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"Epic Monster Battle" is a song that from "Excaliferb" as questers with Parable and their ten thousand monsters battle against Malifishmertz and his meat minions.


Their battle cries tear the skies asunder
Their massive feet beat the mountains down
Mortal fear combines with wonder
And the titan king will be crowned

Out of the misty swamp they lumber
While the heavens above them thunder
Bufavulous: Hey, are you gonna eat your cucumber? What? I had a light lunch.

It's an epic monster battle
Sound the awesome monster horn
For an evil wizard and a dragonpus
And a uni-whale-scorpio-pega-squid-icorn

The crashing turns to quiet
And calm sweeps through the land
The battle's been decided
But who had the upper hand?
But look, a hero rises from the smoke
Our glory has been regained
A cheer goes up among our army...
But the other guy gets up again!

Now for truth the battle's over
And evil's reign is done
Our hero stands triumphant...
No, no, wait, I was wrong. He's up again!

I feel reasonably sure it's over this time. What do you guys think? Oh, wait, he's up again!

Carl: From the top of another hill, a figure appears, a shaft of light shining off his auburn hair, It was Carl, the Red-headed Paladin from the land of Internius.
Major Monogram: Carl, now you're just getting ridiculous.

(During the End Credits)
Carl: From the top of another hill, a figure appears. A shaft of light shining off his auburn hair-
Major Monogram: Carl!
Carl: Sir, you're crushing my spirit.
Major Monogram: Yes. Yes I am.


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Background Information

  • The song is reminiscent of the fantasy metal style of Manowar (high-pitched and screamed bridges, guitar solos). Also, the scene of the battle with its large, medieval monsters and battle style, is similar to that which is on the covers of many heavy metal albums.


BMI Work #14856519

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