the race track is seen.
  • When Candace rings the doorbell for Vivian the first time, the doorbell button is red but when she slams on the door of Garcia-Shapiro house to show the missing car, the doorbell button is gold colored.
  • When Candace says "Meep." her belt is missing.
  • When Candace turns on the TV, there is only one remote instead of the three that used to be there.
  • When Perry is sent into space on top of the car, the band on his fedora is light brown, when it should be black.
  • Milly comes to be a part of the pit crew, but during Phineas's pit stop and throughout the rest of the episode, Milly has strangely disappeared.
  • When Phineas and Ferb greet Linda near the end and Linda sees them, they can be easily seen carrying the trophy, but for some reason, Linda didn't see it.
QIYI 20130217162903

Ferb's bigger eye is facing the audience

  • When Candace says "That was last week, Mrs. Garcia Shapiro" if you look closely you can see that Ferb's big eye is facing the audience in the background.
  • When Doofenshmirtz is pushed on the -inator by Perry, the blimp is going towards the right, when the beam reflects on it, the blimp is going towards the left.
  • The beam from the Deflate-inator ray should have been vectored into the ground by the angle of the mirror rather than rebound directly up towards the blimp.
  • The car gets washed but Phineas and Ferb never destroy the remote; therefore Linda should've seen it.
  • When Candace says "She has no idea" and gasps at seeing an empty garage, an echo can be heard indicating that there is nothing in the room. However, when she says "Gotcha" and when she brings Linda in, no echo can be heard.
  • When Candace sees the empty garage, the garage door is open. She should've just showed Linda the garage from the open garage door from the driveway but instead, she brings her through the house to the door leading to the garage from the kitchen.
  • When Candace switched the TV to the channel showing Phineas winning, Linda should've heard it.
  • Despite Candace trying to bust her brothers from attempts two through five, Phineas and Ferb weren't home yet. Candace mentions this later on in the series.
  • When Candace turns to look back after ringing the doorbell of the Garcia-Shapiro household, her head is in an impossible position.
  • An electric guitar is heard while Phineas plays guitar while racing, but the guitar he plays is a bass.
  • Phineas is technically cheating, as he was only pretending to drive the car while Ferb was providing the actual driving from the remote. He would've been disqualified if he revealed this.
  • When Phineas and Ferb are sitting down as the car goes past them resulting in various hairstyles, Phineas is wearing socks when he shouldn't be.
  • When the car speeds up causing Phineas' face to flap in the wind, part of his left hand can be seen passing through the steering wheel.
  • In Candace's photo of Phineas driving, Phineas' eyes are inverted in color.
  • When Phineas and Ferb exit the house into the backyard with a trophy, the door they exit has the living room when it should actually lead to the kitchen.
  • Near the end, when Candace says "What?" her mouth doesn't move when she says it.
  • When the car gets washed and is found in the garage, it appears to have only been washed but Phineas and Ferb also changed the motor and that was not removed.
  • Candace pushes Linda easily to the garage, when in real life she couldn't have since it's impossible to do such.
  • During the beginning of Go, Go, PhineasIsabella briefly gains another mouth that overlaps her regular one for one frame.
  • When the car crashes into the garage, there should be a hole in the garage roof but somehow neither Linda nor Candace saw it.
    • Linda and Candace should also have seen the car falling out of the sky as well. They should’ve also heard it crashing in.

Lights, Candace, Action!

  • Phineas says that Candace will get hit with 800 cubic ft. of rats, spiders, and snakes, but a close up on the boxes shows rats, bats, and snakes, a naming error.
  • When Ginger whispers to Phineas that the camera cap was still on, Phineas' mouth does not move when he says "Oh."
  • The Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. sign takes two lines, whereas usually, it only takes one line.
  • Milly has a bow on the left side on her head, but the bow is on her right.
  • Dr. Doofenshmirtz's Age-Accelerator-inator shows green on the power level when he is about to demonstrate it, but shows red when he is coming back in.
  • The power level on Dr. Doofenshmirtz's machine appears on the right of the machine as Dr. Doofenshmirtz comes back into his building after demonstrating his invention, but it is supposed to be on the left, as it is in the rest of the episode.
  • When the old audience for the movie leave after not liking it, they pass all three kids out of the theater, but Candace is the only one that gets trampled on.
  • If you look real closely when the camera pans in the studio, Gretchen's scleras (whites of eyes) can be visible while she's holding the camera.
  • A couple of the Fireside Girls were in the testing audience when the movie was under its screening test but weren't turned old by the blast from Doofenshmirtz's invention along with the rest of the audience.
  • Dr. Doofenshmirtz makes cheese in this episode, but in the episode "I Scream, You Scream," it is mentioned that he is lactose intolerant.
  • Candace stepped on the model building first with her right foot, but in the movie at the end, she steps on it with her left foot.
  • There were very few teenagers in the testing audience, and most of it is made up of little kids.
  • When the audience is turned old, one elderly woman appears twice.
  • When Perry ate the cheese, his eyes were teal and turned to white when the camera zoomed out.

Raging Bully

RagingBully - FerbWeirdEye
  • When Buford comes to the table where Phineas and Ferb are sitting, Ferb's bigger eye is in the front of his face, while his smaller eye is behind it, where normally, the smaller eye would be in the front. The same error is seen when Phineas says hello to Linda from the empty lot after the fight.
  • When Perry opens his roll of whistles, "Komodo Dragon" is misspelled as "Kamodo Dragon".
  • When Candace takes the picture, we don't see her thumb in front of the lens, but later Linda says "Candace, this is your thumb in front of the lens." None of Candace's fingers could have been covering it, because she holds her phone by the bottom.
  • When Perry enters his lair, everything is mirrored. The video monitor is on the right, but normally it's on the left which could mean that the camera was on the other side of the room.
  • Though Buford's hand is supposed to be inside the ring, when he is squishing Phineas's thumb in, it is seen outside.
  • Before Doofenshmirtz said he will smudge Perry's face with ice-cream, his eyebrow disappears.
  • Phineas's ice cream cone drops on Buford, and when he's ready to beat Phineas up, the ice cream disappears.
  • The announcer said Phineas's thumb hit the turnbuckle but it actually hit the ropes.
  • When Buford goes to the ring he has his jacket on and when the announcer is talking about the rules his jacket is off, he might of toke it off before he came.
  • When the cake falls on Doofenshmirtz, the cake' cream is pink. But when the camera zooms out, the cake' cream is cream (color).
  • Bats do not come out during day, so they couldn't have attacked the cake during day.

Candace Loses Her Head

Ginger colored like Katie

Is that Katie behind Isabella, or Ginger?

  • In this episode, it is shown that Mount Rushmore is approximately a few hours away from Danville in driving distance. However, later episodes depict Danville as being near the ocean, making it impossible to drive from Danville to Mount Rushmore within a day, as South Dakota is nowhere near the ocean.
  • When Isabella talks to Linda at the gift shop, Ginger stands next to her. But when Isabella asks if Phineas is here, Ginger is colored with Katie's color scheme. Also at the same time, when Isabella and the Fireside Girls first show up, Isabella is wearing her uniform (but with her regular hair bow in place of her beret). When she comes upon Phineas and Ferb working on the monument, she switched to her regular outfit.
  • The Candace on Phineas's calendar is wearing a shirt with sleeves instead of a sleeveless one.
What are you fireside girls doing here

Holly's shirt has a flower on it.

  • Before Doofenshmirtz enters the Drill-inator, the door handle is shown horizontally, but is vertical with an indentation when he closes the door.
  • When Isabella first enters:
    1. Gretchen is at the end of the line, but when the camera zooms in on Isabella, Gretchen has switched to between Ginger and Holly.
    2. A flower is on Holly's shirt. When the camera zooms in on Isabella, the flower is gone.
    3. Linda's left leg is in a place that is inhumanly possible.
    4. Katie and Adyson are missing.
  • When Isabella says "They're getting closer!", her eyes are black instead of blue. This also occurs on Ginger when she pulls the rope when Plan B begins.
  • While the Fireside Girls are hauling the wall over to the viewing area:
    1. Ginger and Katie's eyes turn transparent briefly.
    2. You can clearly see Adyson with sleeves.
    3. Ginger's shoes are brown instead of red.
  • In the end credits when this is a full episode, under additional voices, Jeff "Swamp" Marsh is seen instead of "Swampy".
  • Arrivederci is actually Italian for goodbye, not Chinese. This is probably a deliberate error.
  • When Candace says "Perry?!" she's wearing her normal clothes before her night gown.
  • At the end of the song Candace, the background singers' mouths don't move.
  • When Perry comes out of the trash can, his eyes are briefly blue.
  • When Doofenshmirtz tells Perry his plan, the D on the Drill-inator is dark red instead of bright red.
  • In the beginning, when Phineas wakes up, he has two pillows, but when he throws a pillow at Ferb, he only has the one he throws.
QIYI 20130217160644

Candace's skirt is red instead of white

  • When the camera pans back as Candace sees the giant cake in her dream sequence, her skirt is red instead of white.
  • When Isabella said hello to Linda at the gift shop, she addressed her as "Mrs. Fletcher". Linda's full name is Linda Flynn-Fletcher, not Linda Fletcher.
  • Although there were only twelve steps up to the viewing platform, it took longer for Linda to get up there.
  • When Linda starts climbing up the stairs the second time, she climbs up two steps, but after the close up of Candace, she is starting to climb up the first two steps again. 
  • When Linda looks through the binoculars to Candace's request, Candace's guestures change.
  • When Lawrence says "And after that, we have a surprise" Perry's eyes are blue.
  • Candace could've probably dragged Linda up the stairs rather than just wait for her.
  • Old Reliable Geyser is in Wyoming and Mount Rushmore is in South Dakota. Thus, most likely, you should not be able to see Mount Rushmore and Old Reliable Geyser in approximately the same place.
  • Candace has an allergy to dairy as revealed in the song “She’s Candace”, but Linda gives her a pile of pancakes and syrup for breakfast, both which contain dairy products.

I, Brobot

  • Although the Phinedroids and Ferbots were removed by Santa Claus, it was never shown what happened to the remaining completed projects. Therefore Linda should've seen them.
  • When Santa says "Ho ho ho, hold that elevator!" his mouth doesn't move at all.
  • When Mom says "Who wants to see pictures?" her mouth doesn't move at all.
  • The number of brobots shown varies in each scene, though six Phinedroids and six Ferbots is the most commonly-seen amount.
  • At the time they were created, seven pairs of Phinedroids and Ferbots emerge from the robot-building device.
  • When Phineas shuts down the coffee stand, 10 Ferbots can be seen advancing on the boys, with enough spacing in the semi-circle for an additional 4 to 6 Ferbots off screen.
  • When the boys activate "dance mode" a second time, one Ferbot is missing from the circle, which would be the Ferbot that Candace captured.
  • At the end, Santa flies over the back yard with the giant magnet, pulling up six Phinedroids and eight Ferbots.
  • Chimmney-Vator is spelt wrong, as it should be spelt Chimney-Vator.
  • The live video feed from inside the Chamber of Invisibility is from a totally different angle than the video camera shown on the frame of the chamber.
  • Even though the robots disappeared, the robot making machine doesn't; therefore Linda should've seen it.
  • Candace's phone worked perfectly in the panic room under the basement, where she should have gotten either minimal or no reception at all.
  • Every time Candace enters and exits through the small door, it has the living room inside it, usually that door leads to the kitchen.
  • When Phineas is first seen typing commands into the computer, the connecting cord and the second generation robot making machine are missing.

