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"New law! If you find any gold, it's mine!"
— The Coot addressing the citizens during his mayoral term

The Crazy Old Coot is a man Phineas and Ferb got for their pioneer village because "every pioneer village has one".

Physical appearance

He has black hair with a beard and thick black eyebrows. He wears a brown hat, a blue shirt and brown pants with suspenders. He usually squints his right eye. In "Face Your Fear", he has a white beard.

Personality and traits

As his name suggests, he is a crazy old coot. He is obsessed with finding gold and even made a law during his term as mayor that says that any gold found is his. He also seems to believe that Phineas and Ferb's pioneer village was built on an ancient Indian burial ground (Even though it was just built on their backyard).

Background information

  • He was once the mayor of Danville for a day.