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"Ducky Momo is My Friend" is a song from "Nerds of a Feather" centering on Candace's enduring relationship with the television icon known as Ducky Momo.


When I was small, the world was such a strange place
And that was all until I saw his strange face
Quacking in slow-mo
Ducky Momo is my friend

And since we've met, he's been a friend to count on
If I could bet, I'd put the full amount on
Never needing to know mo'
Than Ducky Momo is my friend

All the lessons that he's taught me brought me luck
Now when life throws eggs, I know how to duck

Oh, oh, but now the world just points and laughs at me here
The hidden girl who risked so much to be here
Showin' my face is a no-no
But Ducky Momo's still my friend
Ducky Momo is my friend
Ducky Momo is my friend

Background Information

  • This is the only time Candace and Stacy's elementary school is seen.
  • There's a C+J on Candace's locker, which explains that Candace already had her crush on Jeremy since elementary school while Stacy remained largely unaware of him until "Rollercoaster". That Candace had known Jeremy since elementary school was revealed in "Does This Duckbill Make Me Look Fat?".
  • Candace was apparently very lonely as a child before Phineas was born.
  • The song is sung in the style of Carly Simon.
  • The mentioned song is also similar to "When We Didn't Get Along".
  • In the Spanish version the song is entitled "Ducky Momo." Since in the Spanish dub, the song is sung by Paloma Blanco, who does Spanish Candace's singing voice, it is clear that the song is considered to be sung by Candace herself.


BMI Work #12768926

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