Run Away Runway

  • When the lady compliments Ferb on his outfit, her lips are still closed.
  • The clothing in the sewing machine Phineas is riding is orange, but the string Ferb is holding is purple. There is no visible purple on the clothing in the sewing machine. Also, the purple thread came from Ferb's clothes. However, Ferb's shoes got made into purple thread too. This is impossible since it is not attached to Ferb's clothes and it is unlikely to be made of fabric.
  • Some program descriptions list the episode as "Run Away Runaway.
  • When Isabella asking Phineas to help her with the Fireside Girls as she turned to them, Gretchen is missing.
    Run Away Runway15

    Where's Gretchen?

The Magnificent Few

  • The close-up of the traffic signal shows the lights in reverse order: green on top and red at the bottom. When the signal is shown from a distance, the green light is in its traditional place at the bottom.
  • The sign on the freeway advertising Clem's Carnival misspells it as "carnaval".
    ERROR CarnAval

    Clem's Carnival is misspelled as Clem's CARNAVAL

  • A horse's natural instinct is to step over people that have fallen on the ground. Cows, not so much.
  • Doofenshmirtz's lair is first misspelled as "Doofenshmirtz Evil Lncorporated". In the next scene, it is "Doofenshmirtz EviL Incorporated".
  • On the Doofenshmirtz Aluminum Siding Company, Inc. logo, "Doofenshmirtz" is misspelled as "Doofenmirtz."
  • When the cows are making the pyramid in the bottom of the Cliffside Water Park the water is flowing down the slide but when a close-up picture of Phineas is showed the water isn't there.
  • Candace's bike turns red before she fall's down the cliff.
  • Before Candace's bike rolled down the hill, her tires are white. But in the next shot, her tires are black.
  • The "Closed for stampede" sign can be seen hanging in the window of Haney's Cow Emporium immediately before the store employee hangs it on the window.
  • When Ferb's Guitar String breaks on the cliff, his horse is dark brown like Phineas', not light brown like it should be. When they fall down, his horse (and guitar string) are normal again.
  • When Phineas says "We need a couple of horses" Isabella's eyes are black.
  • During the "In the Mall" song, Isabella's mouth is moving out of sync when she sings her line.


  • In the beginning of the episode, Ferb ate the top of his snow cone, but in the next scene it was still there.
ERROR Buford has no skull logo

Buford without his skull-logo. Also, his tooth is missing.

  • When the people applaud to Phineas, Ferb, and Candace, Buford's shirt doesn't have the skull logo in it. Also, at the same time, Buford's tooth that usually sticks out of his mouth is missing.
  • While Candace is trying to get up the mountain, it is snowing. It shouldn't as Phineas and Ferb are making the snow with Lawrence's ice machine. Also, later in the episode when Candace is hit by Phineas and Ferb's snowboard, it isn't snowing.
  • When Candace gets hit by Phineas and Ferb's snowboard, she stands behind Ferb but she should have been in the front.
  • When Phineas, Ferb, and Candace landed on the podium, Jeremy and Baljeet were on the side of it with both eyes closed. One second later they were seen with the crowd clapping.
  • Doofenshmirtz fires the Meltinator at the shop (to demonstrate it to Perry), and then at the Flynn-Fletcher car. But on the third time with the world's largest chocolate bar, it was never plugged in, so the Meltinator should never have worked at all.
  • When Candace gets hit by the tree going down the mountain, it shows her inside the tree. However, two seconds later, the tree is gone.
  • When Candace is trying to open her bedroom window there is one window in the middle of the wall but when she sticks her head out there is a second window right beside the one she is halfway out of.
  • When Candace is trying to get her parents to the backyard, the mountain can be easily be seen from the front yard but for some reason, neither Linda nor Lawrence saw it.
  • The numerals on the face of the cuckoo clock are printed the wrong way.
  • When the camera zooms in on Candace when she realizes S'Winter is gone, Linda is not there.
  • The large doorway to the backyard is missing when Candace is trying to show S'Winter, and the small door goes to the living room instead of the kitchen.
  • When Isabella and 2 Fireside Girls were singing, Adyson's outlining disappears the next time when they pop up behind Isabella.

Jerk De Soleil

  • Jerk De Soleil title card

    Baljeet with no eyebrows.

    Baljeet's eyebrows disappeared when he said "I am here and ready to go to the world-famous Cirque du Lune".
  • When we first see Candace in bed she is wearing her normal clothes, but in the next scene she is wearing her pajamas.
  • Jeremy tells Candace the vegetables are home grown, but later he said they were wild parsnips.
  • Right after the titles fade away, when Phineas blinks, the wall behind the top of his left eye is visible.
  • Jeremy was sitting next to Mindy but when we were looking at Candace's view a random guy was sitting next to him.
  • During the song E.V.I.L. B.O.Y.S., Candace sings events that happened after this episode.[1]
  • After Linda switches from organ to electric guitar, the organ can still be heard playing in the background.
  • Candace eats cereal with milk on it even though she is lactose intolerant though it might be soy, almond, coconut or rice milk.
  • Doofenshmirtz's Voice-Inator temporarily made everyone else's voice higher, and he said that the machine releases Doofelium into the atmosphere. This means it might cut off all the oxygen, but everyone else was still able to breathe.
  • Linda's guitar is obviously a bass (identified by four strings and knobs).
  • In most foreign dubs, when Doofenshmirtz yells his catchphrase, his voice isn't affected by Doofelium
  • When Candace covers her face with a paper bag, she seems to have short hair.
    • Candace's hair is sometimes seen through the mouth opening when she's singing "Evil Boys" and during the first line of the last refrain her hair is longer than the bag.
      Those boys are evil 5

      Candace briefly has long hair under the bag.

  • During the final chorus of E.V.I.L. B.O.Y.S. when Candace, Vivian and Mrs. Johnson are seen together, Mrs. Johnson isn't moving even though the drums are being played.
  • There were two pairs of Phineas and Ferb in the final act, and then later, Phineas and Ferb are seen climbing a rope.
  • Holly and Django are in the grand finale pyramid in two different places.

Are You My Mummy?

  • When Dr. Doofenshmirtz is painting the name of his invention on his "Wood-Inator", it seems that he spells the -inator suffix -enator.
  • When the giant ball runs down the stairs, the door it is going through shows a label saying "Stairs". When the camera pans to the other side the label says "Stairwell".
  • Doofenshmirtz is wearing a swimsuit, but in Split Personality, he says he can't swim. However, the swimsuit includes floaties.
  • When the giant ball goes up the stairs, Candace walks to the left. The ball then goes into the lift on the right and Candace walks to a lift on the left but when she goes into the lift, the ball is in the lift on the left.
  • When Candace goes into the lift, the lift seems to go up but when she runs out because of the ball, she is on the same floor as when she got in.
  • When Doofenshmirtz paints the face on the bubble Perry is in, the next time Perry is in the bubble, the face has disappeared.
  • During the chasing scene, Candace falls from Phineas and Ferb's head, the first scene that shows Phineas with part of the coffin, his eyes are transparent.
  • On the Israeli TV, on the Information of the episode, it showed up as "האם את אמא שלי?", which means "Are You My Mother?".
  • When Candace screams when she get chased by the ball filled with gumballs, her mouth doesn't move when the camera zooms out.
  • In scenes before Candace began to chase Phineas and Ferb, there is a woman with yellow glasses and pink shirt behind Lawrence. But when Candace goes out of the cinema room, she passes the woman but she is in another seat.
Ferb and Phineas winces after hitting brick wall

Where's Phineas and Ferb hats???

  • Phineas and Ferb have hats but when they crashed into the wall, the hats disappear.
  • Candace's bubblegum changes from pink to purple.
  • When Perry goes up the coffin, he is behind Phineas. But in the next scene, he is in front of Ferb.
  • Phineas and Ferb should've noticed portions of Candace's hair visible beneath the bandages.
  • The gumballs are completely enclosed by the glass ball. There is not a single hole in the glass ball, so one person cannot buy gum without breaking the ball.

Ready for the Bettys

Bracelet error

Bracelet, no bracelet, backwards bracelet.

  • In some scenes Stacy is wearing her bracelet, in some scenes she's not, and still others, she wears it backwards. (While cleaning the bus, all three cases are seen.)
  • When the Bettys sing, you can see Stacy's skull on her t-shirt disappears for a second then back.
  • When Phineas looks down at the co-ordinates for Doofenshmirtz's cave, Major Monogram's arm can be seen on the screen. Then, Major Monogram disappears again when the camera zooms out, and finally Major Monogram pops up from below the screen.
  • When Major Monogram asks who the two boys are and Carl responds that they are Agent P's owners, Phineas and Ferb somehow do not hear it.
  • In some scenes of the song, Crash's gloves disappear.
  • After Ferb says "I give up!" his mouth continues to move as he walks offscreen, though he may simply be muttering to himself.
  • When Crash strums her guitar for Candace, it sounds like a bass but it's actually a regular electric guitar.
    • Also, when Candace mentions the "Betty Bass Guitar" it's actually Tink who has the bass.
  • In Britain the episode has a few subtitling issues. On one occasion "Betty brake" is misspelled as "break", and "bass guitar" is consistently misspelled as "base".
  • When Phineas and Ferb are talking in the evil lair, their shoes are swapped.
  • The snack Doofenshmirtz was going to eat before testing the Destructinator is apparently grilled cheese and orange juice. However, in I Scream, You Scream it is revealed that Doofenshmirtz is lactose intolerant.

I Scream, You Scream

  • When Phineas tells Ferb to collect blueprints from Blueprint Heaven, a pencil appears in his left hand, out of nowhere.
  • When Candace first calls Linda at her cooking class, there are other students behind her. Later, when Candace and Vanessa call Linda and Charlene, the other students have disappeared.
  • Phineas mentions the laser but never actually cleans it up, therefore their mom should have seen it.
  • When Candace is talking on the phone, her feet are much smaller than usual.
  • When Phineas activates the space laser, the black button stays in place while the space laser bounces around.
  • When Vanessa inspects the price tag on Doofenshmirtz's degree the $ is black, but when Doofenshmirtz holds it in his hand it is green.
  • Doofenshmirtz recognizes Perry in the trap without his fedora on.
  • The cooktop behind Linda and Charlene has four knobs but only 2 burners.
  • Vanessa writes down notes about Doofenshmirtz's plan, but she never got a chance to show them to Charlene.
  • At the beginning of the song, Candace peeks from behind the fence, but then she is peeking from the door just seconds later.
  • While Ferb was at Blueprint Heaven, he was holding onto the table when Vanessa arrived. In the flashback, however, Ferb was not holding the table when he sees Vanessa.
  • When Doofenshmirtz is mistakenly building the ice cream maker, it appears as if he's actually building the Space Laser-inator, but when he's finished, we see the ice cream maker.
  • If you look closely at the door during the scenes of Candace and Linda in the backyard, the area in the door has the walls, floor and pictures of Isabella's living room.
  • During "Busted", in the beginning of Candace's verse in the chorus, Vanessa's coat outlines are red. Also when Candace and Vanessa point, Vanessa isn't lined with her section properly, as she can be seen a little superimposed over the line in the center.
  • Doofenshmirtz's eye lids are transparent right when his face emerged from the ice cream.

