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Doofenshmirtz's Daily Dirt was a weekly YouTube series starring Heinz Doofenshmirtz that premiered on January 3, 2013. In the thirteen-episode mini-series, Doofenshmirtz (voiced by Dan Povenmire) talked about current events, pop culture, music, the Internet, life and all things perplexing, according to the press release. Unlike the series, the show was animated with Adobe Flash.

On May 17, 2013, Disney announced that 26 more episodes were picked up to be released throughout the summer.[1] On March 10, 2014, Disney XD in the United Kingdom began screening the series from Monday-Thursday at 3:55 PM, preceding Phineas and Ferb at 4:00 (with new episodes in the first week), and Wander Over Yonder at 4:15.


Title No. Description Release
ACTUALLY USEFUL INTERNET ACRONYMS 1 The interwebs are full of useless acronyms. I mean "LOL" ? Really? Well, ol' Doofy has a few brilliant ideas for some REALLY GOOD ones that EVERYONE should be using. Seriously, by next week I want to see #RIHNIHTWGIMHF trending on Twitter. January 3, 2013
I CAN HAZ CAT PICTURES? 2 The internet is full of cats. I'm not sure why. I'm also not sure why they insist on terrible grammar and spelling practices, but I'm convinced that it is bad for the children of America. LISTEN UP SHEEPLE, IT'S TIME TO STAND UP TO THE INTERNET CAT CONSPIRACY. January 4, 2013
'CALL ME MAYBE' IS NOT CRAZY! 3 I've got a bone to pick with Carly Rae Jepsen and her endlessly catchy song "Call Me Maybe." I mean, everyone likes the song, okay, but has anyone actually ever stopped to REALLY THINK about the lyrics? No? Sounds like a job for Doof! January 10, 2013
ONE DIRECTION: MOST LITERAL BAND NAME EVER. 4 I have just one question for One Direction: what came first, the band name or the hair style? Seriously, I'm looking at you Harry Styles... January 16, 2013
GANGNAM STYLE OR "OPEN QUANTUM STYLE" I'M NOT SURE 5 Hey guys, has anyone heard of this awesome song OPEN QUANTUM STYLE? I think it's going to be a hit!!! Some people insist it's spelled "Gangnam Style" but I'm pretty sure they are totally wrong. January 22, 2013
HONEY BOO BOO, BACON AND THE APOCALYPSE 6 There are two things people are obsessed with that I don't understand: bacon and Honey Boo Boo. OK, well I understand the bacon... January 30, 2013
INSTAGRAM BREAKFAST CEREAL 7 I'M BACK MINIONS! Yesterday, my daughter Vanessa introduced me to something called "INSTAGRAM" and I'm already convinced it is pretty much the worst thing ever! Here's why you should too… February 14, 2013
THE DOOF REPLIES 8 So for this episode I decided to do things a little differently and reply to a few of my favorite comments. Prepare to have your minds blown, internet minions, because the Doof is about to reply to YOU. Well, maybe not "YOU" personally unless you're like one of the 4 people who I specifically responded to... I mean "YOU" in a more general sense -- but, wait -- you know what nevermind, you get the point. February 21, 2013
THE CRUEL JOKE THAT IS 'PLATYPUS DAY' 9 So in further confirmation of my personal suspicion that THE UNIVERSE HATES ME this episode is dedicated to my dear nemesis Perry the Platypus. Because in the long list of things that deserve to be celebrated, secret agent platipi really rank up there above evil scientists. Wait, is that right? Platipi? Or is it platypuses? Platypieces? Hmm. Seriously I'm gonna go look that up, otherwise it's going to bug me for the rest of the day. February 28, 2013
DR. DOOF VS. INTERNET MYSTERIES 10 The interwebs are full of all kinds of weird unknowns that people just ignore. Well, NO LONGER, in this groundbreaking exposé I'm going to tear the lid right off the internet crazy bin and reveal to you those dark questions that everyone is afraid to ask! PREPARE TO BE AMAZED AND EXCITED... or just confused. March 7, 2013
IT'S PI DAY SO HERE ARE SOME NUMBERS 11 HAPPY PI DAY. But seriously... First a platypus gets a day, now an irrational mathematical construct gets one too? BUT I DON'T? What gives! March 14, 2013
GOATS YELLING LIKE HUMANS YELLING LIKE DOOF 12 What's up with all these yelling goat videos? And more importantly, why are they totally hilarious? I dive into these and other burning existential questions in this weeks episode! March 28, 2013
HARLEM SHAKE, JEFF GORDON, AND DIETS THAT MAKE NO SENSE 13 So what do the Harlem Shake, Jeff Gordon and fad diets all have in common? I have three words for you: Involuntary Dairy Discharge. April 8, 2013
THE DOOF IS DUE 14 Okay, okay! I know i said i was only going to do 13 episodes, but I'm having wayyy too much fun. Anyways, I have a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT to make that will totally shock, thrill and amaze you. Without saying too much, let me just tell you that I'm WAY OVERDUE for this… May 17, 2013
Shark Tank Commercial (none) May 18, 2013
Shark Tank Episode Dr. Doof pitches his idea on Shark Tank! May 18, 2013
DOOF'S HAUL 2013: SWAG, CELEBS AND MISERY 15 I have discovered yet more evidence that modern civilization as we know it is over: HAUL VIDEOS. Hipster clothiers are the harbingers of the apocalypse. July 11, 2013
BABY BIEBER FEVER 16 Listen up, internet! I have an announcement to make and it's SUPER IMPORTANT, so pay attention! July 18, 2013
