Derek Dukensson
Candace meets DD - cropped
Derek Dukensson, a.k.a. D.D.
Gender: Male
Age: About 15 or 16
Nationality: Swedish
Professional Information
  Exchange student (on vacation)
Friends and Family
Jeremy Johnson
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
Voiced by:
Dee Bradley Baker

Derek Dukensson, or D.D. for short, is a foreign exchange student from Sweden. He is known to be friends with Jeremy Johnson. Candace's first impression was that D.D. was a girl who was trying to steal Jeremy away from her when her brothers built a snow mountain. ("S'Winter") He probably likes to go skiing, because since it is usually cold in Sweden, it reminded him of his home. It is unknown how long he will stay in Danville. He seems to be outgoing, by the fact that he interrupted Jeremy to introduce himself to Candace.


  • He sounds more like he's from Norway than from Sweden.
  • "Derek Dukensson" is a very uncommon name in Sweden.


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