Toy to the World

  • Platypi are not marsupials, they are monotremes.
  • When in the Har D Har toy shop, all Perry the Inaction Figures had their face in the bottom and are sitting upright. This is different from the advertisement.
  • When Perry pushes through the brick surrounding in which he was trapped in, his left arm stretched a little too long.
  • Monogram makes a mistake when briefing Agent P, he says "Convicts are escaping from the zoo!" when it should be prison, as indicated in the photo shown.
  • In this episode, Doof says,"I hope I'm not on a boat, 'cause I get seasick". This contradicts the episode "Interview With a Platypus" where he has no idea what a boat is. (Hence the BO-AT).

Get That Bigfoot Outa My Face!

  • The amount of chairs in the car changes from three to one.
Vittles is Grandpa-ese for food

The bottom of Phineas's shirt has a large orange stripe.

  • When Phineas and Isabella are walking, one of Phineas's white stripes seems to be missing.
  • When Candace is in the car in the beginning of the episode, her belt is missing.
Fireside Girls salute

The sashes are on the girls' right shoulders.

  • When the Fireside Girls salute after pitching their tents, and in some scenes around the campfire, their sashes are over their right shoulder instead of their left.
  • When Doofenshmirtz goes outside, he puts his cucumber water on the ledge. However, when he climbs back up after falling, the cucumber water has disappeared.
  • While the real Ferb is up in the tree controlling the Bigfoot puppets, the supposed inflatable Ferb can be seen blinking.
  • When Candace is about to be "eaten" by Bigfoot, her belt is missing again.
  • After the inflatable Ferb has deflated, it is put on Phineas's, Ferb's and Isabella's bench but when they are shown again on the bench, the inflatable Ferb has gone.
  • Phineas, Ferb and Isabella have swapped places when the camera zooms out.
  • Clyde was sitting on the left and Betty Jo was sitting on the right but when they are faking being scared, they have swapped places.
  • Candace starts to sound scared before she sees the Bigfoot dummies running.
  • When Candace tells everyone about the fake Bigfoot, Adyson and Katie are not there anymore.
  • There are a few other kids in this episode that come to the cabin too, but in the sequel to this episode The Ballad of Badbeard these kids are not at the cabin. Although, it is possible that they were two separate trips.
  • Doofenshmirtz spat out the cucumber water. But, when he heard the screams the cucumber water is back.
  • When Candace is screaming after seeing "Bigfoot" running in the distance, her eyes are brown instead of blue.
  • During the song, Clyde is seen playing the banjo, but the instrument heard is actually a mandolin.
  • When Baljeet says "I do not believe her one bit", his eyebrows have disappeared.
  • When the Fireside Girls are cheering about getting their accomplishment patches, Adyson's shirt is seen having sleeves, when her usual Fireside Girl outfit is sleeveless and Katie is missing.

It's a Mud, Mud, Mud, Mud World

  • When Doofenshmirtz blasts the toy monster truck, it is yellow, but in the alien world it's red.
  • When Candace calls her mom, she is looking at the monster truck's wheel from her room, even though her room is on the top floor.
  • Linda says that the boys must get their creativity from Lawrence but Phineas isn't biologally related to Lawrence. Then again, creativity is a personality trait and biological parents only pass on genetic traits. Linda probably considers Phineas to have lived with Lawrence long enough for him to have rubbed off on the boy.
  • When Isabella was announcing on the television, Dink Winkerson fell down when Isabella was speaking. However, Dink was standing up again when the guys' monster trucks went to the monster truck rally. It is possible he managed to get himself back up sometime in between.
  • When Candace drives up the gentle incline, the steeper line is larger. But in the panoramic view of the monster truck and the gentle incline, the steeper line is shorter.
  • In some shots of the Doofenshmirtz Mobile its "mouth" is closed instead of open.

Mom's Birthday

  • In the multiple flashbacks Phineas has about remembering his mother's birthday:
    • One flashback is from "It's About Time!". This could possibly be an airing mistake, as "It's About Time!" was aired a day after this episode. (Dan Povenmire has also stated that they must be careful for what they put in the episodes, because silly things such as this or E.V.I.L. B.O.Y.S., which named events that happened after the episode aired, will happen because Disney has their own reasons for airing episodes at different times.)
    • In the flashback of Are you My Mummy, Ferbs collar goes transparent for a split second.
    • During the Rollercoaster flashback scene, the passengers have changed, such as Isabella and Pedro no longer behind Phineas and Ferb, and is instead replaced by random kids, and Pedro moving to the third seat, with a dark skinned boy instead of a light skinned one. There are also seat belts when they fell off earlier. The safety bars are also gone, though they could be hiding.
    • In The Magnificent Few flashback, Phineas and Ferb are seen riding with cattle in the desert scene from the movie Phineas watched at the beginning, when they were really riding around downtown Danville. Their hats are also larger than the ones worn in the actual episode, and the harnesses are white instead of orange and purple respectively. Their horses are also the same, instead of Phineas with a reddish brown horse and Ferb with a tan one, and are larger than usual.
    • In the Flop Starz flashback scene, Phineas' guitar is red instead of yellow. Also, Candace and the Ferbettes are missing.
ERROR-Phineas' blankets are outside the bed

Why are Phineas' bed blankets on the outside of the bed?

  • When Phineas says "Are you hearing what I'm hearing?", his bed's blankets are drawn outside the bed.
  • Isabella was shown on the stage performing, but she was also in the audience at the same time.
  • When Phineas is handing Mom the magazines, he hands her Mom Biweekly when he says "Mom Weekly" and "Mom Sub-Weekly".
  • When Ferb plays the drums, he still has the bass drum, although Doofenshmirtz made all instruments that start with B shrink.
  • When explaining his scheme, Doofenshmirtz must type the thing he hates into the machine, but when operating the Shrinkspheria, there are buttons with symbols, making the typing redundant.
  • Candace's hair disappears for a split-second when the moths began eating the sundress.
  • Perry's beak changing color when camera zoom in and turn to normal again
  • Shortly after the Shrinkspheria explodes, it is yellow under Agent P's fedora.
  • The buttons "ON" and "OFF" of the Shrinkspheria changes color several times.
  • When Candace says "It's a good thing I play the banjo" her mouth stops moving when she plays it.
  • The Pelican button on the control panel didn't move when Doofenshmirtz pressed it the first time.
  • When everyone in the kitchen said "Happy Birthday Mom", Katie is not shown.

Journey to the Center of Candace

  • If the tacos had been in Candace's stomach since last night, they wouldn't be recognizable as tacos anymore. In fact, they would already be digested and not in her stomach at all. Also, they appeared to have been swallowed almost whole.
  • When the submarine connects to Candace's nerves, Phineas says that they are in her stomach. However, there is no way to connect to the nervous system within the stomach.
  • During the song "Hemoglobin Highway", we see a red blood cell split in half as if by mitosis. Red blood cells do not reproduce in this manner. However, this may not count, as there is much biological inaccuracy in this episode. Also, the red blood cell seems very big compared to the tacos and cereal.
  • When the boys are building the submarine it is green however when they are seen inside Candace it is blue. This could be explained as different body fluids adding a tint to the submarine.
  • In "Oh, There You Are, Perry", she says she is allergic to dairy, yet she is seen eating cereal with milk. She is also seen eating a grilled cheese sandwich in the episode, although it could be some sort of dairy-free cheese but this is not likely because the sandwich was made for Pinky, not Candace. Swampy and Dan realized this mistake in a later interview, with Dan saying simply that it was "soy cheese".
  • During the song "Hemoglobin Highway", we see Candace's eyeball but there is no way that they can see that.
  • Candace apparently does not have peristaltic action.
  • Linda should've seen the submarine from a distance down the street.
  • When Ferb said "Again, creepy on so many levels" they use the animation of him saying "That's creepy on so many levels" but reversed.
  • In later episodes, it is revealed that Pinky is a secret agent. Yet, he acts like a completely normal dog. However, it is possible that in this episode, Pinky was not part of the agency yet.
  • When Jeremy, Candace, Isabella, Phineas, Ferb, and Pinky are eating, Jeremy's eyes are black instead of light blue.

It's About Time!

  • The motor scooter's track disappears while Phineas and Candace talk about the footprint.
  • Peter the Panda threw all the chairs in the left entrance, but when Doofenshmirtz made some guys enter with the Freeze-inator, they entered from the left entrance and the chairs were gone.
  • When Dr. Doofenshmirtz is showing Agent P to the door, Agent P's height is just under the doorknob, but when Dr. Doofenshmirtz is closing the door, Agent P grows to be half the height of the door.
  • As Perry leaves Dr. Doofenshmirtz's room, he hears him say "Curse you, Peter the Panda!" which most likely means that Peter the Panda had destroyed the Freeze-inator Ray, however, later in the episode Peter the Panda is seen disassembling the Freeze-inator. Doofenshmirtz may have said this to make Perry sad.
  • The T. rex smashes Phineas' motor scooter along with the time-machine, yet the boys ride on it in perfect condition to save Candace. Later they drop it in the water, but Ferb is seen wheeling it along soon after.
Where's Holly's Beret

Holly's beret disappears, along with Gretchen's skin in the bottom part of her glasses.

  • When Isabella and the Fireside Girls read the message in the fossilized footprint, Holly doesn't wear a beret, and then after Isabella finishes reading it, Holly is now wearing her beret. Also, Gretchen's skin color continues into the bottom half of her glasses frame in this same scene.
  • After Dr. Doofenshmirtz finishes singing he sees Peter the Panda taking apart the Freeze-inator Ray. There are some parts of the Ray sitting on the ground, but when the next scene comes the parts are gone.
  • When Peter the Panda breaks Dr. Doofenshmirtz's picture, Doofenshmirtz is holding it upside down, but in the next scene it is shown right side up.
Katie Hammering

Katie's collar is orange.