BRIBING THE BIEBER 17 JUSTIN BEIBER COME ON MY SHOW! What's that? You thought i was going to give it up? Ohh no. Evil never gives up! But you know, if you actually DO come on my show, please keep your shirt on. Or not. Thanks. July 25, 2013
THE GOSSIP GIRL WHO IS ACTUALLY A GOSSIP GUY 18 You know what? The internet has perfected the human art of wasting time. To think, one second you're looking up a pair of shoes, and the next you are transformed into a crazed devotee to a TV show that was popular like a year ago. August 1, 2013
NEIL PATRICK HARRIS EXPOSED 19 What's that you say? Now Neil Patrick Harris is hosting the Emmy's, now? That's cool, because I'm going to completely Troll NPH and reveal all his evil scientist secrets on the interweb for everyone to see! Petty and spiteful behavior? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Ehh, what can I say? I'm evil. August 8, 2013
CRAY CRAY CRONUTS 20 “Phineas and Ferb’s” resident evil scientist and recent food enthusiast, Dr. Doofenshmirtz, dishes out $1000 to try the latest in culinary breakthroughs — THE CRONUT. In this week’s “Doof’s Daily Dirt” webisode, Doof’s inspiration borders on obsession as he attempts to trump the latest food craze in “Cray Cray Cronuts!” August 15, 2013
THESE ARE NOT FULL EPISODES OF DUCK DYNASTY 21 Phil, Willie, Jase and Si were able to take over the world with a mere duck call, if they can do it, Doof can do better... prepare for the DOOF DYNASTY!!! August 22, 2013
THE Disadvantages OF AUTO CORRECT 22 I just got a new smartphone this week, and already this amazing technology has conspired to completely ruin my life. August 29, 2013
FOOD TRUCK FAIL 23 Did you know that "Food" is actually "Doof" spelled backwards? Pretty crazy, right? Anyways, what is it with all these hipsters and eating food off the back of a truck? I mean, REALLY? Eating at a stationary location is "too mainstream" for you??? September 5, 2013
DOOF'S LIFE HACKS 24 Okay, I have to admit, this whole "interweb" thing is pretty neat. It's like a new surprise every day. I've recently discovered this thing called "Life Hacks" — which is way less nefarious sounding than it actually is, mind you — and I was so inspired that I decided to make my own: DOOF HACKS! September 19, 2013
ASHTON KUTCHER'S DOOF CHOICE AWARD 25 Everyone is so proud of Ashton Kutcher and his inspirational speech at that award show, but I think that during the flood of adulations and congratulations we're forgetting something much more important: ME. I intend to correct this grievous error with my own special awards show: THE DOOF CHOICE AWARDS! September 26, 2013
DOOF DOES VINE 26 So everyone is up in arms about this thing called "VINE." I don't get what the big deal is. What can you really say in only 6 seconds of video? Well — as it turns out — not a lot. October 3, 2013
THE DOOF RAPS ON RAP (SO META) 27 Hey Doofions! I was feeling generous this morning so I decided to answer a few of your questions in the comment section. What can I say? I'm a giver. October 10, 2013
DOOFING IS THE THING 28 Watch out PLANKING, TWERKING and HARLEM SHAKING! Here comes the latest nonsensical internet trend of the minute: DOOFING! October 17, 2013
GET READY FOR HEINZ-O-WEEN! 29 October is nearly over and it's almost time to celebrate my favorite scary holiday! What's that? "Halloween," you say? Oh, no, dear Doofions — I'm talking about a holiday that is MUCH better, MUCH scarier and MUCH... uh... Doof-ier? That's right: HEINZ-O-WEEN! October 24, 2013
PRE-CHRISTMAS 30 Funny thing I noticed at the store the other day: suddenly Christmas decorations are, like, EVERYWHERE. What's with that? We haven't even gotten to Thanksgiving and we're already skipping to the next over-priced, massively-mechandised, consumer-obsessed cultural holiday: it's PRE-CHRISTMAS, everyone! The Christmas before the ACTUAL Christmas... November 7, 2013
600 EPISODES (NOT REALLY) 31 It's our 600th episode (that's a lie) and to celebrate I have a (less than) spectacular surprise for all you faithful Doof-ions! Trust me, you'll love it (probably not). November 14, 2013
The FACE BOOK (No, that's not a typo) 32 Hey Doof-ions! Your fearless and incomprehensibly handsome overlord has discovered a trendy, shiny, new web-thingie that only super-cool internet insiders know about: THE FACE BOOK. Let me tell you all about it... November 22, 2013
WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY? COSPLAY! 33 Not to be an internet hipster or anything, but I just have to say that I was already dressing like a fox and Eurodancing in the woods WAY before it was cool... December 5, 2013
THE SNICKERDOODLE IS A LIE! 34 Alright Doof-ions, your fearless and improbably handsome leader has a new topic he'd like to discuss this week. I know it's something you've been waiting for me to chime in about for weeks. Minecraft? No. Dr Who? Not really. Actually, it's something much more important than all those things: BAKE SALES, AND THE FACT THAT THEY ARE TOTALLY LAME. December 19, 2013
PONIES, ANIME AND BUBBLE TEA 35 DOOF REPLIES -- PART DEUX ... or something. Hey Doofions, I'm back with another response to one of your comments. Honestly, if this was an Upworthy post, I might title it "A kid asks Doof a random question, you won't believe what happens next..." Anyways, ciaoy ciao! January 16, 2014

