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This article is written from the Real World Perspective. This is a song article.

Dodger Etiquette Song is a song performed by Phineas and Dr. Doofenshmirtz, one of many versions of the Los Angeles Dodgers' fan Code of Conduct that is played before every game.


Phineas: Hi folks, we're Phineas and Ferb!
Hey, we're here, to sing the rules of etiquette
So all you Dodger fans at Dodger Stadium will not forget

First, there are a couple things that we must all obey,
Don't go on to the field or interfere with any ball in play
Please don't throw objects on the field,
Keep the stadium clean
All talk on cell phones should be private,
Your language not obscene
(Perry*: (chatter)
Meap: Meap!)
Phineas: Respect the people all around you,
(Baljeet: (scream) No, no, please!)
Phineas: Even fans of other teams
If anybody bothers you,
(Candace: PHINEAS!)
Phineas: Please call or text the Dodger hotline on the screen

Doofenshmirtz: Ya know, you missed some of the more obscure rules that I found out about the hard way.
If you can help it, don't set third base
On fire with your mind
Releasing monkeys in the dugout
Is not considered kind
Don't build devices that will suddenly make it 1889

Phineas (and Doofenshmirtz): Just file away these simple rules,
And we're all guaranteed to have a splendid time
Phineas: Thanks, enjoy the game!
Doofenshmirtz: And stay evil!

* Any lyrics that are underlined are not heard, they are shown on-screen instead.

Background information

"The Los Angeles Dodgers (as well as other Major League Baseball teams, I presume) have starting showing these funny little filmed announcements before games explaining the 'rules of etiquette,' as they apply to the fans at the stadium. They had gotten some celebrities and comedians to shoot a few of these things and then approached Disney about getting Phineas and Ferb to lay down the baseball law in an animated short. Martin Olson had the brilliant suggestion that we do it in a song, which would not only allow us to create a more fun, memorable little short, but also would made it easier for us to reuse and re-purpose various animated shots of the kids playing and singing and edit them together like a music video without it being obvious we did so. The original (unrecorded) song I wrote out for this was MUCH longer because, as I quickly found out, the actual 'rules of etiquette' were quite extensive and specific (and dry and unmusical as far as language goes) and all the rules needed to be included, for legal reasons, which left very little room, time-wise, for any of that quirky Phineas and Ferb humor that the kids all seem to be hopped up on these days. I wrote a whole bunch of random lines and verses and fellow staff writer Jim Bernstein, as well as Dan and Swampy, helped me decide what to keep and how to structure it. I thought it was a good idea to have Doofenshmirtz interrupt the song half-way through because he brings with him that big, absurd insanity (which is always still somehow the most grounded and 'human' of all the characters, for some strange reason). The final version of this is one of my favorite Danny Jacobs' [sic] productions. The whole Phineas crew was invited down to Dodger Stadium on 'Phineas and Ferb Night' to see the game. It was amazing and surreal to watch the crowd's reaction to my little song playing on the big Jumbo-Tron screen, complete with lyrics and a little bouncing ball with which to sing along. Afterwards, Dan and Swampy got to throw out the first pitch. This is really the best job in the world sometimes".[1]


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