  • While Katie was hammering the time machine, her collar is orange instead of red.
  • When the Fireside Girls try to activate the time machine the first time, the purple lightbulb is missing.
  • When the T-Rex is shown in the rain, if you look closely Candace's drawing is gone.
  • Right before she gets struck, when Candace is complaining over the fact that there is no electricity, her lips are out of sync from what she's saying.
  • When Candace gets struck by lighting there's a space between Katie and Adyson in the time machine, but when they travel back to the Danville Museum there's no space.
  • When Isabella was telling Phineas that there is an 'm' in time machine, the whites of Gretchen's eyes can be seen.
  • Tyrannosauruses have two fingers, but the one in the episode is seen with three, which is a very common mistake in many shows.
  • When Isabella first read the message on the stone, there WAS an 'm' in the word 'time machine' when she read it. Although, she may have made a mistake or she didn't read it well.
  • When Phineas says,"It occurs", Phineas' shirt only has two stripes. Usually it has three stripes.
  • There were no cavemen during the day when the dinosaurs lived. However, in the end before the ending credits, Jeremy said, "Hmmm. I never knew cavemen wear helmets before." when actually there is still no cavemen before.
  • The Closed Captions misspelled Doofenshmirtz's name as "Doofashmirtz".
  • Dinosaurs did not live in 300 million BC, which was during the Carboniferous Era. In fact, the first dinosaurs appeared 50 million years later.
  • When Monogram first appears his shirt sleeve is missing it's dark green stripe and only appears after Carl knocks him over.
  • Carl doesn't have the '3' inside his ear when he first appears.
  • During "My Nemesis," at one point the tambourine becomes transparent.
  • During the song "When We Didn't Get Along", Perry puts his hat into the nook in the wall, but on Doctor Feelbetter's show when Doofenshmirtz begs to be forgiven, he pulls it out of nowhere.
  • During the Doctor Feelbetter show, Doofenshmirtz recognizes Perry, although he is not wearing his hat.
  • The print of Candace and the message from Phineas should have always been on the foot print.
  • When Candace sits down with Phineas and Ferb as they meditate, Phineas appears to be wearing socks when he shouldn't usually be wearing them.
  • Fossils take about a million years to form. Thus, Bucky and Kindly Old Man Simmons could not have been made into a fossil by now.
  • Phineas and Ferb changed the timeline, by having Candace fall into the mud, which would eventually be made into a plaque of the dinosaur's footprint. Lawrence saw Candace's print in the plaque of the dinosaur footprint, and went to show Linda. Before he could show her, Phineas and Ferb scootered across her impression and turned it into a giant line, which caused the timeline to change the impression just before Linda saw it. If the timeline really changed so that Candace was not visible, then that would have also changed Lawrence's reaction to it, meaning that he would have never showed Linda the plaque, which means that after the change, Lawrence would not have been taking Linda to see the plaque and that he would not have remembered that it looked like Candace beacause it was in an alternate timeline.
  • When Isabella and the Fireside Girls walked over and when Isabella said "Whatcha Doin" to Phineas, Katie is missing.

Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together

  • Linda asks Lawrence if he knows what day it is. Lawrence replies that it's Thursday. Linda leaves in a huff. When Candace pulls out the calendar, she points to June 15th, which is on a Tuesday, or Wednesday, if the calendar were starting on Mondays. (Although Lawrence may have just been confused about which day of the week it was, or that wasn't that year's calendar.)
  • When Danny sings "You gotta learn to sing the blues" the left side of his beard disappears.
  • The stamp Swampy is using says "OVERDUE". This is odd because the books have been turned in. Unless the books were checked in after they were due.
  • Phineas calls Isabella to ask her for help on putting up the stage. She and the Fireside Girls are "already on it," building a stage in front of the garage. Later, when Lawrence is commiserating over the failure of the "Love on the Run" plan, Phineas and Ferb come in to tell him they've got it covered. They open the garage to reveal the members of Love Händel, but there is no sign of a stage in front of the garage.

Holding the Staplegun backwards

  • When Heinz Doofenshmirtz takes the staple gun from Perry the Platypus, he holds it backwards as he staples the birthday banner up. The way he is holding it, the trigger is pressed against the banner and the staple nozzle is aimed at him. Naturally, this means the staple will just fall out of the gun and not go into the wall.
  • Later, when the band walks out on the stage, it's elevated, but the garage is at ground level.
The Calendar

Two pages from the same calendar which do not line up with each other

  • The calendar that Candace holds near the beginning of the episode shows that June 15 for that year is on a Tuesday. That would place it in the year 1999, 2004, or 2010, which does not match with when this episode was made (2007). The calendar also contains the following misprints: the last day of the month ends at 31 instead of 30, and the Tuesday following Linda and Lawrence's anniversary is shown as June 23. June 21 appears to have been left out of the calendar since Saturday is shown as "19" and Sunday appears to be shown as "20". The box for Friday, June 11 is missing the 11 in the upper-left corner. When Candace turns the calendar back to May, it is the same page as for June, complete with the missing 11 and the missing date of May 21. This causes a miss-match between when May ends and when June begins. May 2007 began on a Tuesday, matching the calendar page shown in the episode. After the missing May 21 is added, the end of the month becomes a Wednesday. Linda's and Lawrence's anniversary in June 2007 should have been shown as taking place on a Friday. Since the anniversary occurs on a Thursday in the episode, this places the episode in June 2006, and the calendar is wrong yet again. Also, presuming the days on the calendar start on Monday, June 15 should have been a Thursday if June on that calendar started on Wednesday.
  • When Dr. Doofenshmirtz is trying to shoot Perry with his ray gun, his party hat changes from green to pink.
  • Just after Danny sings "a ninja of love", the text spelling Love Händel on the drums disappears then comes back.
  • The timer on the firecracker rocket changes from over 4 minutes remaining to less than 20 seconds and back again; also, when Dr. Doofenshmirtz is first caught on the rocket it reads 00:10:00 but when the rocket starts it reads 00:40:00.
  • In Fabulous as they sing "We need you back on bass guitar", Phineas' mouth disappears for a brief second while he is turning.
  • During the "Where are They Now" Special, Bobbi's eye's are closed as the picture zooms out, but are open when it zooms back in.
  • During Fabulous when Phineas tells Bobbi "Next to you their looks are a crime" his beard isn't there for that whole sentence.
  • During "You Snuck Your Way Right Into My Heart", before Lawrence kisses Linda and Ferb gets their attention, and when Phineas and Candace raise their arms in the air like everyone in the crowd after the kiss, Phineas doesn't have the video camera in his hand. In the next scene, they have their arms down, and Phineas has the video camera in his hand again. And in the scene after that, they all have their arms in the air again, and Phineas doesn't have the camera.
  • Just before and during the beginning of "Ain't Got Rhythm," the "OVERDUE" stamp switches orientation while Swampy is continuously stamping.
  • During History of Rock when Danny sings "Believe it or not, it's all the blues again" Danny's right eyebrow turns transparent a few times.
  • At the end of the episode, Phineas and Candace have disappeared.
  • Subtitles in Britain contain numerous spelling errors, the most notable being "futile Europe" which should read "feudal Europe".
  • When Danny sings "Metal! Pound your fist in the air!", he's shown with five fingers.
  • When Bobbi gets his picture taken, in the cowboy picture, 1 beard spike is missing, and the other is cut.
  • In the car picture in Fabulous, Bobbi's beard spikes are rounded.
  • When the camera returns to Phineas and Ferb then back to Danny, Ferb is sightly cross-eyed. Danny is also singing Ain't Got Rhythm.
  • When Phineas is filming Linda and Lawrence, the jumbotron shows them from the side, but he is filming them from behind.

Tree to Get Ready

  • When Perry entered Doofenshmirtz's lair the roof was not there.
  • When Dr. Doofenshmirtz sings My Goody Two-Shoes Brother, he threw his hat and it landed on his head. If he had actually threw it like that, it would have landed in front of him.
  • At the end, when Stacy and Candace throw water balloons at Phineas and Ferb, Ferb's bigger eye is the one in front.
  • Phineas and Ferb's backyard has only one tree, but in this episode there are two (the ones they build the treehouses in).
  • When Candace and Stacy first enter the elevator, the floor is brown but when they are in it it's a pink trampoline.
  • Doofenshmirtz's plan was to only have his brother pooped on, but the way the pigeons were lined up, the audience would have been hit too.
  • The tree houses' designs are inconsistent throughout the episode.
  • The ropes Perry was tied up by the pigeons seems to disappear and appear throughout the episode.
  • The tree houses weren't seen before, or since this episode.

The Ballad of Badbeard

  • In "Get That Bigfoot Outa My Face!", Phineas says that their "camp" doesn't have a flagpole, but Buford raises Baljeet's underpants on a flagpole. This may not be an error because Phineas said he doesn't THINK there is a flagpole.
  • As Clyde sings the song, Buford plays the concertina. Towards the end of the song, the kids gather around Clyde but Buford doesn't hold a concertina (although the music is still playing).
  • When the gang enters the cave, as Baljeet comes onscreen his shirt stripes are blue for a split second, instead of white.
  • Grandma was part of the hiking party when Grandpa warned about the orange moss, but corrected him later in Candace's tent.
  • When she is getting dragged by Perry's speedboat, Candace's socks and shoes disappear. However, when she is flown to the boat by Agent E, her socks appear. In the next scene, her socks and shoes appear again. They are later seen by Candace's sleeping bag.
  • The first time the group sees the giant iguana, it is partially underwater, but the second time, when they are running to get off the island, there is no water.
  • When Agent E flies Perry to her nest, her hat is brown with a black stripe. While Major Monogram speaks, her hat is black with a brown stripe. In the next scene, her hat is brown again.
  • When Phineas says "Booty?" the plate he was holding disappears along with everyone else's.
  • Gretchen and Holly get seasick when they enter in a ship in this episode, but in "That Sinking Feeling", they don't get seasick at all. This may be explained by them being more used to a ship or the boat used here is more wobbly.
  • Near the beginning, when Clyde shows them the lake, Candace has her hand on her hip, her phone in that hand, and her other hand against the moss. When she realizes this, her phone disappears from her hand. Of course, she could have dropped it behind her so we didn't see.
  • The Fireside Girls were seen on the ship during the song, but they were never with Phineas, Ferb, and the others for the rest of the episode. However, it is possible they all stayed behind on the ship while the others ventured to the island.
  • Perry never showed Candace the pamphlet about finding out he is a secret agent like he did with Stacy in "Happy Birthday, Isabella". Candace thought he was a moss hallucination, but Perry didn't know Candace believed that and it seems unlikely that he would leave it to chance. He may have given Candace a pamphlet after the episode was over, but it is unknown why he would allow Candace to remember his secret identity (which she does in Wizard of Odd) since she is part of Perry's host family and doesn't have the same loophole as Stacy.