Re-uploaded January 17, 2014

WHY I HATE GOING TO THE MOVIES! 36 Hey there, Doofions! Ready for another rip-roaring installment of everyone's favorite show hosted by an evil scientist whose nemesis is also a platypus? Me too! This week, I tackle the subject on everyone's mind: WHY GOING TO THE THEATER IS A TERRIBLE IDEA. Real talk. January 30, 2014
WHY WEB ADS ARE SERIOUSLY THE WORST 37 Holla atcha Doofions! Guess what I hate this week: WEB ADS. Yup. Why? Because they are everywhere? Ironically, no. I hate them because THEY ARE WRONG. Seriously, Internet, if you're going to plaster my screen with endless pop-ups and promos and SPAM emails, at least have the good sense to send me things that I ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT! February 13, 2014
THE DOOF GOES DIVERGENT (AND HANGRY) 38 WHAZUP INTERNET! Do you like movies like Twilight? Divergent? Hunger Games? Well, then you have TERRIBLE taste in movies! But, that's okay, because there are a TON of you, so I might as well jump on the bandwagon... February 27, 2014

Shark Tank

In the 14th episode of Doofenshmirtz's Daily Dirt, Heinz made an announcement about the premiere of the brand new TV series, Shark Tank as part of his big announcement. His appearance on Shark Tank aired on ABC May 18, 2013 at 9:00pm (9/8c) where he unleashed his Shrinkinator to the cast of the reality show. He looked for a $500k investment of the 1% networth of the Shrinkinator. It also aired in Canada on CTV Two and his appearance including the commercial was added to the Doofenshmirtz's Daily Dirt YouTube channel (doofdaily).

Official description: Dr. Doof pitches his idea on Shark Tank!

Mission Marvel


During the Disney XD premiere of "Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel", Doofenshmirtz provided some commentary from his Daily Dirt set.

Official description: Enjoy "Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel" on Disney XD with host, Dr. Doofenshmirtz via "Doof's Daily Dirt."

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