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"Drusselstein Driving Test Waltz" is a song from "The Doonkelberry Imperative" as Doofenshmirtz renews his driving license by taking his driving test.


The speaking part is deleted in the album version.

Aaron Jacob: Turn! Yield! Halt!
If you fail you'll know who's at fault
Avoid vehicular assault
As you're doing ze Drusselstein Driving Test Valtz

Gas! Shift! Brake! (ooh...)
Drinking coffee's a big mistake
Try not to plunge into ze lake
Ven you're doing ze Drusselstein Driving Test Valtz (Driving Test Waltz)
Female Pedestrian: I'm okay!

Aaron Jacob: Use two hands when you steer her
Then check in ze mirror
Vat you see may be nearer
Don't lay on ze horn!

See ze traffic cop bossing
Pedestrians crossing
Never drive ven you're flossing
You'll wish you vwren't born!

Belt yourself
Only vay to protect your health
Leave your friends all your hard-earned wealth
If you croak ven you're boldly embarking
And parallel parking
And acing ze written-
Look out for that kitten!
No time for high-fiving
You're barely surviving
The dangerous Drusselstein Driving Test Valtz!

Doofenshmirtz: I think I did okay.


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Background Information

  • This song is performed by Aaron Jacob [1]
  • As the song's title implies, it is done in the timing of a waltz, which is an Austrian or Southern German (i.e., Bavarian) dance done to music in 3/4 time.
  • The song is sung with a heavy Germanesque accent. This is most likely because of the waltz format of the song, and because Drusselstein is an implicitly German country.
  • This is the second of 3 songs to be in or have a section in 3/4, others being "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" and the later "Humiliating Stumblegimp Dance of Contrition".
  • The driving instructor was not present in the car during the test
  • Songwriter Jay Lender confirms that the correct lyric is "Avoid vehicular assault".


BMI Work #15663103

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