Greece Lightning

  • When Perry and Doofenshmirtz were in the theater, Perry reached out for popcorn even though his hands were latched to his chair. This could be explained if he somehow was able to slip out, but in the next shot his arm is trapped again. (However, this may have been for comical effect.)
  • When Norm says "Let's invite our wives next time", the muzzle on the ox head is gray.
  • Ironically, Gladiators were Roman, not Greek. Ferb said this in the next episode, correcting the error.
  • The first time chariots are seen, none of them have reigns.
  • When Phineas is announcing the participants of the race, Holly's eyes have only two lashes.
  • When Baljeet says, "they are still gaining on us", Isabella's arms and reigns are missing and Katie's hands are darker than the rest of her skin.
  • The reigns on Buford's and Isabella's chariot change color several times.
  • When Buford uses Baljeet's head to cut the rope from his chariot, his shorts turn grey.
  • When Candace gets dragged through the car wash, her hair is much shorter than normal.
  • When Isabella walks up to see what the boys are doing, she greets their dad with, "Nice hat, Mr. Flynn." Lawrence is a Fletcher, not a Flynn. However, Isabella might not have known that he is Phineas' step-dad even though she knows Ferb is his step-brother, or it could have just been a mistake.
  • The spikes on Buford's chariot wheels appear and disappear several times.
  • The boy in the theater couldn't have bought a ticket because it was a private screening and it was "Doofenshmirtz's Abandoned Theater". (His presence may have also been for comical effect.)
  • The most correct plural for platypus would not be platypuses (which is most accepted), platypi, or platypeople. with the word's Greek etymology in consideration, the most correct, albeit largely unused, plural form of platypus would be platypodes.
  • Along the race, Isabella's bracers appear and disappear scene to scene. Also, sometimes her bracers cover just her wrist, then other times they go to her elbows.
  • At race's end, almost before going upstairs you can see Norm's head with horns and nose gray instead yellow.
  • Isabella's pleats on her dress are sometimes missing, most notably when she is in her gladiator gear. Also, when Phineas hands her the map, her belt is missing as well, but when Candace shows up, the belt is seen again.
  • What happened to Isabella after the chariots crashed?
  • At the end when Ferb was covering his eyes, worried that he would turn to stone by Candace, his hand was abnormally large.
  • When Norm runs through the door in the museum as he is chasing Doofenshmirtz, as makes the hole in the upper part of the frame, another white area suddenly appears above the frame.
  • Theseus actually killed the Minotaur.
  • Despite what the film says, no species of badgers or vipers are indigenous to eastern Australia or Tasmania, the natural range of the platypus.
  • When Phineas and Ferb's chariot gets damaged by Buford's, Phineas has no right thumb.
  • During the song, when you see between Buford and Isabella's wheels, Buford's chariot has no spikes.
  • Medusa was slain by Perseus, and Theseus slayed the Minotaur, not the non-existent Asparagus. The mistake was probably supposed to be a joke.
  • When Candace comes into the living room, she is facing towards Lawrence when he invites her to sit down. However when Phineas calls from outside, she is facing towards the window.
  • When fleeing from Candace's Medusa effect, Pinhead Pierre Actress's head band is missing.
  • It shouldn't have been Candace's chariot to leave the backyard because of all the coloums that got knocked down.

Leave the Busting to Us!

  • When Phineas says "Oh there you are Perry." the first time, Perry's back feet changed colors as he was walking inside.
  • Ferb mentions that "that is why I will never wear suspenders in public". Since he is British, he should have called suspenders "braces." However, this may have been left out purposely to cause less confusion.
  • After Perry swings in to Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. the window he just swung through is covered in glass.
  • Doofenshmirtz removes the paper to reveal a brick wall, but when it's shown inside, there is a small window right where the wall was. It could be a mirror.
  • And when he removed it, the impression changes.
  • After the water slide is discovered missing and everyone is in the driveway in front of the house, Phineas says "Oh, there you are Perry" even though he appears to walk up holding him.
  • When Candace and Lulu run to the van, for a brief moment Candace's shoes are red and her socks are white. One second later, Candace's shoes quickly change back to their regular color scheme.
  • When Phineas said "That was oddly out of character. Hey, where's Perry?" his eyebrows were black while when the few times they are shown they are red.
  • When Phineas says "Make sure your life vests are securely fastened In case we capsize, your seat cushions can function as a headstone.", Ferb's eyes are far from his hair, but later they are close.
  • When Perry walks inside the house his feet turn green for a second, then turn back to normal again.
  • Both the Ferris wheel and the water slide can be easily seen from the front yard; therefore Linda should've seen them.
  • At the end of the advertisement for the show bust em, the mother is wearing a green shirt and points at her child, the camera changes and the mothers sleeve is now purple.
  • The video footage shown in the van is not shown from the perspective of the disguised camera Candace wore on the ride. However, it is possible that Lulu and/or Fifi recorded it from outside the ride.
  • In a few scenes, Lulu's pantyhose would disappear and reappear. Before she turned her chain while talking to Candace, she was wearing pantyhose, but she turned back to Candace they disappeared. When Candace asked Lulu if they got enough footage, her pantyhose reappeared. When Candace and Lulu fist bumping "Bust 'em! Bust 'em! Bust 'em!" her pantyhose disappeared again, but reappeared again when they run to the van. At the end of the episode where Candace and Lulu wear at the front porch with pie, her pantyhose disappeared again.

Crack That Whip

Tiny Candace and Stacy

Candace and Stacy are tiny.

  • In the first park scene Candace Flynn and Stacy Hirano are too small compared to the other children there.
  • Jeremy is seen in the audience when Candace flies back.
  • When Doofenshmirtz traps Perry in his metal cage, it is seen falling from above. However, after Perry is trapped, the cage is seen to have a floor.
  • Doofenshmirtz says he is unable to grow facial hair, but in "Unfair Science Fair" he is shown with a goatee, in "Phineas and Ferb Hawaiian Vacation" he has a beard, and in "It's No Picnic" he has a 5:00 shadow.
  • When Linda was coming home, she should have seen the roller rink from the driveway.
  • When Phineas and Ferb build the roller rink, the backyard was much larger than usual.
  • Right after Candace stutters upon seeing the giant loaf of bread is gone, she is no longer next to Phineas, and has suddenly moved to in front of the window off to the left, as shown when Phineas activates Suzy's remote.

The Best Lazy Day Ever

  • When Phineas first wakes up, he has two pillows on his bed. When he and Ferb race out of their room, there is only one.
  • When Jeremy's band is hit with the Uglyinator, Coltrane and the drummer switch places.
  • When Dr. Doofenshmirtz uses the Ugly-nator on Perry, Dr. Doofenshmirtz's outlines are a darker shade of black.
  • When Candace is shown on top of the waterslide with the jackhammer (zoomed out) Her hair is blowing. But when they zoom in, its shown at its normal style, and is not blowing. Later on, when Stacy comes to tell her that they're going to be late for the concert, its shown blowing again.
  • The room inside the small backyard door is wrong. It should lead to the kitchen, not the living room.

Boyfriend From 27,000 B.C.

  • The Sandwich Town bag appears on Phineas and Ferb's table a few frames before the scene transition fully wipes to black.
  • The episode is called "Boyfriend From 27,000 B.C." but Phineas comments on how Conk hadn't eaten in 28,000 years. (Technically, it has been 29,000 years since Conk was frozen.)
  • When Phineas first brings in the platter of sandwiches, it has cheese in it. When he says "Uh oh" it has turned into lettuce.

Voyage to the Bottom of Buford

  • Buford said he was only scared of giant squids, but in "One Good Scare Ought to Do It!" Buford said he is scared of Little Suzy Johnson.
  • In Dr. Doof's flashback, things fell out of his bag while he "tripped." In the news report, no object flew out of his bag.
ERROR Linda with 5 fingers

Linda has 5 fingers when she should have 4

  • At the very end of the episode, when Linda says "I don't have time for these games" you can clearly see she has four fingers and a thumb on her hand. Normally she, like every character on the show, has three fingers and a thumb.
  • For unknown reasons, Phineas and Ferb are left with their friends at the beach.
  • In the last scene of Buford and Biff's montage, it shows Buford and Biff sleeping. Biff's eyes are closed, which is unrealistic, because in real life, fish do not have the ability to close their eyes.
  • On the news Dr. Doofenshmirtz is seen falling on the sidewalk, but in his flashback he falls on the road.
  • Several times, mostly at the beginning of the episode, Phineas' hi-top shoes are short and he has white socks up to the point on his ankle where the top of his shoe should be.
  • Biff must be some sort of super goldfish, as he seems to be at home in both fresh and sea water. And the only non-goldfish behavior he exhibits (instead of just blankly swimming around) is when he "sleeps" with Buford in his bed.
  • In the first scene when Stacy is shopping with Candace, Stacy doesn't have her bracelets on her arm. In the next scene, after she spots Phineas and Ferb and their submarine, bracelets appear.

A Hard Day's Knight

  • When Phineas and Ferb go to joust with Charles, they are in their suit of armor incorrectly, but when they crash, they are back into their normal positions.
  • When the Evil Con booth man gives Perry, as Dr. Lloyd Wexler, his Evil Button, the button he hands Perry is off of his own shirt which reappears when he hands it to Perry.
  • The control booth of the dragon robot had positioned in the mouth making the fire hit Dr. Doofenshmirtz, but the control booth of the Queen Elizabeth I robot had positioned behind the eyes, where lasers get shot.
  • In this episode, the London Eye and Big Ben are among with Buckingham Palace and the White Cliffs of Dover, but in "Elementary My Dear Stacy" the London Eye and Big Ben are in their original places.
  • When Doofenshmirtz and Perry are walking in the Evil-Con before Perry read the autobiography, there are people and stands in the scene, but when the Giant Robots' room gets zoomed out, the people and stands are gone.
  • When Black Knight Candace gets launched from the catapult, her flight path over the view stand is already slightly down as she leaves the scene, yet she is on a decidedly upward path when she flies into the tower window.
  • When Black Knight Candace leaves the tournament and the crowd cheers, there is a blonde woman with glasses and a pink turtle neck who wasn't there before, she is gone again the next time the view stand gets shown then reappears when the stand gets seen as the people are afraid they're about to get crushed by the falling dragon and among the people running away.
  • Some fire from the Dragon-bot reaches to the Queen Elizabeth-bot, but it seems to have no burns on it, also, the Queen Elizabeth-bot launched a laser to the Dragon-bot. but in the next scene the burn is gone.
  • When the Dragon-bot launches fire, in the close-ups of its mouth, his body is black, but in the zoom-out scenes, his body is purple.

