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"Deep Into Your Mind" is a song from "Monster from the Id" which is heard while Candace and the rest of the group travel deep into her subconscious, encountering the various sights and oddities of her innermost thoughts in the process.


We're going deep into your mind,
Never know what we will find
Repression, aggression, your embarrassing obsession,
Would make Freud annoyed but don't be paranoid
We're going deep into your mind!
We're going deep into your mind!

Were you traumatized by squirrels?
Or a little girl with curls?
Do you fear the number seven?
Does a zebra call you Kevin?

We're going deep into your mind
Your psyche will unwind
Was there a monster 'neath your bed?
A fear of moldy bread?
Or just a giant floating baby head?
Going deep into your mind...


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Background Information

  • In BMI this song is known as "Deep Inside Your Mind".



BMI Work #14928712

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