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This article is about his girlfriend from "Chez Platypus". You may be looking for his date in "Get That Bigfoot Outa My Face!" or his former girlfriend Elizabeth.

"I don't even put evil on my profile anymore because it attracts so many weirdos."
"Don't I know it!"
— Doofenshmirtz's unnamed ex-girlfriend and Doofenshmirtz

Doofenshmirtz's unnamed ex-girlfriend was one of Heinz Doofenshmirtz's many dates.

Personal life

She has been dating online (as said on the date) and found Doofenshmirtz's profile and went on a date with him. It was a success, and they sang a song together. But after Doofenshmirtz's Delove-inator beam went out of orbit, it crashed onto Earth and zapped her, erasing her love for Doofenshmirtz, she turned Doofenshmirtz down ("Chez Platypus").

It is unknown if she dated more men after Doofenshmirtz. However, in "Carpe Diem" they were seen dancing together again ("Rollercoaster: The Musical!").

Physical appearance

Girlfriend with evil tattoo

She has brown hair with a purple dress, and also has a tattoo that says "Evil", just like Doofenshmirtz's tattoo (which she doesn't put on her online profile anymore).

Personality and traits

She has been dating on online services. She is shown to be evil.


Heinz Doofenshmirtz

Her relations with Doofenshmirtz are obvious - the only time she is seen is with Doofensmhirtz ("Chez Platypus") but the relation does not last for long, as seen at the end of her appearance, she is zapped by the machine he made. She was shown dancing with Doofenshmirtz during "Carpe Diem," but Carpe Diem was a flashback of summer events.

Agent P

In the "Happy Evil Love Song", it is shown Doofenshmirtz's unnamed ex-girlfriend and Doofenshmirtz torturing Agent P, they are holding him above a crocodile pit. It was possible that was a dream, but unconfirmed, otherwise meaning that she has no interference with Perry.

Background information

  • Likes tall men and labcoats and men with blond hair. Her previous date was 6'9".

the zombie and Doof's evil girlfriend

  • In "That's the Spirit", a zombie that rises from the water, has the same hairstyle as her.