Traffic Cam Caper

  • When Ferb falls off from Norm, he is wearing his helmet, but after he comes back, he is not wearing his helmet.
  • When the boys enter Candace's room, a sign on the door misspells her name as Candance.
  • While Phineas is clinging to the side of the bridge, his arms, shirt and face get covered in oil. However, when Candace grabs him and pulls him onto the bridge, there isn't a drop of oil on him.
  • When Perry is in Norm, he presses a button to make a GPS appear. The button disappears immediately after Perry presses it.
  • The American flag Ferb brought back from the moon, assuming it's the one left from the Apollo 11 mission, shouldn't have been waving, since the flag had been stiffened by wires to prevent it from dropping.
  • The phase of the moon switches between crescent (as seen in the opening shot & from Doofenshmirtz's bedroom window) and full (as seen in the rest of the episode).
  • If look closely on the laptop when Candace said "Actual Proof" the camera is in the tree where Phineas and Ferb lie not on the top.
  • When Major Monogram asks to be reminded why all the Agents are animals, the lens' on Carl's glasses are white.
  • When Norm snatches the disc from Candace's hand, the window in her room is seen to be open. But when Norm puts the disc in his wallet the window is suddenly closed. Next, when the screen switch back inside Candace's room, the window is open again.
  • When Perry is first shown sleeping in Ferb's bed, his back feet are the same color as his body.
  • When Norm switches to Hyper-Transportation Mode and Phineas, Ferb and Candace stop their bikes, Phineas' helmet is yellow, and Ferb's is red. For the rest of the episode, Ferb's helmet is yellow, and Phineas' is red
  • When Norm is stealing the disk, look closely and you can see a duplicate of part of his arm and the disk.
  • During the scene where Phineas almost falls from the bridge, both his and Candace's eyes turn to black.
  • Norm's teeth disappear in the last scene.

Bowl-R-Ama Drama

Error Jeremy is FLYING

Jeremy has no legs.

  • If you look closely at Jeremy during Candace's fantasy about having busted Phineas and Ferb, you can see he has no legs.
  • When the kids get their equipment, five garages are opened. This does not make much sense, given that Phineas and Ferb live in the same house.
Error with Perrys Fedora

The bottom of the fedora is blue.

  • Perry's ice block had been standing on an icy metal ledge, but after Doofenshmirtz leaves, his ice block is shown to be standing on the wooden floor. Unless Doofenshmirtz moved his block down to the floor, Perry's escape method (spilling hot cocoa that had been sitting on the table and melting the ice) would have been impossible.
  • When Perry breaks free of the ice block he was trapped in, you can see for a second that the underside of his fedora is the same color as his fur.
  • Phineas's scooter turns into a bike when he arrives at the Pointless World Records stage.
  • When the hot chocolate reaches the ice block Perry is trapped in, it shatters the ice block, where it should have melted.
  • "До Свидания (Da svidanya)" is actually a Russian phrase, which means good-bye, not Spanish as Doofenshmirtz said. This may be because of the first three letters, "Dos", mean "two" in Spanish. "Vindanya" is unlikely a word. To be fair, Doof has never been known to be particularly bright.
  • If you look closely at Perry's feet when the ice block is wobbling, you can see the different shades of the back of the block through his legs and feet.
  • Perry should not have been able to move his eyelids or his toes while frozen in ice.
  • If you look at the part before Phineas asks about the world's biggest pinball game, you'll notice that when they are hitting those red-topped things, it goes backwards and hits the same one twice and does that a couple times, which is weird because of the physics.

Got Game?

  • In the F-Games song, Buford's skull on his shirt is missing at one point. The next time we see him, his skull is back on the shirt.
  • During the F-Games song, it shows Buford knocking the horse head from the "uniform". But in one of the next shots, the head is back on the uniform.
  • Also, when the song sang "You got a reputation on the line", the captions are wrong.
  • The square root of pi is approximately 1.77. So the girls final score should have been 2.77, but since we don't know the rules of the F-Games, this is not an error.
  • Before Perry walks into his chair in his lair, the tip of his hat is visible.
  • When explaining his backstory to Perry in the Pet Shop, Doofenshmirtz says (while mentioning the Lawn Gnome backstory), "You remember that story, right? My neighbor, Kenny; I don't have to go through it all?" But Doofenshmirtz doesn't know that it's Perry he's talking to (unless he subconsciously recognized him), therefore he wouldn't think Perry-in-disguise would remember the story. (Maybe Doofenshmirtz is not talking through Perry, maybe he is talking "to the audience").
  • After the watermelon knocks Candace's helmet out in a brief scene she's seen with the helmet back on and the watermelon missing.
  • The stadium can be easily seen from the front yard but for some reason Linda didn't notice it.

Comet Kermillian

Vlcsnap-2012-09-03-20h39m19s231 Vlcsnap-2012-09-03-20h39m36s157
Candace's shirt changes.
  • When Candace goes on her date with Jeremy, she is wearing a white shirt. The same is true when she accidentally falls into the ice cream vendor, but when we see her she's wearing her usual red top clothes.
  • When Doofenshmirtz's heat ray shoots through the observatory walls the shots are red. However, when it zooms in on Phineas they are green.
  • Phineas mentions to Ferb that they still have an 8:30 show; however, if they already put their faces on the comet then having another show would be kind of tricky.
  • When we see everyone in the backyard instead of the observatory, Holly has her sash on her right shoulder instead of her left and Isabella's hair has no highlights.
  • When Phineas and Ferb are building the observatory, they are shown testing the laser (which burns off a few strands of Phineas' hair). The dome is already on top of the observatory. Yet the next shot is of the dome being lowered on top of the observatory.
  • Shortly after Phineas has his hair burned off by the lasers, his hair grows back.

Ferb's eye is bigger than the another one.

  • As Phineas says "Ferb, what's happening?" before the observatory explodes, you can see Ferb's larger eye is in front rather than behind and returns back to normal after Phineas says "That was so cool!"
  • After the top part of Doofenshmirtz's building exploded, he appears to be in normal color before it zooms to him dirty and cursing Perry.
  • When Candace arrives at the observatory, she is still in her white T-shirt and jeans, but when she gets her parents, she's in her regular clothes, though she may have changed clothes.
  • When Phineas first reveals himself as Kermillian, his legs are not aligned with his shoes.
  • In Britain the subtitles misspell antidisestablishmentarianism as Antidisestablishment-Terrianism.
PPA Cmt Krm 10

Multiple animation errors

  • After it starts raining steaks, as Candace and Jeremy walk away;
    • The girl known as Pinhead Pierre Actress is wearing jumpers instead of her shirt and shorts.
    • Baljeet is wearing shorts instead of his blue jumper.
    • Buford has Suzy's blond hair puffs attached to his own hair. (If this is because he's standing in front of Suzy, then Suzy is way too tall.)

Put That Putter Away

  • During the song Disco Miniature Golfing Queen:
    • The hair of the silhouette Ginger disappears after the first few seconds of the song.
    • From Candace's phone, it is seen that Stacy is holding a phone and recording herself dancing. However, in the previous shot, Stacy is not holding a phone.
    • Ginger is seen dancing in the background, on a podium. Yet she is seen dancing in the background and next to Stacy towards the end of the song. Also, she had two bracelets for the outfit, but then in the next screen she loses one.
    • Isabella's and Stacy's belly buttons disappear several times.
    • Stacy had eyeshadow most times, but after the magazine where she was wearing red, her eyeshadow failed to be in the picture.
  • If you look closely after Phineas says "Oh, there you are, Perry," Ferb's mouth starts moving though you can't hear him.
  • When Ferb was checking the wind when it was his turn, Stacy's mouth doesn't move when she says "That's so--"
  • Throughout this episode, although not clearly noticed, Candace's skin keeps changing from pale to her normal skin color.
  • While Phineas is racing, his pencil was transparent.
  • Balthazar Horowitz was sliding but before and after those events, he was not seen.
  • In this episode, you do not see how Perry escapes from his trap.
  • In "Bad Hair Day", Stacy claims she's the only person who's never said "Where's Perry?", but she does however say it in this episode.
  • Candace's skin color changes repeatedly throughout the episode.

Does This Duckbill Make Me Look Fat?

  • Candace (In Perry's body) should not be able to sweat milk because it is a feature of female platypuses due to their mammary glands.[2] This was likely a mistake on the writers' part, assuming they did not realise that males could not sweat milk. Then again, Candace is female, so it's possible when she and Perry switched bodies they had characteristics of their own gender inserted into them.
  • The teleports are silver, but before Phineas took pictures, the teleporters were colored brown. When Candace showed up afterwards, they are silver again.
  • When Doofensmirtz says "wait wait," and the scene shifts to Perry in Candace's body, the space around Slushy's eyes are the same color as his arms. When the scene shifts so that both Doofensmirtz and Perry (in Candace's body) are seen, the space is white again.
  • While Jeremy is feeding Candace (in Perry's body), the spoon is shown to be holding the platypus food, even though he had already fed her a spoonful. In the next shot of Candace (in Perry's body), the spoon is empty again.
  • Major Monogram and Carl didn't recognize Candace (as Perry), calling her as a "teenage girl" and told him it was a brilliant disguise. However, in "Candace Disconnected", Carl recognized her as Candace.
    • Since "Candace Disconnected" happens after this episode, Carl could have easily learned who Candace was afterwards.
  • In the photo of Candace holding Perry, the top of Phineas's head and the garage (they were both behind Candace when Ferb took the picture) should be seen. However, the background has no Phineas and the fence can be seen. Along with that, Candace had an angrier expression on the poster.
    • It's possible Ferb edited the photo.
  • If Linda wore the teleporters as earrings while they were turned on, as seen by the teleporting fly, part of her ears should have teleported.
Candace shocked while Jeremy appeared out of nowhere

Jeremy abruptly appearing in the garage in the next shot.

  • When Linda leaves the garage, Jeremy is suddenly there despite him and Candace not interacting in the episode.
  • Linda was coming just as the ray from the Shrink-inator was hitting the teleporter. Therefore, Candace should've seen the teleporters shrink.
  • When Candace wakes up to see Perry on her bed, her pajama top is red.
  • When Candace blocks Phineas out of the photo, Perry's eyes are blue.
  • When Jeremy greets Linda, he addresses her as "Mrs. Flynn". He should've addressed her as "Mrs. Flynn-Fletcher", her full name.
  • After the teleports shrink, the wires linking it as well as the small remote unit on the floor disappears.
  • All the parts of the teleports that were hit by Doofenshmirtz's Shrinkinator but the small computer cart, as well as the wires and remote unit, were never shrunk. Therefore, Linda should've seen them.
  • The number wires connected to the teleports appear to increase and decrease several times, and the remote unit sometimes hooks up to one teleport. Sometimes, it even hooks up to both.
  • When Perry was in Candace's body, he still had his hat with him.
  • The ray from the shrink-inator couldn't have hit the teleporters, as they were indoors in the garage, not outdoors.

