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Dr. Bainbridge
Dr. Bainbridge
Gender: Male
Height: 5ft 10ins
Nationality: American
Nemesis: Agent C
Professional Information
  Evil Scientist
Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Nerdy Dancin'"
Last Appearance:
  "Phineas and Ferb Save Summer"

Dr. Bainbridge is an evil scientist and part of L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. His first name is Charlie. His nemesis is Agent C. He first appeared in Nerdy Dancin', and ended up in the hospital courtesy of Perry the Platypus. He later appeared in Bullseye!, singing Evil Tonight with the other Members of L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N.He appeared in Phineas and Ferb Save Summer, and fought the agents of O.W.C.A. along with the other scientists. He managed to evade an agent, causing the agent to crash into a wall. He participated in the second brawl, and ran away once and for all after he and the other scientists realized that the brawl was exactly the same one they had earlier.

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