The Flying Fishmonger

  • Before Ferb quotes that he has no idea what his grandfather is saying, Phineas smiles very quickly.
  • The Flynn-Fletcher backyard has a gorge in it, but when Dr. Doofenshmirtz's remote falls down, the backyard looks normal.
    • Also, when Doof's remote falls down, there's no dump trucks. But after that, the trucks appeared.
  • On the drive home from the mall, Grandma Fletcher is not in the car.
  • When Ferb is sitting in the Holy Mackerel, his eyes are about the same size.
  • Right before the Fireside Girls play the old anthem for the last time, Ferb's big eye is in front of his small eye.
  • Isabella and Gretchen do not have sleeves when they sing back-up onscreen.
    • In the same scene, the blue patch on Gretchen's sash is square instead of round.
    • Gretchen doesn't have eyelashes.
    • Holly has only two eyelashes.
  • Just like in "Flop Starz" and a few other episodes, Isabella's uniform changes. When she was playing the original Fishmonger theme song, she was wearing her Fireside uniform, but when she was playing it the second time she was in her normal dress.
  • When Grandpa Reg first start explaining about his past, Phineas, Ferb and their grandfather are sitting at the table. When Grandpa Reg finishes, they are in the living room. Though it's because Reg led them into the room while telling the story.
  • When Grandpa Reg says to Phineas that he wishes to hear his old theme song there is a huge gap in the fence but when the grass grows there is no gap in the fence.
  • When Doofenschmirtz first fires up the sand-inator, the gear indicator on the machine is pointing at the "R", indicating reverse. The indicator does not move when he shifts the machine into forward "D" (drive) mode, but stays on Reverse.
  • When the camera zooms in on Phineas and Reg after the line "He's a Flying Fishmonger with nerves of steel" Ferb suddenly appears although he wasn't there in the said line.

One Good Scare Ought to Do It!

  • Phineas was wearing a hat but when the people from the tree fell, The hat that Phineas was wearing is gone.
  • When Candace is trying to find an outfit to go over to Jeremy's, her bedroom is seen to be on the bottom floor. Usually, her bedroom is on the second floor.
  • Isabella's Fireside Girls sash suddenly appears on her body when the house lifts off. When Phineas begins to fall, we see a close-up of Isabella, but without the sash. Then, when she turns to the Fireside Girls, the sash reappears.
  • Buford is wearing his normal clothes when the house is lifted into the air, but he has on his Suzy costume when Suzy appears wondering why Candace gave her that face.
  • When Perry agrees to give Doofenshmirtz the keys, he asks why he didn't do it an hour ago. However, when Perry arrives, the countdown timer on the Disintevaporator is at twenty-five minutes. This could be, however, because Doofenshmirtz has a bad sense of time or he was exaggerating. Also, it suddenly goes from 5 seconds to 2 seconds in only 1 second.
  • When the Fireside Girls throw their sashes to save Phineas, they reuse the animation for Milly and Ginger throwing their sashes and catching them but flipped horizontally.
  • After Candace falls in the mud and gets up, her helmet can be seen behind for a few feet down the sidewalk. But when she leaves, she pulls the helmet up from in front of her.
  • When Phineas is falling from the house, a behind shot of him smiling can be seen, just before he screams. At the same time, the space between Isabella's legs are white.
  • Candace's white shirt is in the mud after she slips, which should had meant that it got dirty, but when she gets up, the shirt is clean with no mud on it.
  • When the haunted house is being lifted up into the air, one can see Django, but later when Phineas is falling and you can see the whole yard, Django is not shown. Buford and Baljeet are also not shown.
  • Since Doofenshmirtz's plane is moving when it lifts up the haunted house, the house would land at least a little up the street instead of the same spot.
  • During the Perry the Platypus theme song, during the "he's a furry little flatfoot who will never flinch from a fray" line, the second time Perry hits the button, he doesn't hit it at all.
  • When Candace goes to the Johnsons', she wears a belt, but when Suzy's poodle bites her pants, and Candace struggles to get her off, the belt is gone.
  • When Doofenshmirtz begs Perry to tell him where the keys are, the metal around Perry's tail is as green as Perry's fur, instead of being gray, like metal.
  • When Suzy saw Candace through one of the Johnsons' house's window, her eyes were dark blue, and her skin was pale instead of her eyes being light blue, and her normal skin color. Her eyes were also dark blue, and her skin was pale when she turned on beside the sprinkler and when she laughed while holding the toy car remote control.
Candace sees the haunted house up close

Candace's hair is normal instead of wavy

  • When Candace is looking up at the boys' haunted house in the backyard, her hair is shown in its normal style, but when we see her face, it is long and wavy again.
  • While she is running through the haunted house, Candace's hair appears to switch between being pointed on the top, like her normal hairstyle, and flat.
  • While Isabella and Phineas are riding the rollercoaster in the haunted house, when they ride past the blue horned monster heads, Isabella is smiling. She looks frightened again in the next shot.
  • There are several errors during the group shots of the gang during the Big Idea explanation:
    • The Fireside Girls are wearing their sashes on their right shoulders instead of their left. This stays until the camera pans across the group upon thinking what scares them.
    • GingerLookAtBaljeet

      Katie's head is oval shaped and in the wrong place.

      Katie and Milly are much taller than normal when Ginger is looking at Baljeet and seem to have wrongly shaped heads at the same time. Also, their bodies are in the wrong place for their heads. Milly's skirt is also orange and their berets are flat. In addition, this occurs again while Phineas is explaining the plan, and Holly appears to have Milly's error as well.
    • Adyson's hairband is the same color as her hair. This stays until the gang gasps upon Isabella is "cursed". Her hair is also outlined too dark.
    • When Phineas shows the organ, Katie's eyes are blue and Gretchen is taller than usual.
    • When Buford says "This better be good, pointy" Baljeet's collar is different and a line is seen striking through the split collar on Adyson's neck.
    • When the gang arrives, Milly is behind Buford and Holly is next to Ginger, but after the pan shot of everyone scared, Milly and Holly have swapped places.
    • Katie also has socks, which are futhermore transparent.
    • The yellow bands on Katie's shoes are red.
    • The diamond on Milly's beret has disappeared.
  • When the camera pans on the group when horrified, Ginger's hair is cut short, just as in "The Fast and the Phineas".
  • When Candace is showing Linda what the boys did, Linda has two bags of groceries, although she went to a book club.
  • During the song, when Phineas starts to sing "That is quite right, I would delight...", his mouth isn't moving.
  • Outside the haunted house when it's being picked up, Buford has his regular clothes on, but at the end of the episode, he's dressed as Suzy again.
  • When Candace is standing in the haunted house's hallway with the portraits on the wall all of the portraits are blank. When it's a close-up of Candace the portrait behind her has it's person back in it.
  • When Candace is telling Jeremy that Suzy is evil, the poodle is gone. However, when Candace puts her helmet on, the poodle is on it.
  • When Buford and Suzy are standing next to each other, Buford's feet are smaller than they should be.
  • The haunted house can be easilly seen from far away, so Linda should've seen it.
  • When Candace sees the haunted house it is larger than the Flynn-Fletcher home but when it is lifted out of the backyard, it is smaller than the house. 
  • When Candace goes into the house through the small door, the room in it has the walls of the music room  and later on the living room when it should be the kitchen.
  • When Candace complains about the haunted house, the pleats on Isabella's dress are gone.
  • When Doofenshmirtz starts to say "Finally ending here..." the tip of his pointer cuts off into the last picture.
  • When Isabella catches Phineas, you can't see Candace and Linda in the background but a few seconds later they are there.
  • When Suzy yells "upsies!", Jeremy's shirt is green, rather than brown.
  • When the haunted house begins to tear away, Holly's shirt has a red flower on it, but later on it disappears. Also, Gretchen has no teeth and her sash had no patches.
  • When Phineas says "You said you were gonna be something scary" Isabella's eyes are black instead of blue.
  • When Candace asks to speak to Linda over the phone, she addresses her as "Linda Flynn" when it should be "Linda Flynn-Fletcher".
  • Up close the dog bone on the haunted house says "Fido", but zoomed out it's wordless.
  • When Isabella is yelling to Phineas, Katie and Isabella's sashes have no patches.

    If you look closely, Phineas has five fingers instead of four.

  • At some points during the song, Phineas has five fingers.
  • When Candace is darting from room to room at one point she is chased by a dragon that is operated by four fireside girls, none of the shoes seen correspond to any known fireside girl and the girl in the tail has a rad dress.
  • When Candace pulls Linda out after the haunted house disappears, the sliding door to the backyard is missing from the house.

The Monster of Phineas-n-Ferbenstein

Candace's Animation Error

Candace's animation error

  • Right before Grandpa Reg says, "This weather isn't fit for man or platypus," Candace briefly has four arms, two by her side and two on the back of Ferb's chair, and two torsos, one leading to nothing.
  • When Constance enters the door changes from a wide opening to a simple door.
  • When Constance drinks the potion, her clothes grow with her, as opposed to ripping like with Dr. Jekyll Doofenshmirtz.
  • When Dr. Jekyll Doofenshmirtz drinks the potion at the Monster's Ball the Concoction Brewinator has two dials. One pointing to the evil monster and one pointing to the Fairy Princess.
  • When Dr Jekyll Doofenshmirtz becomes a Fairy princess the Angry Mob walk out of the room and one of them closes the door, but the light patch on the floor (in the shape of the open door) remains, even when the door is closed.
  • Dr. Jekyll Doofenshmirtz in fairy princess form drops his wand when the Platypus Monster grabs him. But, after the Platypus Monster eats him, he coughs out the wand. Jekyll, however, could have grabbed the wand off screen as a last-ditch effort to escape the monster.
  • When Dr. Jekyll Doofenshmirtz knocks on Phineastein and Ferbgor's door and the Platypus Monster opens the door the shadow of the monster cannot be seen on the ground. But when Dr. Jekyll Doofenshmirtz runs away the shadow of the Platypus Monster can be seen.
  • When Constance was telling the mob that Phinenstein and Ferbgor created the Platypus Monster her eyes were the same as her skin.
  • Isabella's lookalike claims that she had a PB&J on whole wheat with the platypus monster. However, peanuts are not indigenous to Europe, let alone Drusselstein. Peanuts were also primarily food for livestock until the 1930s.
    • This could be for comic relief and because Grandpa Reginald is telling the story, enabling him to make a couple of errors for artistic license.
  • In some scenes Phineastein has bags under his eyes; in others he does not.
  • At the end when the lights come back, Phineas and Ferb are lit like it's still dark.
  • Jekyll is the great-great-grandfather of Dr. Doofenshmirtz, but Phineastein and Ferbenstein are pro pro pro pro pro pro pro pro pro pro uncles Phineas and Ferb, therefore, should have many more years of Dr. Jekyll, if Doofenshmirtz is 47 years old and Phineas and Ferb 10

Oil on Candace

  • Doofenshmirtz states that none of his inventions actually worked, yet they just missed their target, twarted by Perry before activated, etc.
  • Before the painting on the desert is washed away, the sun on it is not there.

Dr. Gevaarljik has... 4 eyebrows?

  • At the end of the episode when Dr. Gevaarlijk said "Gevaarlijk out," she went the wrong way when the door is on the right and she walked to the left were the balcony is.
  • When Dr. Gevaarlijk went inside Doofenshmirtz's room, Dr. Gevaarlijk saw Perry with a hat on. However, she did not believe that he is not Heinz's nemesis.
  • After Doofenshmirtz shows Gevaarlijk the blender, you can see her with 4 eyebrows.
  • When Candace says "But...but...but..." her mouth doesn't sync up, as it closes when she says it. It's possible her mouth movement was reversed.
  • For unknown reasons, in Spain, Dr. Gevaarlijk is named "doctor" (instead of "doctora", which is the femenin name) for the first seconds, also mention that Doof says "Impresionar al Maestro" instead of "Impresionar a la Maestra" ("Maestra" is the femenin word for "teacher" and "maestro" is the masculin one), another mistake is that Gevaarlijk mentions that she has just come from "Gimmelstein" (Instead of Gimmelshtump or Druselstein).
  • The second time Candace says "Mom" when she runs off, her mouth doesn't move when she says it.

Out of Toon

  • Lawrence states that "Pinhead Pierre" is a show he watched when he was a "lad" and that, "..they don't make it anymore..", but several present day kids are seen in the recording he's referring to.
  • Before Phineas' "pants" fell down the spots on his shirt turn black.
  • When the cartoon was playing in this episode, it was night time, though when it to Doofenshmirtz Evil, Inc., it was still morning until the cartoon ended.
  • At the end of the cartoon when Control Freak/Candace is defeated, Multi-Man/Phineas's anime-style eye has turned into a traditional Phineas and Ferb eye.
  • Oddly, Dr. Doofenshmirtz and Perry the Platypus stop dancing after the dance ray tumbles over the side of the building and before it hits the cement below.
  • When Doofenshmirtz was exercising, his sleeveless shirt was green. The sleeveless shirt turned black when Doofenshmirtz was put on his lab coat.
    Django in the audience

    The girl next to Django's hair is inside the seat

  • At one point in one of the crowd shots, the girl next to Django has her hair passing through the seat behind her.
  • The credits of this episode do not list the episodes “Out of Toon” and “Hail Doofania!”. Instead, they say “Rollercoaster” and “Lawn Gnome Beach Party Of Terror”. The credits of this episode were obviously borrowed from the first episode and not altered.
  • The television screen dances away but the studio does not; therefore Linda should've seen it.
  • When Phineas is asking who Captain Implausible Lawence's arm is behind the couch, then when Lawence is explaining Captin Implausible his arm is behind Phineas' head
  • Phineas and the gang record dialogue for their characters, but Control Freak was the only character in the cartoon to speak. Also, Candace was not seen recording her dialogue.
  • On Sky TV, in the infomation box, Candace's name was mispelled as Candice.

Hail Doofania!

  • When the second attempt of Perry entrance to his lair is featured, the background is all blurred.
  • When Perry hits the Self-Destruct Button, his fedora is gone despite him being too shaken up to take it off.
  • When Doofania was about to sink, the platform on Doofania was seen underwater on the first clip then the second one, it shows the platform on the water's surface.
  • When Doofania was sinking in front, the plush model wasn't there. But when Vanessa dragged her mom to see Doofania, the plush model appeared.
  • When Perry hits the self-destruct button, the picture of a rainbow was there before he hit the button, but after he hit it, the rainbow was gone.
  • When Charlene was on the phone to Vanessa, she had cucumbers on her glasses instead of her eyes, which is incorrect, as the whole point of the cucumber treatment is meant to go on your eyes.
  • When Phineas removes Perry's collar, his foot became orange.
  • When Doofania sank into the water, Norm's circuits should've been fried although this may be not because Norm runs on squirrell power.
  • Even if Candace and Vanessa did have their laundry switch by accident for this episode, It unlikely they wouldn't notice the change before putting on the clothes.

Out to Launch

  • When jump starting, the vehicle that has the working battery should be connected directly to the battery posts and the vehicle needing the jump should be "positive to positive, negative to ground". (it takes the dead battery out of the circuit allowing more energy to go to the starter) Phineas repeatedly instructs people to do this in reverse.
  • Since the characters can stand and walk in the ship, it can be assumed that there is some sort of artificial gravity in it. However, there are several scenes where Candace and Perry are floating.
  • In Candace's fantasy, Jeremy and his friends are sitting behind a table (in front of them), and there is no-one sitting there. However, when zooming out, there are four people sitting at that same table.
Where's isabella's jacket

Isabella's jacket disappears.

  • When Isabella talks to Phineas over the monitor and says that he has the dance tonight before the end of the first part, she isn't wearing her mission control jacket.
  • The last time Isabella said "Sure, no prob", her bow was much larger than usual.
  • Doofenshmirtz and Perry would not have been able to see the sun rising but would be seeing the earth slowly move because the sun does not move but the earth rotates on its axis.
  • When Phineas and Ferb are going into the ship there is no ladder. But after Candace has to climb a ladder.
  • This episode shows that Doofenshmirtz can't swim. However, in Hail Doofania, Doofenshmirtz can.
  • When Linda arrives, she should have seen the rocket from the driveway.
  • When Linda is reversing the car, she never stops to wonder why the front bonnet is open and, indeed, is briefly seen reversing the car with the bonnet open.

Phineas and Ferb Get Busted!

  • When the Flynn-Fletcher family is extracted from the house, Phineas complains that he hasn't finished his cereal when it was shown that he was having eggs and bacon. However, it is feasible as this took place in a dream, even though he may have intended to have some later.
  • During the recollection of Candace's busting attempts: (However, it could be just Perry misinterpreting these as busting attempts or mistaking what the boys actually did.)
  1. One of them was about the time they carved her head into Mt. Rushmore even though she actually liked it and just wanted to show Linda, not bust them.
  2. She mentioned they're "getting the band back together", despite teaming up with them for that day.
  3. Candace said they built the time machine, but they actually fixed it.
  4. It was said Phineas and Ferb promoted a boxing match, but it's actually a thumb wrestling contest.
  5. She mentioned the events of "Tree to Get Ready" and "Lights, Candace, Action!" despite the fact she didn't try to bust them in those episodes.
  • When Phineas and Ferb are being brainwashed, you can see that Ferb's hair is semi-transparent. Also, they the tubes spraying water are clearly spraying water directly to the front of them and it can be seen that Phineas and Ferb are being sprayed directly from the front. However, since the tubes have some distant from each other, and Phineas and Ferb are sitting right next to each other, the machine should not be able to spray both Phineas and Ferb at the same time.
  • Also during the brainwashing, Phineas' eyes are missing for one frame.
  • When Candace and Jeremy are at the Tri-State Dance Contest, the rose they are holding in their teeth appears to shorten and lengthen its stem as they move.
  • In its first appearance the robot spider is seen to have four legs. But in later shots it has eight legs.
  • When Perry pulls the lever he is holding Doofenshmirtz's nose, but in next shot he is not holding it.
  • When Phineas builds the Ferrisbed, it goes through Ferb's head.
  • When Candace and Jeremy land in the dumpster at one point the outline of Jeremy's shoes are brown when they should be white. In the same scene Jeremy's undershirt is green.
  • Jeremy says the is a "huge gaping hole" in the side of the house, but when Candace and Stacy are hanging out, no hole is visible. This is especially noticeable when Candace is watching TV.
  • Monogram's initials are on the wrong side of his jacket.
  • In the flashback to Mount Rushmore, Candace, Phineas and Ferb are easily looking at it from the ground when Candace should be on the viewing platform and Phineas and Ferb should be next to the mountain.
  • In the last flashback to "Mom's Birthday", the entire background behind the stage is replaced with a solid blue background.
  • Phineas and Ferb's helmets are technically not invisible since when Candace puts their helmets back on after rescuing them, their hair grows back. You cannot actually see their hair grow back if the helmet is invisible.
  • Linda and Lawrence somehow got into the reformatory school. It is unlikely that the Dream Sergeant left the door open or unlocked.
  • When the Dream Sergeant and officers are going after Phineas, Ferb, Candace and Jeremy, the kids in the reformatory school are probably left unattended.

Unfair Science Fair

  • The caption beneath Baljeet's forefathers reads "FOREFTATHERS".
  • Baljeet's paper says that he got an A++, not an A+++ like Mr. McGillicuddy said he had.
  • Perry is not shown in his car seat-trap after Doofenshmirtz gets punched by the unfortunately masculine woman.
  • Candace and Wendy took the mayo, pickles, and relish out of nowhere; they only had ketchup and mustard.
  • In "Rollercoaster", you can see that Baljeet's house is next to the Flynn-Fletcher house, but Phineas and Ferb have to ride their bicycle to get there. As well, when the camera zooms out to a bird's eye view, to go follow Candace in Unfair Science Fair Redux (Another Story), it appears that their houses are far away.
  • When Baljeet, Ferb, and Phineas sing, "There's Perry!" Ferbs larger eye is in front of his little eye.
  • Perry should not have been able to enter his lair, as he is at Baljeet's house (he is seen leaving the backyard with the boys), and in Unfair Science Fair Redux (Another Story), Candace is seen walking by Perry just before he enters his lair, but she is at the Flynn-Flecher house. However, It's possible that Perry simply went back to Phineas and Ferb's house.
  • When Candace shows the binoculars to Jeremy it disappears after Jeremy talks to her about applying for the job.
  • When Perry escapes from the trap, he removes his bottom fur and runs off in his underwear but when he battles Doofenshmirtz, it is back on and his underwear isn't shown. He should have still been in his underwear.
  • In the flashback, Doofenshmirtz has a beard in college but in the episode Crack That Whip he says that he has been unable to grow a beard since he was 15. Though the beard may have been fake.
  • If the seat belt on the baby seat that Perry was sitting in was tight enough to rip off Perry's fur off his lower half, then it should have ripped the fur off his arms too considering the fact that Perry's arms were trapped too.
  • After Isabella says that she added the echo part, her socks were missing.
  • When the song starts, you can hear Phineas singing but his mouth is closed.
  • In the flashback,at the second science fair the baking soda volcano had already erupted and normally baking soda volcanoes can't erupt good the 2nd time.

Unfair Science Fair Redux (Another Story)

  • The boys did have Perry when they came over (he is seen following them out of the backyard in "Unfair Science Fair"), so Perry should not be able to enter his lair (he's at Baljeet's house), and Candace should not have walked by him before he enters his lair. However, it's possible that Perry simply went back to Phineas and Ferb's house.
  • When the Martians ask Candace to break another rover, it starts out as having treads attached to three wheels in a triangle on each side, but after Candace stomps on it three times. It becomes a vehicle with three wheels in a straight line on each side, like the one she tried to signal and then broke before she met the Martians.
  • When Ferb says "They say fine, but not without them", his eyes are far from his hair.
  • When Doofenshmirtz fires the ray into space you can see Mars in the background. However the ray went off course and shouldn't have hit Mars.
  • Candace's neck becomes short in some scenes when she is on Mars.
  • When Phineas and Ferb get to the castle with Martians, they are olive green, but in the next scene, they are the same color as the other Martians.
    QIYI 20130221141002

    What's wrong with Dr.Doofenshmitz's back?

  • When Dr.Doofenshmirtz and Perry crash into Major Monogram and Carl's shopping cart, Dr.Doofenshmirtz's back isn't complete and is likely to have been cut.
  • When Candace says "How is it we have bars here?" her mouth moves as if she were saying something else.
  • Stacy's first name is misspelled as "Stacey" on her text to Candace.


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